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HeadAmp Pico DAC/Amp, Power & Slim

HeadAmp Pico DAC/Amp, Power & Slim

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Is the Pico Power a dac amp as well, or just a amp?

i dislike adverts that group specs for multiple items in one paragraph
Massdrop Community - Pico or Schiit?
All input welcome
I use - B&W P7 & P3 S2; KEF M400(x2) KEF M100(x2) KEF M200 (on sale 60 bucks a steal); Senn 58xx (MD) Senn 6XX (MD) ; HIFI man HD4x (MD)
Thank you.
I assume you mean the pico dac/amp and the basic schiit stack of magni/modi. From my perspective, if you want portability, buy the pico, otherwise buy the schiit stack.
Thnx Much
Yesterday I found my Pico Power Amp order was moved to CANCELLED section. Till now I have not received any notice about this from Massdrop. Besides this one, I have two other orders, Cardas cables and DT990 Premium also got cancelled yesterday without any notice.

What's the chance that three different items got problems at the same time? I have asked them about these through their contact support right away, not getting any response yet. It is kind of rude they handle things this way.
Does anyone still not receive the Pico Amp from last order??
I check my status on DHL everyday. However, mine still stays in Germany for about a month.
I don't know whether it is DHL problem or customs don't let my Pico Power go (because of Batteries?).
What can I do now? Really miss the PICO POWER!!??
Everyone has received their Pico Slim / Pico DAC / Pico Power?
Does anyone in Asia order the Pico Amp in the last order (shipped at July18)??
Have you received the Amp right now??

Mine still stays in Germany without any signs to move. >.<

(To be frank, this is my second order. Last Time @ April, I also waited with joy for 2 months and finally, DHL has lost my PICO POWER in Germany. Now is my second order. However, it just likes the last time, still staying in Germany for a long long time.)
Sorry it’s not a dac it’s headphone amp
Hi I just received the pico dac
when u tried to charge with a power bank with 2 A output and didnt work

only the wall charger worked , what could be the issues ?
Pls..asking again...
What's the output impedance of Pico DAC/Amp, I only see Slim's output impedance.
1.05 ohms
Thanks, Botisto!

I had that PDF, looked at it waay before, but forgot about it.
Thanks again! :)
Arrived!! Will review after some burn-in time.
It states that this is also a DAC. What's the specifications of the DAC
Does the Power have ac/dc in or usb charging function for rechargeable batteries?
No,only open it and take out battery and charge with another charger
shipped today...
Not shipped yet,don’t wish the same as last time
Good news for everyone : )
...and why is another delay good news?
Just joking why u so serious? 😂