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Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit

Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit

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Bring this back. I need another. Wouldn't change a thing except maybe cherry balancers for the large keys, but no big deal there.
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Who is MD? I wonder if it would be possible to get a copy of the circuit design in order to recreate this.
Oh... MassDrop. I'm dumb. Forgive me.
Also having another issue with flashing the PCB, anyone?
I've flashed the whitefox before and the process is rather straight forward. However, after I flashed the PCB, the orange light (for flash mode) stays on and the keyboard refuses to exit flash mode. As good as a brick now.
Anyone having this issue with the replaced space-bar? FYI @mito what I was talking about in the other post.
Hi, there. How to contact you? I really wanna buy your 6u spacebars of GMK 3RUN.
Made reference hacker layout with new Yuri keyset. Better than I could do with 3run but still those gaps on R1.
Why wouldn't I:C make this with off-center 6u configuration. All these problems could be avoided then. Or at least make board with both location. At least then we could replace the plate. Definitely not well though out.
Will WASD custom keycaps fro their 60% boards work with the Infinity 60% if you choose alphabet? Also any word on if K-type is getting a 60% version to replace this? Really want to get a 60% from I:C but would hate it if this drop came back only for them to announce a K-Type 60%.
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I will check out kira for sure thanks! Recently I have been talking to some IC guys and they say they have big plans for a 60% update so I may just wait. Honestly I just like there level of layers and customization within those layers.
QMK/TMK has more features and is much more flexible. I would really like to see IC improve their firmware/online configurator to include mouse keys, tap/hold function , and complex macro support. Currently you have to build your own firmware or run TMK on the Infinity in order to have those functions.
is the keyboard layout compatible with Linux Operating system?
The keyboard is compatible to Linux, which means you could just plug it in and play. And you could configure the program layers/layouts you like into the keyboard using its configurator and flash tools. Please check its input club webpage for more details.
I only use Linux, it works 100% and is probably the easiest operating system to deal with this keyboard on as it's extremely easy to flash from Linux as the terminal is first-class, while Windows doesn't have the greatest CLI or build environment support.
If I use ALPS switches, what kind of stabilizer I can use? The back of keycaps are not cross...


I'm suprised Massdrop doesn't include Alps/Matias hooks for the stabilizer bars. Maybe pull some off an old Alps board or try this:
Thank you! I already have this kit and it does not fit on this kind of plate😭😭😭. The holes are different. I think this kit is not for ALPS/ Matias.
Is the plate for hacker/alphabet/standard the same? Any 60% plate should work right? I originally bought this to go with the wooden case and only just realized that I won't have a plate to go with it... (i opt for the bent steel case because i don't already have one and it was cheaper)
The plates were different to between the layouts. Your best bet will be to check input.clubs's github, grab the design file for the plate, then find a shop that'll cut you one. That or find a 60% plate that'll match one of the layouts in their design files.

Can people having the Hacker version of the keyboard post pictures of their last row. There are gaps between the keys - and I realize that none of the pictures in the description section showed the Hacker version. Did MD even assemble the hacker version to verify that the keys fit properly. The Fn keys do not line up on the left border. And for the keyboard layout shown in the diagrams - there are not just enough keys to have it like as shown (in the Hacker diagram on the description page). I am not happy with how the last row looks after spending all this money on it - not to mention about the spacebar mixup for this version.
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Did you (or anyone else) get their replacement hacker spacebars?? Its been ages and still not sign of getting what we paid for. If anyone from massdrop is reading - please let us know an update.
I have not yet, however Yanbo has provided an update further down in the comments.
"Hey there, the tooling came out well so we have replacement spacebars on order. We are expecting them to come in at the end of October. I'll keep everyone updated as soon as they arrive!" Ref:
I personally will be checking back mid to late November if we have not heard anything by then.
I finished assembling it last night after having the unopened box for a long time. After I finished soldering the switches and LED's I noticed that 5 of the led's were not lit. I resoldered one of the LED's and even changed it but no luck. While I was checking if I had the Anode Cathode of the LED flipped, I tried if flipping it would work - and surprisingly it did. So on one of these LED's (havent tried all the non-working ones) having the LED in the incorrect orientation works. I ran out of time and did not verify if this flipping of the LED works in the other non-lit LEDs.
Could this be due to a PCB error (unlikely - then everyone will have it) or some logic error in the LED driver?
Does anyone know how to program the Infinity outside of the configurator? Specifically, I want to give some keys different functionality for press vs hold. This is generally supported by tmk, but the Infinity keymap in their GitHub repository ( seems to be incompatible with the board from the most recent drop. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Thanks for the reply. I'll definitely check out the kiibohd repo. Unfortunately the differentiation that the configurator supports doesn't accommodate my use cases. For example, I want the key that is normally caps lock to be escape when I push it and control when I hold it. I used such mappings on my MiniVan and now switching to something less efficient seems sacrilege!
If you figure this out, please post it. I'm curious how this can be done. Layout files are basically a simple map of key code to another key code, a sequence of a function. Functions would be lockLayer or latchLayer. Not sure how you'd made key be dual functioning.
Has anyone else experienced an issue when using this keyboard with Linux? Specifically fully updated Fedora 25. It seems after 10 or 20 minutes of use or maybe after a number of keystrokes a key will continue to send its signal without the key being pressed. Other key presses also don't register so... yeah... I have to unplug my keyboard and plug it back in and I'm good for another limited time of use. Windows and macOS seem to be fine. Anyone else experience this?
will this kit come back?
Anyone want to trade a Standard Layout Infinity 60% board for a Hacker Layout board? I have the Hacker layout and it is already assembled with gateron blue switches.
You still have it?
Yeah, I still have it.
Does anyone still have the build guide? The link is broken
thx for sending out the extra space bar stabilizer. I am typing this as my first text ever on my new Infinity keyboard and I can confirm that only the longer spacebar fits and that the spacbar stem is off-center. I choose the hacker layout but now realize I should probably have chosen the alphabet one, because I keep missing backspace.
I am happy about the quality of the components apart from the fact that the bottom row in the base plate seems to have very sloppy measurements, cncd holes are very unevenly spaced, and the finished keyboard has two odd gaps left and right of the ALT key. But at least the gaps are symmetrical. I am not sure but it looks like the shorter spacebar would allow to use wider modifier keys left and right and therefore close these gaps. That would be awesome. As-is, widerMod keys are blocking the neighboring mod key by just over a Millimeter.
Hey everyone, I recently received my sample of the 3Run keycap sets and can confirm the 6u spacebar will not fit with the Infinity 60% hacker kit. We are now working with GMK to get this issue addressed so we can get everyone the correct spacebars. This is going to be a very involved process and there will be a wait while we work to build and develop spacebars with correct stems. While we are working on this I will keep everyone updated throughout the process!
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Hey there, the tooling came out well so we have replacement spacebars on order.
We are expecting them to come in at the end of October. I'll keep everyone updated as soon as they arrive!
Thanks YanboWu,
It's good to hear that they turned out well.
Thanks for all your hard work on this, I look forward to seeing a beautiful blue space bar on this keyboard. :)
Here's mine. Alphabet layout, Zealios 65g. I painted the plate black, so it matches the case color and the white keys "pop" out.

I received my kit yesterday and assembled today. Hacker layout, PBT keycaps, Matias quiet switches, black base...complete ninja version save for the silver plate (which I actually like since it gives the keys a floating feel).
Well, the kit had everything it was supposed to have, and assembled very quickly. I didn't experience any of the Hacker spacebar/wire problems I've read about here. But I have matias keys and PBT caps which I think is not the configuration others may have been having some issues with?
Not having assembled this kind of stabilizer before, it took a few minutes to noodle how they worked, but they actually are a brilliant idea!
Firmware programming was simple via dfu-util, and I was able to match the overlays to what I use on my Alps64 boards.
Love the board, very nice feel...and I was nervous given the issues some others have written about here, but I had no issues at all, thankfully.

How many of you ordered hacker layout, received unfit spacebar and opened support ticket have heard back from Massdrop?
I ordered the hacker layout with PBT keycaps. I received the correct sized space bar and correct stabilizer wire in the original package. I know it doesn't help you, but FWIW...
Thank you @Hoyle.
Question: Where can I get a 6u Costar Stabilizer wire?? My pack didn't come with one even though I got the Hacker layout...
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I already received mine. Still waiting for my kit tho. It's in the mail, so hoping it will be here in a couple of days.
You got your stabilizer already?! I haven't even gotten notification that it would be sent to me..
So good news is that I finally got mine! (Hacker layout)
Bad news though: Wrong spacebar stab included, and the included spacebar(s) wouldn't fit properly anyways.
I mean, really guys? You hang on to my almost $300 for almost five months (if indeed that purchase date is listed correctly in my account), and then deliver something unusable out of the box? Nice going.
Honestly my thoughts are to stay away from this drop in the future, this feels like it's been a total cluster-fudge of issues.
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I feel exactly the same as you, but, to play devil's advocate, all these issues we're having are related to GMK keycaps that were ordered with incorrect specs. Not sure if it's due to some infinity board changes or not. But the board itself is great. I was able to put it together in under 2 hours (and I'm soldering newbie). I've followed to controller github page to compile layouts and load them. It's not overly complicated and works fine. It's a great little keyboard with a lot of potential. I enjoy it a lot in its not fully complete step - see my layout below. So, keycap issues aside, it's still an awesome product.
I agree that the board is great! Everything looks and feels solid, and it definitely has potential. I'm not so much bashing on the product in general as I am displeased that with this drop the keycaps were spec'd incorrectly in the first place, and that after almost half a year I'm still out a decent chunk of change and no completed keyboard.
Anybody who ordered plastic case - did you get sticky legs on the case? Mine doesn't have them and keyboard keeps sliding on the desk. Not a major issue but very annoying one.
I received a small rubber pad, where I had to peel them off and apply to the bottom of the case. That is indeed a very annoying issue, if you did not receive any. I guess you could quite easily find a substitute though - maybe something made for furniture or similarly?
So, one and a half months later, any news about the 6u stabillizers?
I received a 6u stab without asking Friday via a drop-ship. Though, if you've got the 3Run set, there's bigger issues than just the stab...
If anyone has a working hacker layout, could you, please, post a picture? Seems like none of the keys fit. Smaller space key doesn't fit. Larger one did but now some keys around it don't, no matter what I do. I'm at a loss. So far this has been by far the most expensive mech product I've purchased and seem like there's no way to assemble it.
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Same boat here.
Same here - the spacebar row is a mess - I dont want to use a control keycap for the Fn key as it wont do what the label says. Why didn't Massdrop assemble them in each variant and post pictures? I should have taken the Standard layout - as that also had the control key in place of the CapsLock.
Ok super dumb question but how the heck do the keycaps fit on this keyboard?
The bottom side of the keys have a + while the switches have a slot. Did they send me the wrong keycaps for the switches or? Also, it looks like my spacebar doesn't fit either.
FYI my order was: Layout: Standard
  • Type: Kit - Matias Quiet Pro (Tactile) (+$1.99)
  • Case: Low Profile CNC Aluminum Case Black (+$59.99)
  • Keycaps: GMK 3Run Base Kit (Cherry MX) - Alphabet Layout (+$59.99)
  • GMK 3Run Hacker / Standard Adapter Kit: No
  • GMK 3Run Extras Kit: No
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Custom alps don't come up much. But Matias has some keys, not sure if they'll fit though...
Unless you're with Matias as a Matias fan, I'd consider switching them out for Cherry Clear's, as they're about the same weight. Zealios are the other option, which also use Cherry stems, and you can select a weight, but they carry a premium.
I specifically went with Zealios, as I wanted a heavy, tactile and silent switch. But cherry does have cherry-brown, which are tactile and slient, but light weight, clears are a bit hard to source if I remember correctly.
@NeonBlue oh neat! Those Zealios switches look pretty cool! Think I will see if I can swap those out. Otherwise, I will pick up a set of those or cherry browns.
Thanks for the assist!
If say somebody were to have forgotten to get keycaps with the keyboard kit, I'm not saying I did it of course, that's silly, but hypothetically, what would an alternative keycap set for the hacker layout be?
Take a look at these cherry profile middle stem PBT 6u spacebars:
When you find a simple answer, one that doesn't require buying separate sets or individual keys... let me know. On my Standard, I'm presently using a hybrid between the DSA caps that came with (second drop) and a set from wasdkeyboards. All my alpha keys and top row are raised higher than my modifiers... not as attractive.
So far this is my layout. The duplication is because I have a poker II at home. Plan to the future is to use extra layers to try (and troll friends) with dvorak / colemak / whatver layout.
Edit: thinking about doing a <ESC>:wq keybind on one of the layers
Why is your left shift a second escape?
Its a backup, in case the first fails xD jk, the original idea was to use it in vim, so I dont have to move the pinky/hand from caps.
I received my infinity with hacker layout
yesterday, and started building it today and realized once I had everything put together that my space bar wont fit. I was prepared to bend my own stabilizer wire after hearing of that problem, but if you look nothing on the 6u space bar even lines up. Anyone else have this issue, or am I trying to assemble it wrong?
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I have the hacker layout and they did send me a separate spacebar stabilizer, so I could at least assemble it using the wider spacebar. But afaiu the idea was to use the smaller space bar and then be able to have equally sized mod-keys. Didn't quite work as the bigger spacebar will not allow you to put these modkeys in, you have to live with two very awkward gaps in the bottom row.
no, not dye