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Hi Everyone,
We have an update on the Ergodox Kit. We’ve received confirmation from the warehouse that we have the correct quantity of left and right PCBs. Now the warehouse is re-packaging all orders and preparing them for shipment. We expect these remaining orders to start shipping by 10/20, and the shipments will be expedited.
Thanks to everyone for their patience with this drop. We're looking forward to you all receiving the Ergodox kits.
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The frames are identical, you can just flip one of em. The only items that are side-specific are the PCBs.
The metal frame does have a different finish on one side, but it should fit if it is meant to be used so...
I finally got a chance to assemble my new Ergodox Infinity and put my new SA Carbon keycaps to use - now I just need a long/short USB cable set to match the theme (I etched then painted my aluminum base plates flat black before assembly).

The configurator isn't working, what's the deal? I wanted to change up my layout, but flashing the firmware I downloaded from the input club configurator makes my keys offset, some are in the wrong places. Will I have to compile this myself then? I'd really prefer not to.
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I haven't been able to fix it yet. I have finals coming so I just reverted back to my older layout in the meantime, which I luckily had saved. I'll let you know if I ever find the solution.
TL;DR, new master file of the configurator is broken for the ErgoDox. You have to use the older branch to configure it.
Here’s the link. I haven’t tried using it, I’m still studying but hope this helps. I’m gonna try this when I have time to fix my keyboards again.
After some short discussion (somewhere) it seems that Input Club (I:C) and Massdrop are no longer collaborating.
("O.o )
Read up about he whole halo switch debacle. It will explain it. It’s on input clubs site somewhere (then reddit conversations).
Is this true?
So who'll be able to make another Ergodox Infinity then?
Tell us ffs!
Ok, it seems a lot of things are being deleted.
@BlueCrowned did you delete your own comment?
Here's my Infinity 100% customized with the Massdrop x T0mb3ry SA Carbon Keycap Set (date purchased: May 31, 2017!).
I've bought enough SA Carbon Keycap Set to make another Ergodox Infinity.
I can't live without the Infinity, so I need a backup.
Why does Massdrop ignore > 5100 persons asking for another drop? Is there a problem? If so tell us about it!
It's always better to explain than staying quiet!

As of now, 5047 users have requested this product. Any idea when you'll make another drop?
I'd like to buy 2 more.
When will this be sold again? Any chance of getting a non-acrylic case in the next drop?
I'm selling mine on ebay UK if anyone is interested.
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You forget that the ergodox EZ price you listed does not include neither shipping ($30) nor import duty and import taxes. Also in the end it depends on whether you want IC, EZ or just any ErgoDox. As for the video review, massdrop does indeed sell around that price, but that is without keycaps. From the drop that I bought it that was and extra $49.99, for a total of $249.98 (again without shipping and import taxes). I am sure other buyers can verify that.

In any case there is detailed a breakdown in the ebay listing I don't want to repeat myself, but you get the idea about the average cost to get an ergo in the UK.

PS. Also don't underestimate the importance of leds. Keycaps don't have bumps and in the dark its a pitch black keyboard, its impossible to see anything if the leds are not on. As for the sip sockets, they had to be manually sanded to fit in the keys one by one and that to me says something.

PS2. Also keep in min that my math can easily be off because of the change in USD to GBP conversion, it's more favorable now in comparison to what it was when I bought it. What will it be when the next drop opens?
I can also see you finally brought the price tag down a notch to 210.00 GBP (238.12 EUR, 292.79 USD) and really detailed the figures behind the price tag. I used to live in East Riding of Yorshire and it is true that duty can go up to 12% and VAT on the total sum is a fixed 20% rate. Now, this is already a much more interesting offer. Thank you for the answer, Alianos.
So disappointed with this. After about a year and a half, my board is completely non-functional. All of the ports are starting to fail, and I have received 0 support from the InputClub team. My initial reaction to this board was glowingly positive, it seemed so well put together and thought out. However, having ports fail with minimal, gentle use is unacceptable, and the lack of response from the IC team has ruined any faith I have in this company. DO NOT waste your 200+ dollars on this board
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Haha make me an offer.

I'm currently researching a dactyl build, and have considered desoldering all of my zealios switches to use there. I figure once I get the switches off I might have better access to the USB-C connection and may be able to solder on the replacement ports I bought. Just be aware that both USB-C ports are shot and will need to be repaired before the board is functional again. Who knows, might be easier to buy new zealios switches direct instead of desoldering everything
what do you have, what's broken and what do you think is fair? you can reach me at my username at gmail.
Did anyone manage to get a PCB made up by one of these cheap Chinese PCB prototyping houses? I have been trying to get one sorted, I just don't understand all of the file names and how thick the PCB needs to be or if there are any other special settings we need when getting one made.

Any PCB experts here who can help?
I tried to do it, but I had trouble locating some of the equivalent parts as specified in the github project. I'm a bit rusty on my electronics stuff so I just kinda gave up before I got to the cost estimation.
Yeah I'm kinda in the same boat. If the relationship between Massdrop and Input Club really has ended, I wish Input Club would find a new partner to manufacture the Infinity Ergodox. They sell the WhiteFox on the Kono store, so I don't see why there isn't retail availability for the Infinity Ergodox yet...