Hangul (Korean Alphabet) PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Setsearch

Hangul (Korean Alphabet) PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

Hangul (Korean Alphabet) PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

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Where's the price?
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Curious, what are the keyboard dimensions in inches? Width x Length x Height?
would I be able to use these on ducky shine with silver switches?
Yeah, any MX style switch, but it's only a set of 104. So, it will cover everything except those 4 extra media keys above the numpad.
Hello ! Do you know if this set will fit my tada68 ? It says on the KBDfans website that the tada is an ansi layout but the right shift key seems shorter than on this keycaps set. Thanks in advance !
No, I don’t think it will fit. The Tada68 has a non-standard layout. This set seems to only have the 104 keys for a standard full size ANSI layout, i.e. does not include additional modifiers that are compatible with the Tada68.
Ok thank you for the advice !
is this compatible with k70 lux (cherry red) ?
지금 사용중인데 매우만족하고있습니다. 키보드는 레오폴드 키보드인데 키높이가 똑같습니다.
I wish they were shine through.
Same, and since there were no hangul drops here, ended up ordering from aliexpress..
This is Korean secret weapon in e-sports
This will make playing Elancia so much easier!
how do these compare to stock keycaps on the leopold fc750r?
Wish this had an add-on option with a R2 1.75u Ctrl key.
I love the colors on the sunset gradient, but I wish these with Hiragana instead.
That'd be pretty helpful as a laborious Japanese student :)
Just got mine today. I'm new to the keycap game so not sure what to expect from a quality perspective.. but I'm enjoying the colorway+hangul which reminds me of my very first keyboard.
Luckily i'm not missing any pieces unlike some commenters below. Also, I didn't notice in the pictures but the hangul characters are actually more like gold/brown.
한글짱짱맨 인정? 어 인정~
Wish there was something darker
I concur. While existing choices are decent, they haven't changed in quite a while and I personally would like some different color schemes. The quality of the plastic is top notch, and a refresh of the color schemes would make it a must-get for me.
Do these caps have compatibility for weird layouts like topre?
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My mistake, did you mean does this set work with different layouts like a HHKB?
헥 한글을 보다니
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are you korean?


hello i just installed my keycab which i purchased last year i found one problem one my key cab for the scroll key(i don’t know what we call in english) there is two right key and there is no left key please check the photo and please let me know how you can fix this problem
It's just bad quality control
방향키 문제외 품질은 어떤편인가요??^^
I ordered Light Gray / Gray Modifers and got it today and found that there is no right alt(한글) key. There are two right ctrl(한자) keys. Please send me correct one. I'm using filco majestouch2 and white small plastic on spacebar stabilizer is not fit into so spacebar is stuck whenever I press it so I changed it to original one.
Would these fit on a Pok3r RBG or a Poker II?
I think so; these caps are Cherry MX compatible which is what those keyboards use, I am pretty sure.
What's the thickness
My Hangul light grey/grey keycaps were delivered today and promptly installed on my Leopold FC660m. I've chosen to replace just the base keys and kept the Tai-Hao Carbon modifiers. In doing so, I'm mixing cherry profile and OEM profile, but the difference is negligible.

And here's the same board with additional keycaps from the set. (I can't swap out the space bar due to the old Leopold FC660m proprietary space bar stem layout, and I installed the RGBY PBT modifiers due to the non-standard right shift key on the FC660m.)
Hangul caps on a Korean board, nice!
Whats the keyboard used in the product photos? Looks like those old clear Apple keyboards retrofitted with MX switches.
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I don’t think Magicforce or Qisan make a 104 key keyboard.
tbh, it looks like a Magicforce Crystal 108 with the extra 4 media keys photoshopped out.
anyone get shipment notification for the most recent drop? 10/26 was yesterday so I'm hoping we'd all see some movement on this soon!
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Just got my shipment notification! Hope you got yours!
Yep got the notification too!
Any updates on whether this is going to be on time? I haven't heard a peep since the drop was activated.
Expected ship date is Oct 26, 2017 PT so I guess we have to hang tight.
Just received my set. The quality is ok, but some of the printing is not aligned properly which can be seen on 'S', 'J' and 'B' but this is better than some cheap PBT keycaps :)
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i purchased this one on the drop last June
dang 4 months?
Does anyone know which keyboard that is?
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Thanks a lot!
the one pictured only has 104 keys though... :/
Anyone know the source on these or somewhere else I can get them? It's been really hard to find a nice Korean keycap set.
if you can buy in korea site, danawa.com is a good site. danawa is price comparison site in korea. "한영" means hangeul(korean alphabet) and english, "한글" or "한( 글)" means hangeul, and "이중사출" means double shot. When you enter the "키캡", you can get a few hangeul keycap. "스카이디지탈 NKEY 119키 PBT 한영 더블샷 컬러 키캡" is a popular because of 47% discount. pbt, double-shot, decent quality and 8 color. but it's not pretty in my eyes. "ABKO HACKER 크리스탈 이중 사출 키캡 104키"(crystal double shot keycap 104key) is abs, english double shot, 1.4mm, transparent acrylic. maybe not good quality, but pretty in my eyes. the following link shows the Hangul keycap information of AliExpress. and I don't know how to find it, but there is a Korean keycap in places like Taobao. http://www.coolenjoy.net/bbs/34/1438575?sfl=wr_subject&stx=%ED%95%9C%EA%B8%80+%ED%82%A4%EC%BA%A1&sop=and
성이 이씨인거 보면 교포이신거 같은데, 한글 쓸 수 없다고 하더라도 읽을수만 있으시면 위 링크걸린 쿨엔조이 사이트 키보드/마우스 게시판에서 정보 구하시면 될거같네요.
감사합니다! 혹시 몰라서 Gmarket 에서 찾아봤는데 이 세트 처럼 괜찮은게 없어서... ㅠㅠ
Thank you so much for your help!
North or South Korean?
No difference between the language.
Are these shine through?
Anyone know what the thickness is for these keycaps? From the pics it looks like they're 1.5, but I want to be sure.