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Hi Everyone,
We have an update on the Ergodox Kit. We’ve received confirmation from the warehouse that we have the correct quantity of left and right PCBs. Now the warehouse is re-packaging all orders and preparing them for shipment. We expect these remaining orders to start shipping by 10/20, and the shipments will be expedited.
Thanks to everyone for their patience with this drop. We're looking forward to you all receiving the Ergodox kits.
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The frames are identical, you can just flip one of em. The only items that are side-specific are the PCBs.
The metal frame does have a different finish on one side, but it should fit if it is meant to be used so...
I'd really like to buy this kit, but I'm not a big gambler. Will only commit if an explanation is given for what happened and how it will be different the next time around. Hope to see this happen and to obtain a kit of my own.
Same here.
Massdrop and input club doesn't read comments like this.

Just wondering if they learned from this BIG mistake, as all previous drops were successful.
Has anyone been able to make the 12/2017 firmwqre work with their IED? Mine keeps the layer 1 locked even though I do not have an f1 Lock key defined. Thought I'd ask before posting on github.

Wanted to check if anybody has similar problems with their Ergodox Infinity.
From yesterday one half of keyboard goes into boot loop and chip U1 on PCB gets very hot.
I believe this has happened because static electricity and no proper grounding/protection on the keyboard itself. Very sad.

You would not be the first one to have the microcontroller get fried by stray electrons. And yes, there is no grounding of the plate so the electrons go through the plate and then the switches to find ground. A cell phone repair shop may be able to solder in a new chip. About $16 plus shipping for the chip.
Anyone have any ideas on what the blank keycaps are made of? I was wanting to do some Sharpie work on the blanks, but want to remove it just in case. Not sure if acetone or rubbing alcohol will mess them up or not.
Well based on what Linus just said in his review of the EZ version, the ‘keycaps (…) are made by Signature Plastics™, the printed set is double shot-injected ABS plastic with a lower profile than most keycaps and a roughened finish surface on the top so they don't get that gross, shiny look as they wear out—and the unprinted set is PBT with a special bonus as well: Since there's no reason to move them around, they're sculpted, meaning that each row has a differently-shaped keycap for improved ergonomics.’


The LTT Ergodox review is somewhat critical of the EZ, but because most reviews are of happy people with a biased interest in justifying how they put hundreds into a keyboard, I actually appreciate the nitpicking salt of the old boy.

On a personal point of view I'm more interested by the Re-legendable keycaps (, they really looked pretty rad when I saw Mirabai K. using them with her Planck to crush some typing website.
The keycaps are made with abs for the infinity ergodox.
The ergodox ez has PBT exclusive.
Where can I find schematics for revision 1.2b? I think I broke the diode under my "w" key. I tried replacing the switch and the diode, but no luck.
Not sure if you've already found it, but you can get the schematics here: -> ICED

Best luck for the repair!
When will this drop be active?

It seems so silent?
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This will be my first and last.
I hope it is the minimun they will make.
The power of mass production lowers the price.
For anyone who likes to make their keyboard switches and LED's hot-swappable or afraid for soldering with flux, then this is a great video.
I can't believe that almost 4000 people are willing to pay for a keyboard that doesn't even go through a quality check during packaging and shipping.
So many right handed pcb's kit with bad stabilizers and lost screws, etc.

This drop is a BIG FAILLURE.

BUYERS BEWARE. You can lose your money here.
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If the Infinity turns out to be as expensive as the EZ in the end this drop is pretty much good as dead simply because of those defaults we already mentioned earlier. Unlike you I'm not a keyboard connoisseur, despite my background in electronic engineering. However, I do need fast typing because I'm a velotypist and the Ergodox is pretty much one of those keyboards that I envision to provide me with some sort of comfort both at my workstation and for my everyday typing.

Hardware-wise, I don't exactly consider the USB 3.0 to provide any form of benefit whatsoever for a keyboard and I hardly see the point of these LCD panels, I heard they're [censored] hard to tweak so they might as well just be replaced by SSDs and that wouldn't change a thing. What I'm really wondering about is the N-key rollover which I hope is really efficient, there's not even a chance that the Ergodox can beat the RealKey™ of my Cherry MX Board 6.0 but that would definitely be worth assessing. Another element which I'm really worried about is the size of the keyboard, because… how can I put it·… ‘I have big hands’? All the videos I've seen online are reviews by people with cute girly little hands. Granted, I'm no gorilla-sized but it's a thing, really.

What I mean is, just like those 4K potential clients, I'm interested by the Ergodox because of Massdrop's bargaining power to somehow sweeten the bill for a keyboard with potential. I was sad to learn about Andrew's case and it's really one of those situations where you realize that the drop is only a big fat bet or a loot box: You may end up with a rather cool keyboard or a cardboard of e-junk. So yeah, I do hope that Massdrop and their suppliers at least learn from their mistakes. I just don't blame the sods who're willing to try that bet.
I do have smaller hands, about a medium size.
I think that it would be the same as any mechanical keyboard.

Using 3D printing and CAD, you can turn the infinity ergodox into a infinity dactylus ergodox. section 3.1.
That's why the ergodox ez is not a 100% for me.

Kinesis advantage 2 on steriods.

I like the kinesis advantage 2 also, but it lacks the programmability of the infinity ergodox.
Because i type in programmer dvorak and not in classic dvorak.

I will take the bet.

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