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Package arrived minus knife, plastic holder only.

Massdrop very quick to respond with a refund and bonus.

Dang. That was a cute knife.

Oh, well. Respect to MD.
I ordered two but only received one. So much for the gift I was going to give someone. (MassDrop just replied to my complaint and gave me a refund as they have no replacements in stock, of course).

As for the quality, I consider these as utility knives. My (one) knife arrived quite dull, but that didn't bother me. I broke out my Japanese water stones and put a nice shiny edge on it. OOOH WEEE! It's sharp now! The wide bevels of these types of knives make them fairly easy to hone.

Got mine from the most recent drop and love it. It's almost Razor sharp and doesn't need any other work or grinding as some of the other comments are noting. Hoping for another drop as I'll be getting another probably.
i can't find anything when I search google for SK steel .... anyone can help ?
i just want to know a bit abut this type of steel.
Just opened mine. I'd be better off with a bitter knife. Sure it cuts if you count the "handle". You would be better off just going to Wal-Mart and spending 5-10 bucks on a crapy little knife. The blade is dull and the handle is sharp enough to cut you when you first open it.
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I agree with most of what you are saying but it looks like quality controle was not on there game. My friends came in nice and sharp and the handle doesn't try to cut you. Mine need a new edge profile ground into it, if I had a belt grinder it wouldn't be a problem but with sand paper on a block it would take forever. As it is right now the knife is unusable and there for is not a knife and I don't need a paper weight.
I rely wish I had the time But I work almost 16 hours a day.
I got mine today, the quality is fine, it's a bit scratched up out of the box (or pouch if you will). The only real issue I have is that the knife was very greasy, on top of that the handle (the regular stainless steel one) is a fingerprint magnet. It kinda sucks.
Mine just arrived today. In decent condition, some parts were not entirely sanded down, but that's an easy fix.
Has anyone gotten their's yet?? From the most recent drop.
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Yep. Mine shipped out today as well! Exciting things!
Mine just shipped, not sure when it`ll be here
This and a Douk-Douk are my favorite types of pocket knives.
I never heard of a Douk-Douk. They look beautiful! Thanks for this.
there is a titanium handle one with blue steel blade.. just got mine. these blades need some "elbow grease" to clean up and get razor sharp...
Does this have a strong friction hold or is the tang-swivel bit in the user's hand the only thing holding it open?
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You should coat the blade itself with a thin layer of anti corrosion agent that is food safe. Mineral oil is food safe and prevents corrosion okay. There is better options like something called "fluid film" some people can get an allergic reaction to fluid film tho, as it's lanolin based.

Mine that I've had for years you have to hold it with your thumb otherwise it flops around
Is there anyone that knows what it says on the handle (and on the blade for that matter)?
on blade = type of steel
on handle = maker
Thanks alot!