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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Any chance of being able to buy the expansions without the original? I suspect probably not this time, but surely it's something to look at in the future. I've lost count of the number of games I'd happily join the drop for, were it not for the fact that the base game is looking at me on a shelf
Awesome news group! The vendor just confirmed that your orders are now on the way early! Tracking has been uploaded to the transaction page. Please allow 24-48 hours for the page to reflect the latest status of your order.

If there’s anything else we can do to make your Massdrop experience better, feel free to contact us via “Contact Support” button in your transaction page:

We're also on Instagram! We'd love to see the photos of drops you've received and you can do that by following Massdrop and tagging your pictures #massdrop.
Thanks again for joining this drop! With your help we were able to make it successful for the community. We've just submitted the group's order with the vendor for the Illuminati Card Game and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.

For this drop the vendor will be shipping your orders directly to you! The moment we receive confirmation regarding the shipping schedule from the vendor, we will provide you all with updated information. The current estimated ship date from our vendor is 5/1.

Rest assured that we we will provide you all with the status of your order throughout the process. You can expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 4/27.
Wait, didn't this one come out before the other one? Just looked it up.
This is a PALE SHADOW of the one you used to play, imho. I frikkin' LOVE INWO. This isn't it. :P
Hah! I have this game. My brother and I used to play it in high school, like 15 years ago. A little complicated, but lots of fun.
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