Injinji Outdoor Midweight Socks (3-Pack)search

Injinji Outdoor Midweight Socks (3-Pack)

Injinji Outdoor Midweight Socks (3-Pack)

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Designed to provide comfort, stability, and support for all your outdoor pursuits, the Injinji Outdoor Midweight Socks make a strong argument for switching to toe socks. Each pair is made from NuWool merino wool with small amounts of nylon and Lycra for excellent moisture management in any weather. Complete with cushioning and arch support, the five-toe sleeve design encourages total foot utilization, natural toe splay, and proper alignment, while preventing blisters and hot spots. Wear these socks with Vibrams, sneakers, hiking boots, or any other footwear.

Note: This drop is for a 3-pack of socks. All socks in the pack will be the same style and color. At checkout, choose the mini crew (base price) or crew (+ $3) in charcoal or oatmeal. Available sizes vary.

Injinji Outdoor Midweight Socks (3-Pack)

About Injinji

Founded in 1999, Injinji has evolved from a startup sock company to a community of athletes from a variety of sports—all dedicated to pushing personal physical boundaries and making life’s adventures more comfortable for everyone. Injinji takes its name from a term that describes the moment a traditional African drumming circle reaches a climax, when the drummers, the dancers, and the rhythm are working as one. The company believes that this peak in performance and this feeling of unison apply to the athletic community, as well.

Injinji Outdoor Midweight Socks (3-Pack)
Injinji Outdoor Midweight Socks (3-Pack)

Style Options

Mini Crew – Charcoal
Mini Crew – Oatmeal
Crew – Charcoal
Crew – Oatmeal

Sizing Chart

Injinji Outdoor Midweight Socks (3-Pack)


  • Injinji
  • 64% NuWool merino wool, 33% nylon, 3% Lycra
  • Arch support
  • Blister prevention
  • Moisture management
  • Total foot utilization
  • Mesh top
  • Protective footbed cushioning
  • Wash on delicate with cold water, line dry


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