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Just received mine and, while I am generally very, very pleased with the pen and how it writes, the cap is of very poor quality. The cap has a number of deepish scratches that are obvious visibly and to the touch. Also the silvery bands are very poorly finished with an uneven sawtooth pattern being occasionally visible with the black underneath showing through. It feels like the cap was made by a totally different company. Because the pen itself is quite beautiful. It is very well finished with the black resin surfaces being flawless (unlike cap) and the silver etching being brilliantly done. The (fine) nib is crisp and smooth and writes perfectly out of the box. The only part of the main pen that would suggest it was built to a price is the screw threads - it takes a few attempts to align them when closing the pen after a refill. Still, that's no big deal. For the price, a brilliant pen that looks quite unique. Just get a new supplier for the caps, Grifos.
Just got mine, my only complaint is that the cap, while it has an awesome snap to post, wobbles on the barrel, which kind of makes it awful to post. Also, the cap really should be resin and not metal if it was meant to post. That said, it's plenty long enough to use unposted, and the nib itself is a stunningly smooth broad (it's a little broader than a B nib, but not that much, though it's wet and smooth and well tuned)

I'd love to see this exact pen listed again with the cap in sterling silver too with only the black band in the middle. I'd absolutely buy one.
The long shaft is silver metal threaded. This pen would have been perfect if the nib shaft section is also metalled threaded!

Is there any way you could do a drop for a similar design with full silver guilloche and have the option of a gold (preferably plated with rhodium) nib?

I know it would cost more but I'd be a buyer if that were to drop. TIA
Hello, thank you for your kind interest. There is no problem as pen company to do what you would like obviously, you are right saying it would cost some more since more silver will be used but let say that it will be something like 25% more I presume. We could propose this to Massdrop staff for future drops, so let me say goodbye as Tv showman do "stay tuned!" Maurizio
FWIW I'm still interested in one if we are able to put something together.
So I just received my Grifos, I am quite new to fountain pens, I put the ink cartridge in and the pen was upright for about 30 mins in a pen holder when I realized all the ink leaked out of the nib into the cap and infact through the cap and onto some papers below.. is this normal for fountain pens? Are we suppose to avoid keeping the nib facing downwards?
Just to check with you. Are you sure you have not shake the pen to speed up ink flow? Sometime trying to speed up needed time an excess of ink is pushed down and after a while it drop into the cap. Also is possible that the ink cartridge wasn't fit correctly and ink drop. Small things to be checked and then if needed you could contact me for further assistance or point replacement. To contact me straight please write to
Best regards from Italy
Has anyone bought this pen before and can comment on how this writes?

I was confused with the nib discussion also, made in China or not?.

I could not find this pen on the Grifos website either?
Hello, you are right this pen is handmade by us (Grifos) but is a special production we made for MD and this is the reason why you will not find it on our website. About the nibs we can't write from where they are. Pen collectors and customers aren't the only to read these posts and protect our sources are part of small company secrets that every business have.
Is easy for a competitor link countries to nib suppliers and then with pics get the same item. Please understand. We grant their quality even if we must say that for this price level they can't be from German Bock company as our more featured pens. Best from Aosta Valley, Italy
Although I do not own this pen, after doing some research, it appears Grifos is well respected in fountain pen forums and is pretty proactive in replacing or fixing problems with their products.

Worst case, you can always purchase a different nib. The body of this pen alone is well worth the money. I cannot find anything like it at this price.
Which company manufactures these nibs, and are they Western sizes or Japanese sizes? Trying to figure out what nib size to choose.
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Yeah I also did my research. For a silver barrelled pen, hand made in a small Italian village with a rich history. Their prices are a bargain.
Hello, I do not want say so much on us since obviously would be not fair but if you search for Grifos pens on Google or better again on Fountain Pen Network forum you will find a lot of pen reviews made by our previous customers, also here on Massdrop we run a pretty good number of drops with many fèedbaks. Regards from Italy. Maurizio
Can this pen take other number 6 or number 5 sized nibs, like the goulet nibs? Like the pen body but not sure if I trust the nib and knowing if I can swap it out would ease my worrying
Hello, these silver made pens have nibs number 6 and sure they could be swapped with other #6 nib. However these nibs are pretty good even if aren't from Bock company as our other fountain pens. Always at your disposal! Best regards from Aosta Valley, Italy
My apologies: my earlier questions were in relation to the
Grifos Oikos Fountain Pen.
I am new to Massdrop so if someone could humor me and provide these answers I would really appreciate it.
Did I overlook the crucial step of choosing the nib size, was that not an option when ordering, or do we choose the nib size at a later time?
The last time I was looking at this when you check out you can choose the nib size. I own a Grifos custom silver Zoss pen with 18K gold nib and they are beautiful. It's my favorite pen right now. I believe thier Gold nibs and nibs with the Grifos Griffin's are made by Bock! The nibs on this pen are the five star IPG and are likely Chinese made but who cares since you can order a no. 6 nib that should fit this pen from Goulet pen company. Also from what other people say it seems Grifos may tune these nibs which make them write perfect right out of the box. Grifos pens have a lot of character, hand made, beautiful and for the price they are a bargain. I can't find another solid silver bodied fountain pen for this price. If I had not already made a purchase I'd be all over this.
Anyone know if the nib is rigid?
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I just joined this and am really excited about getting my first pen from you all. I researched the history of your company a bit further and am looking forward to seeing and writing with the craftsmanship so many have raved about. Hopefully you will have other examples from your lineup if this drop is successful with MD. Cheers.
Thank you for your consideration. I hope you will enjoy your new pen.
Best from Italy