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If anyone is interested I have a mint pico power for sale. Has about 25 hrs. on it. Reason for selling is I'm going to a desktop setup. This amp sounds great and has tons of power. Asking 220.00 plus 10 to ship anywhere.
Cheers, Ron.
Can someone help me decide between Pico power and Sound Blaster E5 for my Sennheiser HD 6XX please
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I'd go with the power for the s8... It's got a decent enough DAC and the pico power has a very high 50k ohm input impedance so it's putting almost no load on your S8's amp so you'll get the best possible performance out of it.

People get 40+ hours out of the EBL 840 rechargeable li-ion batteries which is pretty insane. And it's only two thumb screws to change them. I actually prefer having removable batteries in this case... amp tech like this doesn't really go out of date and when your li-ion batterys can't hold a charge anymore you can just put in a new pair. If Justin from HeadAmp had included the circuitry to charge batteries the amp would have to be bigger, and that pretty much sums up the no BS performance attitude.

I'm in for this drop on the power for my HD6xx and Open Alpha T50s :D. Had been researching portables before the drop and nothing really comes close to the power anywhere near this price.
Thanks a lot botisto coolerking
Pico Power ūüėć
Surprised this drop isn't more popular... the power especially is a legend. You can still buy them direct from Headamp for $475
Anyone recommend pairing either one of these models with sennheiser PXC 550?
Stumbled upon Innerfidelity's measurements of all three of these amps... holy the power measures well. I'm a little bit in love. Looks significantly better than an O2 on AC in basically every regard except for a very high impedance and low sensitivity load.
How does the Pico Power compare to VE RA Plus?
This or schiit stack?
This. I love my pico power.
Polish finish,$200,good
should of got a dac instead of power, so much static :(
I retract what i previously said, I realized it was my mic that was sending feedback to my headset not the amp. But boy does the Power Amp suck the battery life fast!
I have several questions which I didn't see answered in this thread
What is the output impedance of the DAC/amp?
Is the 30hr run time for amp only or is 30hr expected out of DAC/amp operation? (most DAC/amp combos have very different numbers for those two scenarios)
A lot of my music is 24-bit/44kHz will this cause problems? Will the quality be reduced? (brought down to 16-bit then upsampled to 24-bit) Since the website specifies it only accepts 16-bit incoming signal
What file formats are supported?
Can anybody compare this to iFi Nano Black Label iDSD DAC/amp?
Thanks in advance,

For HD6xx would you recommend Pico DAC/AMP or Chord Mojo better ?:)
I thought both are in a diff league? Sorry im noob here haha.
Different league yeah. Although I've seen a couple of reviews favouring the pico power over the mojos amp section. I don't know of any portables better than the power
Pico power ūüėć
Don't know how much will the performance be improved if I change to iPowerUS 9V batteriesÔľü
Is this better than the o2/odac and o2/sdac?
And the Fulla 2?
Both of those are really optimized for desktop use with full size headphones. These are portable ish amps. better for all three is probably close enough to be in the the same neighborhood, but it really comes down to form factor for those decisions.