Jibibuts Artist Series Blind Box (3-Pack)search

Jibibuts Artist Series Blind Box (3-Pack)

Jibibuts Artist Series Blind Box (3-Pack)

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Sustainable Decor

Native forest dwellers of the Carrara Island, the Jibibuts are forest dwellers known for indicating the health of biological forest environments. Constructed out of biodegradable birchwood and uniquely painted, the Jibibuts Series is a vibrant collection of a dozen wooden toys individually designed by fine artists. This set features 12 noteworthy artists including: Andrea Kang, Anna Chambers, Bubi Au Yeung, Buff Monster, Leo Hillier, Martin Hsu, 64 Colors, Noferin, Nathan Jurevicius, Peskimo, Squink and Tado.

Note: On this drop you will receive 3 Jibibuts Artist Series Blind Boxes. If you order 4 3-packs, you will receive the entire case with all 12 Jibibuts Artist Series figures.

Jibibuts Artist Series Blind Box (3-Pack)

Blind Boxes

You never know what you’ll get inside a Blind Box, so Blind Boxes are a fun opportunity to surprise yourself or a friend with a rare or unexpected figure.

Art by Andrea Kang
Art by Noferin
Art by 64 Colors
Art by Squink
Art by Tado
Art by Leo Hillier
Art by Nathan Jurevicius
Art by Martin Hsu
Art by Buff Monster
Art by Bubi Au Yeung
Art by Peskimo
Art by Anna Chambers


  • 100% Birch wood
  • 2.5 - 3.5 in


  • Jibibuts Artist Series Blind Box (3-Pack)


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