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Granite Keycap Set

Granite Keycap Set

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Take Your Keys for Granite

Maybe you’re looking for a few specialty symbols or colorful accents, but for the most part, you want solidly built keycaps that don’t distract too much from your computing. Designed by prominent keyboard enthusiast matt3o and produced by Signature Plastics, the Granite Keycap Set achieves low key elegance with its quality construction and subdued aesthetics. Made in the DSA profile, composed of PBT plastic, and featuring ultra durable dye-sublimated legends, every cap will help convert your ordinary mechanical keyboard into a thing of beauty.

Note: The Common Kit forms the basis for this entire set. Optional key packs will be available to enable compatibility with full-size, 60%, winkeyless, and other non-standard key sizes and layouts. All packs include only the keys pictured.

To avoid errors/confusion with the current checkout system, we will be changing the drop points manually for this drop. We are paying attention to the number of each child deal being bought as well. If they reach certain quantities, we will adjust their prices accordingly. You may notice fluctuations in your checkout price as we make these adjustments on the back end, but you will not be charged more for anything.

To view the number of units purchased check out the quarry.

The keyboard used for this keycap set is The WhiteFox by matt3o.

Common Kit

This is the core kit that forms the basis of this entire set. The Common Kit contains the core key cluster, the function row, and a few extras.

Granite Keycap Set

Elven Tongue Kit - $28.99

New to Round 4 of Granite. This set is inspired by Tolkien's fantastic world. It combines Elven characters, English and a few novelties

Granite Keycap Set

Modifier Keys - $27.99

There are two basic modifier sets for the Granite Keycap set, Text and Icon. Text is more traditional, but Icon uses elegantly designed symbols and is a bit more minimalistic

Granite Keycap Set
Granite Keycap Set

Pro Modifiers - $21.99

If your keyboard has some non-standard sizing for a few keys, but you really want to find a way to have the Granite Keycap set, the Pro Modifiers were designed with you in mind. With a series of 1 unit Control, Alt, and Function keys, this modifier set gives you increased control over where you can place your modifiers. This kit also includes control/caps-lock swap keycaps.

Granite Keycap Set
Granite Keycap Set

RGB(YO) Modifiers - $18.99

There's three approaches to modifiers in this drop - standard, pro, and Red, Green, Blue (Yellow or Orange)! If you like having your function and control keys be a dramatically different color to differentiate their use, these RGB(YO) sets are the optimal choice. Select the classic Text modifiers, or make the transition to Icon Modifiers with these bright and eye catching keysets.

Granite Keycap Set
Granite Keycap Set

Extreme Modifiers - $18.99

If you have a keyboard with some unusual sized keys - perhaps a Leopold or, the Extreme Modifier kit is exactly what you need. There are sizes in this kit that don't show up commonly in any of the other kits, so determine your needs accordingly.

Granite Keycap Set
Granite Keycap Set

Numpad Kit $14.99

Not everyone has adopted the 60% or Tenkeyless approach to keyboards, and for those of us there is the Granite Numpad. Notable are it's homing indent on the "5", and the illustrious Double Zero "00" key.

Granite Keycap Set

ISO Enter $9.99 / UK Kit $6.99

Matt3o thought of everything with this keycap set, and included an ISO Enter set so that European keyboard users would be able to participate in the fun!

There is also a dedicated kit for UK users.

Granite Keycap Set
Granite Keycap Set

International Keycap Set $32.49

These international keycaps are the perfect fit for people living in Europe that want their non-English text keys. This is a universal set for the following countries - Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Spain.

Granite Keycap Set

Bonus Pack $23.99

Granite Keycap Set

ErgoDoxian $32.99

We know that there are a ton of people interested in an ErgoDox keycap set with profiled Legends, and here is the first one that has shown up on Massdrop! These keys solve the hard to find ErgoDox keys, meaning you only need to supply the remaining sixty 1 unit keycaps with other parts of the Granite Group Buy to complete a Granite ErgoDox.

Granite Keycap Set

Apple Kit $13.99

Granite Keycap Set

Windows Kit $12.99

Granite Keycap Set

Mono Legends $19.99

This set captures the minimalist approach of the Icon Modifier set, but while keeping the actual legend in the realm of text. Mono Legends are the best of both worlds for people with very specific keycap needs.

Granite Keycap Set

Extra Homing Keys $7.99

This set includes extra homing keys with slight depressions in the keycap for orienting purposes. This set also includes F, J, and 5 keys without homing modification, in case you want the Common Set to be 100% uniform throughout.

Granite Keycap Set

Blank Pack $8.99

Some days, you just need a few blank keys in varying colors to get precisely the correct look for your keyboard. This set allows you to have a blank Blue or Red Escape key, or the very popular blank Function key, as well as many other possible combinations.

Granite Keycap Set

Secondary Legends Kit $29.99

For those with additional layers on their keyboard. These keycaps will help you complete the aesthetics without losing the function.

Granite Keycap Set

Space Bars $5.99 - 3u / $3.99 - 6.25u / $4.99 - 7u

3 Unit
6.25 Unit
7 Unit


  • Designed by Matteo Spinelli (matt3o)
  • Produced by Signature Plastics
  • DSA profile
  • PBT plastic
  • Dye-sublimated legends
  • Compatible with Cherry MX mechanical switches


Granite Keycap Set
Granite Keycap Set
Granite Keycap Set

Colors Codes

  • ALPHA (Light Gray) : GKK
  • MODS (Medium Gray) : GDE
  • RED : RBH
  • BLUE : BCT
  • Dark Gray: GQT


All orders will be shipped by Massdrop.

Estimated ship date is Apr 18, 2016 PT.

After the drop ends, payment will be collected and the group’s order will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Check the discussion page for updates on your order.