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Inked and Screened Sci-Fi Patent Prints

Inked and Screened Sci-Fi Patent Prints

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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Just got my delivery notice. Item was delivered 2 months ago. See my comment below.
FIREFLY!!! Oh God I hate the F!@#ers that cancelled that incredible show after only one year. I heard it was for political reasons because Joss Whedon mixed his libertarian political views into the show by portraying the government as evil tyrannical thugs (which they really are in real life) so they pulled the plug even though the show had a huge following and was ready to take off like a... FIREFLY!
Have one print right now, and expecting to get another soon. Anyone can recommend simplistic, reasonably priced frames for the vertical prints?
Ridiculous they tell me things will ship in December and they are delivered in November with NO notification whatsoever. This is the CURRENT status of my order and I received the item days ago. When I'm out of town for a week I can't have items pretending to be on order yet sitting on my porch with no notification.

how does one order this?
Click join drop
A map of Westeros or White Walker prints would be an awesome additions!
How about Game of Thrones
Need some Zelda/Hyrule
Have been hoping for new designs, but kept seeing same drop popping up time and again.
I haven't seen this Bioshock one before, maybe I missed it?
I got my poster just today. I'm very impressed with the quality of the print. However, what I'm not impressed with is the fold creases you can clearly see going across the entire poster. It's like they dented it while rolling it and just popped the dent back out. Is this part of the "design" or is this an issue with just my poster?

The product looks damaged to me. I was considering buying some of these, but have others received damaged products as well??
I just got mine from the last drop... I'm a bit disappointed though. I got the harry potter wands on black background, and I can see all kinds of "smudges" or markings on the poster. The black background is also not even that dark of a black; it looks faded and almost grey. Can anyone tell me if these "issues" are normal? I can understand if this is meant to be part of the "chalkboard" effect, but just want to be sure I didn't get a dud or something.
Some are cool, sure. A lot of these just look like quick vector traces of google image search results with a grid slapped over them. The car series had a lot more quality to each poster screen. I guess if it sells, then what do I know?
Where are the Fallout prints? :'(
buncha normie shit
Really wish be blueprints didn’t have “U.S. Patent“ on them. It detracts from the sci-fi feel. Like, the US has a patent on manufacturing imperial walkers?
Do you think they can do a Map of Wheel of Time? That would be cool...
This drop is useless because there is no Stargate.
Thanks massdrop for the terrible customer service and equally terrible product offerings.
Why not some cowboy bebop prints?
Or Trigun! One of Vash's gun would be the bomb
Correct me if i'm wrong guys but shouldn't the Firefly Serenity have it's side view labeled Starboard not Port?
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Good to hear! They must have fixed it
Lol and its cheaper on etsy than here
The one Star Trek print has the deflector dish labeled as main sensor. I’d be embarrassed to have it on my wall.
Is there a Parental Permission slip to fill out, or can I just use my lunch money?
These are okay. Why not something more up to date like the Racinate or MCRN powered suits from The Expanse?
Yes! Would definitely buy prints from The Expanse.
I received all of the wrong posters... No word from customer service. Guess it's time to make a PayPal claim
I thought about getting a Star Wars Clone Wars design, but none really convinced me. (On another note, anyone excited for the new TCW season?)
I wanted the CIS military faction from starwars they have the best designed ships and droids in my opinion :(
Create some Stargate options and I'll demand you take my money.
Man I was really hoping that you guys would have a Skyrim map option ( I think it would fit perfect with the black chalkboard style. Still buying the Maurader's Map one as a gift for my sister. Cool stuff!
If we have any choice in prints, I am requesting any Star Wars aircraft or spaceship. FIRST CHOICE, the MILLENIUM FALCON in flight or otherwise.
There is a mellenium falcon now. :)
Which print did I “drop”?