IKBC MF108 Aluminum RGB Mechanical Keyboard V2search

IKBC MF108 Aluminum RGB Mechanical Keyboard V2

IKBC MF108 Aluminum RGB Mechanical Keyboard V2

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Canadian friends - currently in-stock at Amazon.ca for cheaper as you don't get his with taxes/duties!
HELP! Okay... I am going to order one of these for myself... don't know why, except that I love it!
I'm new to mech keyboards, etc... which do I want.. red, black, or blue? I don't want one that is overly noisy, but I don't want one that is like the "big box stores' keyboards"... whatever THAT means...
Thank you... I think I would be happy with anything.. but want to get one on order before it closes. I have put off buying one because I get to this point and just stop... but now, need to get it ordered.. 1 day left!!

Please help, and thank you.

PS: Just read the diff between red, black and blue... still can't decide. I'm not a gamer... more of a typist, I guess... They need one for people who can't decide anything... make it zebra colored and a complete surprise to the person who receives it!!

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None of those are going to be super quiet. I've used many different types of switches (Cherry, Outemu, Aliaz, Khail, Gateron, Halo, etc.) and Cherry are my least favorite. If I were to pick one, I would go with Black, as they seem to have a better feel than the brown and seem to be just a hair quieter. If I were spending this kind of money on a board, though...I would get a GMMK and put my own switches and keycaps in.
If you bought this setup, it might be closer to what you want, at a cheaper price:

A GMMK @ $60 from this site https://www.pcgamingrace.com/products/gmmk-full-customized = ~$60

12 x https://novelkeys.xyz/collections/switches/products/aliaz-switches = ~$66

...and then choose whatever keycaps you prefer (ABS, PBT, whatever profile you prefer [E.g. SA, XDA, DSA, etc.]) you might find you've either spent less or as much as you would here, but get the experience you're after.

Just an example of something you might like: https://www.amazon.com/printed-Translucent-Switches-Mechanical-Keyboard/dp/B06XXNNW1D?th=1

The Aliaz switches are pretty quiet out of the box and with 12 order (they come in packs of 10), then you'll have a few spare. The beauty of this approach is that you'll have a keyboard that requires little work, but is completely customizable. I have clicky switches on mine for the numpad, but quieter ones all around. My alphas are using Gateron Yellows that I've modded myself, so they're quieter than anything else I've tried. The Aliaz are closer to those than anything, but require much less work.

Also keep in mind that unlike this keyboard, the GMMK doesn't have dedicated media keys. For that I downloaded the free AutoHotkey app (https://autohotkey.com/) and found a script that allows me to use some function keys as media keys. If they are function keys you don't normally use, then you can even get media keycaps to put in their place.

This is all a personal thing, but that's partly why I suggested a GMMK. You'll get the option to try things out and see what works best, instead of spending $200 for something you're basically stuck with.
I got one of these from the first time they were offered on Massdrop and love it. The only reason I am not currently using it is because I got one of the K-type keyboards, which goes that few extra steps toward my heart by being completely open-source and having replaceable switches.

That said, I keep it propped up againt the inside of my computer desk in case the Zombie Apocalypse breaks out. I truly believe it would win hands down as most powerful melee weapon against even the venerable katana. The only advantage the katana really has is that it would be less tiring to swing. Also, it has a numpad so if I have to do any data-entry type work I will temporarily swap it back in, in place of the K-type (which, for those who don't know, is a tenkeyless style keyboard).
Can anyone elaborate on the individual key programming? Is that referring to the backlighting, or is this actually a programmable keyboard? Can it execute macros?
They're referring to the lighting. It does not support macros.
Thank you for the clarification. That’s really disappointing. I’d be all over this keyboard if it had some kind of programmability.
Hmm I would join but no option for brown switches hurts...
Mechanicalkeyboards.com has this keyboard with browns, for $159.00, and with an estimated arrival of June 5th, instead of an estimated ship date of July 11th.

Edit: They don't have blacks though. Just reds, blues, and browns.
Same here, I need brown switches
Will this keyboard work with a Mac (swapped modifiers) with Hardware swap?
The IKBC website says it's mac compatible.

Huh, when I googled I found a site that said “coming soon”. you are a better googler that I am. Thanks !
I just received my keyboard today (Cherry Blacks) and first thing I notice before I unboxed it was WOW this is one heavy keyboard. I love this keyboard (love the feel and am currently playing with the lighting) I'm happy I ordered it and love the Cherry Blacks (old keyboard had the Cherry Browns). I would like the keyboard to have more pitch to the angle but that can be fixed by sliding something under the top of the keyboard.

For those wondering, I received my email on April 25th that the keyboard had been shipped:
Shipped from - BREINIGSVILLE, PA on 4/25/2018 - Wednesday
I’m not terribly concerned with the specifics, but just how long of a delay are we talking about? A week? Two weeks? A month?
Agreed. Can massdrop actually give a more reaable and better reply?
I just got a notification that it shipped.
No updates from the delay?
”Delayed due to an unexpected delay”
Thats Massdrop for you.