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Inked and Screened Automotive Prints

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So I'm looking at the e46 and it says produced in 2006?

It ran from 1999 to 2006....

Here's the subforum for it

(It states it in the description if anyone needs verification).

And from wiki
Design patents were filed in Germany on 16 July 1997[18] and in the US on 16 January 1998.[19]

Anyhow.... I drive an e46 but I'm unsure on buying this patent print, unless someone can explain why it states produced 2006 on the top right hand corner.
Thank you for pointing this out. I also drive an E46 and it seems alot more effort went into the other prints than the E46 one. Still on the fence if I want to get it.
Yeah, it's clearly an after thought to them.
Why does shipping increase when I buy 2? Was going to buy 3-4 of these but I'm not paying more and more for shipping on every poster. I'll just stick to the Challenger one I already bought here
I got the notification that this shipped today but it actually arrived about a month ago.

These are really good quality prints, they are not framed (I've seen it asked) but they are thick and sturdy enough to hang with no frames. They ship in a tube all rolled up so you will have to straighten them out.
Are these framed?
I agree it's confusing. they talk about different types of frames, but give no options at check out for frames...
Would love to see some classic AMCs, SX/4 for example
Got the Chalkboard S2000! Cant wait for it to arrive.
Add the FJ Cruiser, easily will be the best seller!
So you have the Evo, and go so far as to have a Wrangler, but no Subaru WRX or STi? What gives?
Guess they're not dorks
Some Maserati's would be a nice option. (Quattroporte?)
Why can I not select frames?
please include the original NSX next time!
The RS4 avant is an A4 S-line.... Look at the completely flat fender arches, aswell as the front fog lights & rear exhaust tips & diffuser. Those aren't even RS4 wheels.
Finally a GM design, thanks!
Would love to see Jaguar XF R as an option.
One of the Porsche posters has a typo in it as well. It says PORSHE.