Jukebox x Tai-Hao Cubic Keycap Setsearch

Jukebox x Tai-Hao Cubic Keycap Set

Jukebox x Tai-Hao Cubic Keycap Set

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Just got my kits in the mail today!
Looking forward to swapping them out on my board soon and trying them out for awhile.
just to be clear, the standard set includes modifiers or numpad right? the choice for number pad confuses me. im assuming that is for a second numberpad?
Huh, didn't know Tai-Hao could do stepped Caps Lock keys... crossing fingers for an update to their Alps sets then.
Doesn't it just fit the offset stem though? It wouldn't fit on a standard keyboard with a centered stem for CAPSLOCK?
I would love this as a GMK Set. Not sure why livingspeedbump hasn’t made that dream come true yet.

Nonetheless, have jumped on this set to show my support!
Really wish this set came with Planck support
Would be cool if Tai-Hao eventually offered this color way in their Alps-mount doubleshots. Would love to try Cubic on an Alps board.
Why so few people on this drop? Jukebox is a badass set, and it looks great with the non-SA font.
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It's the second or third time they have run this colorway. Jukebox isn't THAT good. Time to run something different.
is there any support for ortho keyboards in this set
These are fit for Cherry stems correct? I have been looking for a topre set ever since I got my Leopold 660C and got excited when I saw the HHKB layout.
Cherry only, yes.
oh snap. This is so nice but no 65% support :(
I don't see any way to make a full last column without sticking a 4,5,o r 6 numbpad key in there. Boo.

Oh well, you can't have it all i suppose.
This is why I'm looking for a VA68m. The only 65% board in existence with standard layout.
Why is every cute key set ABS, I don’t want shiny worn down keys
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I have SA jukebox from the original Signature Palstics drop years ago, dailydriver on GF's work keyboard, not a hint of shine. There is cheap ABS and nice ABS. Tai-Hao are mid range, so I don't expect too much trouble. Although SP's ABS doubleshots are already glossy, think piano ivory keys, so shine isn't going to show up. On decent keys, the shine is only a problem on matt finishes.
Nothing is immune. The fact is that ABS is more prone to shine than PBT. Some people don't have a problem even with ABS due to body chemistry, usage habits or whatever it may be, and that's good for them.
Dont suppose any US buyers would buy the Mint Beige Keypad set and sell it to me? I dont need the whole keyboard just the numpad set...