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Hammer Fidget Spinner Artisan Keycap

Hammer Fidget Spinner Artisan Keycap

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Heyyyy guys!!!

We're beyond thrilled to be bringing back this drop with fresh new colors, longer/faster spin, and better-built quality! And just in time for spring/summer weeeee! #spinningoutofcontroll
The drop will be live this upcoming Monday - April  23rd @ 6:00 AM pacific time.

See you then!
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Nailed it
or winter...
Progress completed 50% :)
checking..... who wants another round?
.... i'm down...
More transparent colors too plz XiK Hamm3r
Great build quality and it was packaged extremely well.
Even came in it's own carry pouch.
Even if it doesn't match my keyboard color :)

if your keyboard is fully rgb I would put white backlight on it
Hi Everyone here is another one of my boards with SA Grand Budapest set on my JD40. Hope you all enjoy... I hope they make more of these little guys they are quiet the eye catch and I just can't stop spinning :D
Here it is the first Keyboard working on the other 2 but this is a start hope you all enjoy.
Non related, what keycaps are these?
SA Carbon bone style :)
Just got mine today.
I'll probably write my review later, and overall I'm happy with them. But I'll just say right now that like for many others, my Tiffany (Skyblue) is not the aqua blue I was expecting either. I was hoping for something that with fit in with Pulse, but this seems like it will be more at home on the Mercury Rocketeer keyboard.
Received mine, and they are super cool. I'm wondering, however, if the key has any profile to it? It's not really obvious to me whether it's a symmetrical square or whether it's supposed to be mounted in one orientation. I guess it doesn't really matter . . .
Looks great and spins very well!!!
Omg this thing is so cool lol

Just in time too, lemondrop finally chipped/ split on the stem and had to be retired.... :,(

This whole set got me like
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Thanks, great suggestion and I actually did earlier today lol. Fingers crossed on that!
Oh so excited, Hammer did hit me up and offered a replacement base :D SAVED THE DAY Hamm3r
I'm glad this exists.