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ICB 27" 240Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor

ICB 27" 240Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor

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So it's a TN at 1080p with neither Freesync nor GSync and you're asking $350?
It's kind of comedic that they put *screenshots* of the testUFO site. The whole point of that site is to take *pursuit photos* to show a visualization of perceived blur, ghosting, or overshoot.
Would love to see a 24 inch version of this
For the price I'd expect better than 1920 by 1080. But I guess you are paying for (alleged) 1ms latency and the high FPS capability.
Me I'm looking for a good 2k display without the lateral angle problems my Asus IPS display has.

Technically this is the only comparable monitor for 240 hz + 27 inch, and it's from a much more reputable brand and retails for a lot more. I'd suspect the ICB monitor is just a rebranding of this monitor or a cheap knockoff.

240hz is pretty expensive at this size, and usually the only people that feel like they "need" it are those who play CS:GO competitively or other FPS games competitively on high end systems.

This is a very niche product. 99% of people won't tell that much a difference between 120hz and 240hz IMO. Only the top performers and competitors could feel a difference.

But for the price it's pretty good. 250 dollar discount over the only other competitor.


Take a look, not much above 200hz.
This is pretty damn good value for 240 Hz...
Any other specs to share?
What specs would you like to see?
Input lag, but companies don't ever care to measure this. They only brag about response time, which is not only mostly irrelevant but also a wildly inaccurate way to indicate a display's responsiveness considering response time varies in different areas of the monitor (and depending on what colors you're transitioning to).

A pursuit photo and total input lag number would be insanely helpful for buyers, but there's no chance we'll ever see these advertised on products. They must be left up to professional reviewers for now.
Definitely not. This price for a 240Hz 1ms Gsync monitor ? Highly doubt it.
It says AMD freesync not GSync
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