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Hammer Fidget Spinner Artisan Keycap

Hammer Fidget Spinner Artisan Keycap

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Heyyyy guys!!!

We're beyond thrilled to be bringing back this drop with fresh new colors, longer/faster spin, and better-built quality! And just in time for spring/summer weeeee! #spinningoutofcontroll
The drop will be live this upcoming Monday - April  23rd @ 6:00 AM pacific time.

See you then!
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Nailed it
or winter...
Really was hoping some of the old colors would come back like the black/red combo.
Awe man! I missed it =(.. will there be another drop with the same set of colors? I really want the blue one =(
Truly amazing.
Random question - how many were sold in this round vs the first round?
Hamm3r Got my replacement caps, and definitely appreciate the improvement made! Also thanks for including the extra spinner, it will be a fine addition to the ones I'm getting from this drop. :D
^What Locomotor said!^

Thank you, Hamm3r :D!
Hamm3r Does the keycap comes in a case or just a pouch?
Glad to hear that. Thanks!
This will be my first artisan keycap collection :')
Great honor.
I've been seeing comments and reports of their keycap's stem breaking. Are the quality of the stems improved?
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awww tyty
Reposting from below: I was one with two unlucky broken stems. Can confirm that there has been an attempt to address the issue - the replacements I received have more robust thicknesses in the stems, and I assume the same mold will be used for this drop. :)
My favorite key!
Got the grey one for my K Type. These are awesome.
Looking to get a nice grey-centric cap set (Like Cubic Concrete) to round out the whole board.