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Received my Jukebox today!! Looks much nicer than the SA set!!!!
Got shipment notifiacations today. Wow first drop that is coming in fast for me. Thanks Massdrop, so excited!!!
Edit: Got my caps today, March 2, 2018.

The expected shipment for the most recent drop was April 26, 2018 according to the drop page but mine shipped exactly 24 hours ago and are expected to arrive this Monday. Why do things ship so early sometimes? I'm obviously not complaining but it just sucks to think there's so many things I didn't buy and missed out on because I know by the time I get the item in 2-4 months (or like a year for those Matt3o caps) I'll lose interest or possibly move on.

I know it's impossible to have mass quantities stocked and this is more complicated and intricate than buying from a giant like Amazon but I really wish an explanation could be provided for when things ship so early like this. It would make a lot more people buy more frequently and it seems like a win, win, win for consumer, manufacturer and Massdrop. Either way, I can't wait to get the key caps.
Crap i missed it by a few days. Damn damn damn. I'm anyone gets cold feet hit me up
If anyone who bought the 17 set is not using the small shift key, I would be interested in buying it. I joined the drop not realizing I needed it for my set :/
I've always loved the Jukebox color scheme!
Jukebox SA was my first set of customs a couple years ago, and I'm excited to see this color scheme in a new profile at a more accessible price. Excited to receive these for sure.
These caps look beautiful and seem like a no brainer - any reason not to buy them?
would this fit a leopold fc980m
Literally came here to find this out without having to check each cap.
Does anybody know if row 0 fits onto Corsair Strafe or do I need to get the 17-key kit?
so I'm out of luck if I'm Dvorak?
By the looks of it, yeah
Does the 6u spacebar have an off-center mount like Cherry spacebars do?
Any chance of this working on my HHKB with Novatouch sliders?
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Well, actually the 6u spacebar needs to be 6u with center stem, not sure if this one is center or off-center (or both, in which case, you'd need to drill a hole for the other stem?) livingspeedbump can you clarify the 6u spacebar config?
Looks like the price was dropped substantially for the base kit. Novelkeys has discussed running a more basic set at 28 so the 45 here for the base set seems much more in line with the additional features of this set (more colors and novelties).
Really impressed with these caps, the presentation, build and feel... Well done tai hao, thanks @livingspeedbump haha even came with a sticker ^.^

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So glad you liked them!!
They are color matched to the SA set. Also, what renders? I didn't do any real renders for Cubic.