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Higonokami Triple-Layered SK Friction Folders

Higonokami Triple-Layered SK Friction Folders

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I’m curious why anyone would buy a knife that doesn’t have a positive locking system.... even the “Lock backs” give me the whillies.
Because they can, and there are countries on earth with laws prohibiting locking mechanism. Because false sense of safety has priority over blue collar work safety. On the other hand, lockback is probably the strongest lock for folding knife. You should consider using fixed blade only if it does not inspire confidence.
Because many knives aren't made for stabbing? When slicing, all the pressure is pushing on the tab you see hitting the spine here. And always pushing the blade away from your fingers. A thumb gently resting on that tab would keep it open even if this wasn't friction fit, but neither of mine swing closed on their own anyway. If you use it for what it's designed for, i see no reason to be concerned. I've only had two lockbacks fail in the 30-ish years I've been using pocket knives. One was just a really crappy carnival prize knife, probably worth all of $3. The other was me being a stupid kid and using a cheap (Frost Cutlery, i believe Lol) lockback as a throwing knife, lobbing it at a piece of plywood 🙄
I got one in the last drop, and it’s been my EDC since. I love how slim it is when folded, to where it’s discreet in the pocket and you don’t really feel it in there. (My wallet is bulky enough) Some have been defective, but I’ve had zero issues with mine. Guess QC is very hit-or-miss.
Made in Japan? Based on the reviews it looks like some folks received defective knives. I am guessing not made in Japan...
$14.18 on eBay, with free shipping.
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I have my doubts that the knife I received was authentic anyways.
I have my doubts as well.
Word of advice, don't try tightening it by compressing the rivet if yours starts to get too loose.
I have messed one up that way it is totally loose and flops open and closed now, and I have not bothered to go back and try to rectify it any further, not even sure where it is atm.
Received package with nothing in it. Very upset, looking into getting a refund.
i didn't expect good quality but i certainly expected more than this.
my main issues are as follows: -blade seems much shorter than expected -blade rests completely on the side when it's folded. i expect it to not be totally centered but this is horrible -came in some low quality plastic sleeve that doesn't even close fully. i was lead to believe that all real and good quality higonokami blades come in a box which leads me to believe massdrop sold me one of the low quality knockoffs you see on amazon under the guise of it being authentic
The higher end Higos (white/blue paper steel) come in boxes this is a lower end model but it is real.
is there some site somewhere that lists the different higos? I bought a few from amazon that are either legit, or really high quality fakes (decent carbon steel afaik, brass handle, came in an OK box), but white/blue paper steel sounds intriguing. Is that a type of steel (like aus8 for example) or referring to something else? any more info on high end higos would be appreciated, thanks!
just recived... pretty disappointed as the specs said 3.5 inch blade. Why is one so much smaller? Also I ordered one in black stainless and the other in regular black? They’re both the same. Now I realise that the model numbers are higo06bl (which must mean 6cm) and higo08bl (which must mean 8cm). This wasn’t clear at all and the drop made it out like you were paying extra for a different handle not a bigger knife. Pretty poor from massdrop but from what I’ve heard not surprising.
Just received and don't know what to make of it. Must have shrunk during shipping. The Massdrop description reads "3.5" blade length and OAL of 8.5". I didn't know Higos were that big as the ones I already had are 7" and a longer version intrigued me. Well, what arrived was a petite 6" OAL with a somewhat unusual blade shape (It's the smaller black-handle knife under the brass handle knife in the photo). Had the description been honest I would have passed on this. Fortunately, it wasn't a lot of money. Also, the blade itself is very dull. I'm sure I can get it sharp but don't know if it's worth the time.

Yeah very disappointed as well...
As with anything, you get what you pay for. These seem to be on the lover end of the Higonokami scale. But you can not infer anything about the quality of this knifedrop by googleing Higonokami . It is like comparing Bowies. There is a wast number of makers with varying skills/quality control. So the one Nick Shabazz rewies can be far removed from the knife being sold here. Looking at the pictures here you get your moneys worth. I have one costing twice as much with a brass handle. I do not see much difference. Maybe a difference can be found when handling it. Here pictured with the other two folded metal handle knives, the Douk-douk and the Mercator.
Ok massdrop - even though you never read these - you really could do your customers a lot of help by fixing up the descriptions for these Higonokami drops. 1. People who buy one looking for a normal inexpensive knife are disappointed when they receive this crude primitive knife. 2. People looking for a cool historic Higonokami are disappointed that they can't tell if this one is genuine or not, and because the description is too vague. I think if you do a bit of research into these knives you'll soon know how to write the description to reach the right audience.
cool way to lose a finger. count me.....out. lol
Why are you applying enough pressure to the spine of your knife to remove a finger?
Ummmm, yeah, sorry, what? Why?
Lot's of ugly with this knife
Like he said, good ones and bad ones. I have two Higos and niether of them are bad like that.
I have this in brass and bought it a few years ago, not on MD. The box, which I still have actually is gold and has a design on the top of the box with a blue label. It was packed in Japanese newspapers sent from Japan.
I think I paid 30-34usd for it. It's still sharp to this day! It's my office box knife lol.
Well, i did some research and according to uniquetactical.com only the ones that come in blue and gold boxes are the authentic ones. Although anyone could fake a box if they could fake a knife. So the ones we got in plastic could be fake, or could be authentic if the manufacturer switched to plastic. Perhaps md can clarify it for us, since authenticity/historical accuracy are a big part of the value of this knife.
We loves this little knives. It does looks a little sloppy like hands made but that's what makes it so interesting and unique. the blade is really sharp and we loves that it hides in the handle.
Blade length is 3-5/8” long not the 2.6 as advertised by Massdrop. This is a much larger blade than I anticipated
Massdrop, you need to get the basics right. Very misleading to people that live in areas with strict knife laws
It isn’t a deal breaker with me because I live in a state that has relaxed knife laws, but I know will not this knife as planned. It is way too long
mine is 2.58"
What is the engraving on the handle?
Japanese word of the brand and the maker etc.
Sold out of black stainless steel. Guess I'll wait for the next run.
Made in Japan? If not then that's a deal breaker.
What is the manufacturer of this knife?
Just a heads up. I got mine from the last drop, and it started rusting within a month or so. I hadn't even used it, just carried it a few times.
Lovely knife, and the rust makes it seem more antique I guess, but the quality is what you'd expect for a $15 knife.
Yup , hi carbon steel will rust if it's not oiled and sharpened often. It will take a razor sharp edge though.
carbon steel will do that . almost impossible to keep them oiled and still carry them in pockets...just dont let the rust stay on em it will pit the shit outa the steel..but then like you said 10-15 dollar knife.
What is the lock mechanism of this knife? Liner lock?
None. It's a friction folder.
friction..the tighter the pin the stronger the hold. too loose squeeze the pivot pin with some pliers.
I just wanted to ask that why don't you ship anything to Turkey? I want to purchase a knife, I can't. I want to purchase a zippo, I can't. All these other sites are shipping here but mostly they are not as cheap as you and I enjoy using this site for shopping. Please consider changing your carrier.
For those that picked one up last time, does the blade have any retention to keep it closed while in a pocket? It doesn't appear to.
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Good to hear. Thanks!
Use a ranger band.
I bought this a few months ago, well worth the money. It’s like a mini samurai sword lol. good edge out of the bag, and it’s a nice conversation piece.
The price is right :-) This thing's a box cutter for cripe sake. Pimp gear, low rent gangsta. That hooker on the corner's EDC ! Sleek, lethal, and cheap - lol
Package arrived minus knife, plastic holder only.
Massdrop very quick to respond with a refund and bonus.
Dang. That was a cute knife.
Oh, well. Respect to MD.
Lame i never had that option, i received that lame plastic pouch and the knife handle extremely flimsy and the knife overall finish with the lever, is extremely rough
I only received the packaging... no refund so far

MassDrop contacting me, with help, apparently Canadian laws changed ( or some one just stole it out of the packaging and the mail man delivered just packaging lol ) so knifes are harder to acquire but a technician did some magic and I have received mine!
Thank you massdrop, best place to shop
I ordered two but only received one. So much for the gift I was going to give someone. (MassDrop just replied to my complaint and gave me a refund as they have no replacements in stock, of course).
As for the quality, I consider these as utility knives. My (one) knife arrived quite dull, but that didn't bother me. I broke out my Japanese water stones and put a nice shiny edge on it. OOOH WEEE! It's sharp now! The wide bevels of these types of knives make them fairly easy to hone.
[UPDATE] The metal is rather soft and loses it's edge quickly. The good news, it also takes an edge quickly using only a strop.