HHKB Electro Capacitive PBT Keycaps Setsearch

HHKB Electro Capacitive PBT Keycaps Set

HHKB Electro Capacitive PBT Keycaps Set

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Does this blue match the blue from the hhkb esc and control set?
When we can expect full mod kit?
Other colors plz, like orange, green...
Will Kit 1 fit an FC660C?
ordered these on the last drop and i'm already back to my original hhkb pbt keycaps

theyre just too thocky for me, a lot louder than the original keycaps, which if you enjoy it, by all means go for it. but it made it nearly unusable at work...

also the spacebar was pretty warped, like too warped to even use...

just my two cents, $20 can't go wrong, don't really regret my purchase even with these things
Yep I love the way they look but really ruined the sound on my fc660c
Thanks for your input! I didn't know that about these caps. What kind did you get? Would you be willing to sell them? PM me on Reddit at u/choobies, or chat on Discord at choobies #6274. :)
I'm wondering if it's possible to get a kit 1 with 2 less keys on the top row instead 1 more 3rd & 1 more 4th... (i.e. for HHKB JP keyboard)
I want more modifiers keys selection (includes Esc/Shifts/Control/Alts/Command and Fn).
I can only hope this drop comes out with a cherry keycap version.
There needs to be more left shift and enter options for topre.
Just received my second order of keycaps from the last drop! This time around they went onto my 10th Anniversary Realforce 87U. Sorry about the potato pic. :)

I need these so badly lol
These key caps are beautiful. I hope you can bring it back active in the future.
I can't believe this drop is inactive.
Do these keycaps work for Leopold Keyboards?
Yes, for Leopold Topre keyboards.
If these same keycaps came in cherry mx format, I would strongly consider buying them. Love the pastel/chalk look.
kit 2 is cheaper on kbdfans?