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Thought I would update on this after a year. I waited almost 2 months for the boots. The boots themselves have amazing quality however I do feel that they are quite bulky and the toe box is really narrow. A bit narrower than the Alaska GTX. If I know I'd have ordered up half a size. The ones I have make my toes go numb if I walk more than 2 miles in them. So currently I have a $300 nice looking pair of yak leather boots just sitting in my closet collecting dust.
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The lace doesn't run that far down. The area that was too narrow was around my toes. The lace only help around the ball of my feet. Also in this particular model, the soles are layered leather so they are stiffer than rubber soles in typical Hanwag boots so they don't flex much when I walked. I tried to break them in but I couldn't because my toes would go numb after 2-3 miles. I recently bought the Zamberlan Tofane and those boots are amazing. Fit like gloves for wide toe box feet like mine and very comfortable to walk in. Almost no break in time at all.
What size is buy them :)
This could have been a nice drop.
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Oh, and.....Massdrop- What happened to "we're going to try to include The Ladies more" ?
These are barely inlusive of The Men, certainly not going to size many of The Ladies.

No one should spend $250 on a boot with cement construction.
Couldn't agree more. I can't see spending that kind of dough on a boot you can't resole.
It is double stitched And can be completely resoled, the cemented is just the Vibram outer sole. Almost all stiched hiking boots, including danner, zamberlan and merrell are built like this.
LOL @ 8.5... I need 11 please... or it's irrevelvant for me.
And also how does it handle cold? as in -5 to -10 celcius. I remember that leather boots transfers it alot and my feet were damn freezing while not even in the snow. But I don't know about Yak leather, so I'm asking.
Black only? I though they came in black AND brown last time?
Why not order on prime and try them on. Then ship them back and order here.
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Funny you should mention that, today I heard LL Bean has discontinued it's famous Life-Time Guarantee due to an avalanche of abuse in recent years.
Yep, just read that as well. Thanks to all the a-holes who ruined it for everyone
Was ready to pull the trigger but no WIDES and NO RETURNS kills the deal for me. Too bad.
No wides and nothing smaller than a 8.5.

That's just dumb, especially for a hiking boot.
All sales final on something like boots just kills it for me. There are so many variables that come in to play with footwear that I'm not going to gamble on tossing $250 down a hole. Is there no way an exchange program with the vendor could be set up?
9's are already gone in both colors. Bummer.
Tips or info on sizing? Comparison to other boot brands like Asolo, Redwing, or Thorogood? Any help or suggestions would be much apreciated!
Second this. I'm not going to buy a pair of $250 boots sight unseen with no chance of return if I don't have an idea of how they fit.
Was a good call. I wear a size 11. Figured I'd get 11.5 to be safe. Nope. Looks like I needed a 12. This blows.
No 8.5? :(