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IKBC Fullsize CNC Aluminum RGB Mechanical Keyboard

IKBC Fullsize CNC Aluminum RGB Mechanical Keyboard

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Had mine Delivered on Jan 19, 2017
One issue to report is that I occasionally have to reseat the micro USB end to get power/connectivity back conveniently (than the A-type side at PC box) after a boot/wakeup.
Otherwise, all is good.
Anyone want to sell their board if it died? Interested in picking one up.
turned on my computer today and it no longer works, doesn't type and no lights. happy with it until now.
just got mine, DOA. it makes a very nice and heavy paperweight.
Just got mine, yesterday. So far, so good. It's very similar to the various ducky's I've had - I believe they're produced at the same factory. Maybe. This thing is seriously heavy and solid feeling - it feels like it's built into my desk. It replaced a Ducky Year of the Monkey, which is also a heavy keyboard, but this one is nearly twice as heavy. Keyboard layout is fine, keys feel great (I got blues). Lighting effects are fine - I don't really need or want anything fancy, but do like the rolling color option. I have no idea what the countdown timer thing is for - not something that I have any use for, as far as I know. Overall, I'm happy!
I have been using my ikbc keyboard for a few months now - I have been enjoying it quite a bit. Well today, the usb port bent inwards per the usual - but no big deal, just open it up and fix it, right? So, I went to open it up, one of the 11 allen screws was stripped, no allen key would grip it AND another of the allen screws had a bit broken off in it, like whatever they use to put them in broke off in the screw head. All of the allen screws were ridiculously tight, no wonder their bit broke off in it. What a headache this keyboard is now.
And...of course there is a shipping delay; after waiting at least 2 months. Screw this. I'm getting mine on Amazon so I can get it within a day and cancelling this order. This is just ridiculous.
So....when's the update?
Does this keyboard have full per-key adjustable RGB control?
Just got a shipping notice for this, anyone else?
Nothing yet for me.
Mine was delivered to Aus earlier this week, I'm overseas atm so haven't been able to check contents as yet.
I LOVE my MF-108 (MX Blues). Especially after fitting some thick, hard-ish (maybe 50A... definitely harder than 40A) o-rings to the keys.

Lately, though, the keyboard will cut off and cut back on after a couple of seconds. If it cuts off while you are typing it will repeat the key you were pressing until it comes back on again.

I have also found the KB "locked up." The LEDs looked like most of the board had blacked out, and none of the keys worked. Pulling the USB cable and plugging it back in fixed it again.

I guess I'll have to take care of it (RMA or something), as I really like this KB and want it to last for years to come. I did join the K-type drop, but I will keep this one around so that I have a nice full-size keyboard when I need it.
Question, what do the O-Rings do? Does it lessen the sound?
What kind of nonsense is that I cannot cancel the order once the drop becomes inactive. Other users already have requested this keyboard. My best option is to contact credit card company to stop the payment.

Nothing special about this keyboard. Ho-hum ugly box with braided non-detachable cable. No specs, no info provided. Market is flooded with similar junk.

Oh noes, I've stuffed up, best take it out on others cos I'm too much of an immature muppet to accept responsibility for my actions.
The pictures show that the housing of the switches is clear, is this true?
I though that they were exclusive to corsair.
They were exclusive, pretty sure Corsair's deal has ran out and only lasted a year.

"Corsair’s great success is heavily attributed to their exclusive deals with Cherry, the most reputable manufacturer of mechanical key switches. For example, they had an exclusive for Cherry MX RGB switches for a year, which made the K70 RGB one of the most popular top-tier gaming keyboards last year. "

Via: http://www.anandtech.com/show/10301/corsair-k70-rgb-rapidfire-review
I'll be taking this apart once I get it in order to fit o rings and lubricate the stabs & stems, could anyone here recommend a silicone lubricant that won't erode plastics?
For those who can't wait until the July 31st ship date. Amazon has it for $20 more:

I bought the mf108 and haven't had any issues with the cable or LEDs. :)