Hot Keys Project: MiTo Bucket Head Keycapsearch

Hot Keys Project: MiTo Bucket Head Keycap

Hot Keys Project: MiTo Bucket Head Keycap

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Hello friends! Me and @HotKeysProject teamed up and designed these funny little guys based on my bucket head! We recently made a troll desk mat and I wonder if we should make new designs such as this one below?


I also made some wallpapers for common resolutions in case you like:
  • iPhone (750x1334)
  • 1080p (1920x1080)
  • 1444p (2560x1044) And of course thanks for checking this out, plenty of options and colorways for everyone!
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And now... we wait...
Hope you enjoy these when they come!
Will these ever come back?
ETA on shipping to US? I ordered at the beginning of December.
"Estimated ship date is Apr 22, 2019 PT." Per the drop page.
definitely would have gotten if it was like 2 for $20-$30 but $20 each? not feeling that...
Ditto... :-/
pretty much, i actually thought it was a set for $20
I adore this entire line. I cannot believe I got into this hobby too late to be part of the GMK Laser launch. I've been into this for a week now and I've already picked up 2 keyboards (Anne Pro 2 and Massdrop's own CTRL). I'm also ready for Friday's Holy Panda launch. Now all I need are caps... I absolutely love love LOVE the Laser caps. I'm gonna grab these in hopes of finding my own full set some day. I keep scouring forums and hoping. Anyone have suggestions for where I might find a set in Canada?
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I'd be very surprised if another round of Laser didn't happen again on Massdrop someday. It could be quite awhile though. (As in, potentially a year or two.) I know that's not something you want to think about when you're excited about a new hobby though, haha!
Best bet will probably be /r/mechmarket just brace yourself for the price. Most GMK base kits I've seen after delivery run close to $200.
I really like this, but why R4 istead of R1? :(
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Hi Mito, thanks for the reply. :) So, is the information on the drop page a typo?
  • Cherry profile
  • R4
Yes, already fixed brother!
Great Colours with great design Im all in 😌💯
Happy you like it! <3

@MiTo @HotKeysProject All on board for laserwave! No way am I going to miss out on this. Thanks guys! Still hoping for R3 for Laser sets dropping again.
Choo choo all aboard, destination LaserLand! 🛤🌃🎆🌌🔮🦄🤖👻😎
Made it my iPhone wallpaper! Thanks!
where can I get that laser colored pen 👀
Damn, Mito's going hard on the branding.
I’d be interested in a hotkey “hellcat” rasin cap
If it's "Only on Massdrop", why is it "$19.99 ~$24.99" When/where has it ever been $24.99? It's a good product. It doesn't need sleaziness to sell. Just spare the crap and stick to the cap, please.
I think it's because the HotKeysProject's keycaps normally sell for about $20 to $30, on average about $25: One of the exceptions is the Skull Bones series which are normally around $20 and have overall the same technique as the XX) ones: Not sure if HKP plans to supply the XX) later down the road in his website, but I believe they would be $25 there given the MRSP seen here. But I agree with you, sometimes these MRSP things can be a bit misleading.
ditto on what mito said - it's based off the information HKP provided, as well as the pricing history in the HKP collection.
These look pretty great already. Although no backlit shots?
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maybe HKP can help o:
@HotKeysProject do you copy? o:
Is it me or is $20 steep for the look of these keys?
I'd do $20 for the two Laser ones... But they just look like standard novelties to me.
Definitely overpriced imo
Got the laser purple one for the GMK DMG kit, i hope it fits together
Hope you enjoy it!
It's Mito week
But you have to say it like, "Its MiTo WEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!" Extra points if you get someone to hide behind you and throws confetti every time you say it.
I think this is perfect counter-jab to the salty kit. You need to make this for other sets!
Hey @MiTo I assume this is cherry profile?
Correct! 👍🏼