HHKB Electro Capacitive PBT Keycaps Setsearch

HHKB Electro Capacitive PBT Keycaps Set

HHKB Electro Capacitive PBT Keycaps Set

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I need these so badly lol
These key caps are beautiful. I hope you can bring it back active in the future.
I can't believe this drop is inactive.
Do these keycaps work for Leopold Keyboards?
Yes, for Leopold Topre keyboards.
If these same keycaps came in cherry mx format, I would strongly consider buying them. Love the pastel/chalk look.
kit 2 is cheaper on kbdfans?
Nice keycaps, the texture of the PBT is nice. Single unit caps are perfect. I have some problems with the spacebars, though. My spacebars, when installed, feel kinda mushy; they definitely don't feel as nice as the original HHKB ABS stock spacebar. So I have no use for the spacebars now. Any advice on how to "fix" this mushiness? BTW, I don't really know why but these keycaps produce a louder volume as compared to the stock ones. I don't dislike it (I love the thock), but I'm mentioning it just in case it's useful for somebody. Thanks.
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It is light, but not as light as Massdrop‘s pictures make them look like. They are a more intense shade of sky blue. Not baby blue.
What I've done, to dampen the sound, is used a single layer of soft-landing pads (firm/gray) underneath the caps.

The escape key being longer than the others required two layers.

All in all, the sound is more even between custom caps and the stock caps that came with the HHKB Type-S.
Looks so delicious! Excellent quality. Thank you!
Does anyone know if these are compatible with MX Cherry switches?
They are not.
HHKB Pro 2 in lilac and laser :]

I presume these are from KBDfans and not official Topre-manufactured keycaps?
yeah of course
How's the quality of these compared to OEM Topre blanks?
a kit with all keys is missing for me tbh :(
Hi! For anyone buying this set to replace their existing black keys, I would like to buy your alt/option + command keys from you. Thanks!