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My 1st HKP keycap, amazing sculpt with a snug fit. Thank you!
@chrischunli is hella jelly
Just arrived today, couldn't be happier!
Also looking to buy a Specter Maritime (yellow and blue). You can PM me via reddit if you have one for sale.
No problems with wobble.

Just got mine, no wobble or anything. I'm really happy with it.

(I should clean that thing any time soon :) )
I just received my copy of the "midnight" cap, and unfortunately the fitment is not very good. It hardly stays on the switch and the wobble is terrible.

The finish is otherwise very nice, but kind of redundant when they cap is close to unusable.
Just Shipped !
So bummed that I missed this. Hope they will bring it back in the future!
cldskt Apparently they have restocked them on their website! :)
granted, it is not the same colorways as the ones offered in MD..
Why 9???

AWWWW I missed it

I feel like my avatar right now...
hmm very nice artisan.. perfect for nautilus and miami dolch
Is the yellow on the Maritime variant going to match the Nautilus yellow? Nautilus yellow is a somewhat golden yellow to my eyes, and this looks more like a bright yellow.
It looks more like lemon yellow in the photos. 🍋🍋🍋
why is this not on topre switch! :(
why not laser themed one?
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a $1 in savings and different color scheme? No idea, but they are sold out there.
There totally sold out on there website chances are they been sold out for a while. I found typically once a artisan is released it will sell out in 2-3 day's if semi popular. I could see these being semi popular. There popular they sell out in mins. Like the Laser Artisan run that was done by one of the really popular cap makers sold out in like 15ish mins and there where like 400+ caps in the sale.