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Oh yes, like many of the other nervous nellie commenters on this page, I too was afraid this wimpy lightweight stand simply wouldn't be up to the task of supporting my big, heavy, manly-man headphones! So I ordered this severe duty, double-sided, anti-sag, can hanger!
Can't wait till it gets here--should look great on my desk too!
Any word on this? Two weeks past it's shipping date.
Anyone else want a ”tree” that’ll hold 3-5 headphones? Am I the only one?
Anyone used these with the Monoprice M1060?
I want one, but it's difficult to see the point of this drop when you can get it off Amazon right now for the same price, get Prime shipping, get it a month earlier, and still have 30 days to get a full refund if you happen to change your mind.
You sir, just don't seem to have the MD spirit!
Doing double duty now:
You need to get yourself one of those Wolf Meridian pen boxes, keep those bad boys safe for storage! :P
I don't know, they're kind of expensive and you haven't seen all the other pens I have in cases, drawers and shelves--I'd go broke buying Wolf cases for them all!
Highly recommend it for the HD6XXs, it is like it was made for them. Fairly compact so it doesn't take a lot of space on my desk. Decent price here but I got mine elsewhere for about the same and no wait.
Well, my double-sided stand just arrived today (Prime 2-day shipping) and I assembled it in five minutes with the supplied tools (actually, one allen wrench and four screws). On the other hand, I'm still waiting for the 6XXs and the HE4XXs to show up (wouldn't it be great if MD started doing 2-day shipping?) but until they do, I'm preforming a stress test on the unit with a pair of Bose35QCs. So far, it seems to be holding up under the load.
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Welp. I could use something to distract me from the shit in my life lol
Pretty sure that's why we're all here ;- )
My current headphone stands leave impressions in the headband of my Sennheiser HD 700. Does anyone know if that will happen a lot with this. 8 mean it will happen with any headphone stand but is it relatively unnoticeable?
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How much are they normally? I prefer the look of the metal and wanted the lights from my computer making a rear glow on it.
not too sure, i actually just leave my headphones on my desk
This is beautiful, what clock is that?
JPS Abyss version when?
I use these metal coat hangers from ikea, you can close them up when not in use.

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That's awesome
Wow I love those! Two side by side could even make for a nice keyboard stand.. intriguing!
The HeadStand Avant is quite nice and has a very sturdy/premium feel. Definitely worth the price in my opinion.


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That's good. I've heard people were concerned that this stand would deform the headphone's padding if they hanged from it for too long. I'm wondering how well the notch in the 6XX's padding fits over the mount. In other words, is the mount narrow enough to keep the padding on either side of the notch from being unnecessarily compressed during prolonged use?
Curious about this stand as well.
Is the gap in the foam headband of the 6XXs wide enough that the stand doesn't leave impressions on the foam after a period of time? Thanks
Or, you can use a yoga block from Amazon for $5. I've been using these blocks for years with great success, and you can punch them when needed for stress relief.
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All the headphones I have currently have removable cables. I also have kids so I air on the side of caution. I have yet to find a pair of headphones even with a non-removable cable that won't fit in the Amazon branded yoga blocks.
They fit in the yoga blocks? I’ve never seen a yoga block in person. Looking at them on amazon, they look like solid blocks of some kind of dense foam?
Haven't used it myself, but this looks like a way better headphone stand off amazon for the same price: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019PI9QFC/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=IERBZBKGPKTAZ&colid=14QZZF5TAS7ZG has the same ascetics, plus if its gonna be on your desk, functions as a USB hub (not powered) as well as an extra headphone jack if that is needed.
Mass Drop needs to stop with these sub-par drops at ridiculous prices.
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I already got my stand yesterday for $24 OTD XD
I like it. Lightweight yet very stable. Thank you again for the Amazon link.
Never apologize if you have a valid point. I found your insight both useful and helpful.
You guy's should inntegrate a wireless charger on this!
Lol, why?
If i’m gonna have a semi-useless stand, might as well charge my phone while i’m at it. So I can have 1 on my desk that charges with my favorite set of cans
LOL.. please do tell us Massdrop just how YOU identified this as made of "aircraft grade aluminum" and also describe for us what the significance of that is. Waiting..
Just received my shipment of four stands - they are just great! Thank you very much Massdrop! Added the picture how they look like with phones. I hope it will help you to make your mind.
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Russian? Why does everyone keep talking about Russia? Russia, Russia, Russia!!! I keep telling everyone there was no collusion--I don't even own any Russian headphones!
No sweat:). It is just an example of very heavy phones, the heaviest I ever tried.
I would recommend wrapping a soft rag, washing cloth, or similar around the "hanger" to increase surface area and provide softer contact for the headphone's headband.
Do holders like this offer enough support for the headphone band?
people trolling need to shut the fuck up
must have farted when you wrote that? Eh?
Looks like a TP holder...really, $34.00? Ooh, gotta sign up for this awesome deal! Not!
Oh no, it can't be a TP holder. After all, it's made with "aircraft grade aluminum".. LOL
does it work with hd6xx?
Unlikely. Better download the owners manual and read it cover to cover.
Does this ship worldwide?
yes they do/, got mine on previous drop.
I love the product. Clean lines. Designed so that it holds the weight of my head phones properly. Great drop!
Thanks for the love!
Nice, sleek, simple. Goods great for minimalist style.
Thanks for the love!
Got it on the last drop and just noticed it has a JM engraved on it, which happens to be my initials, which makes it way cooler for me.
I just bought an Ikea mug holder which is capable of holding 2 full sized cans (ATH M50x and HD6xx) for like 6 bucks. It also looks like they are made of the very same material. FYI.
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Dude, awesome find! I'll be looking at some local stores for some 2x coffee mug holders!!! I was just about to build my own with some wood, or buy the one in this drop! This will save me TONS of time AND money! So thanks again for the great idea 😎👍😉
You are very welcome!
If this were around $20 shipped I'd jump on this drop and then mod the stand. The "point of contact" between the stand and the headphone is going to damage/compress/deform (over time) permanently the padding of the headband, especially on heavier headphones. (Caveat: when buying used headphones always ask how they were stored.). The more I look at it the more it looks like re-purposed parts, perhaps from a lamp manufacturer.
Of course it is. It's $5 of Chinese garbage. (When will we rid ourselves of the curse of China..??)
just saying............I would have at least made sure the pads on the X00's where one correctly before taking pictures for this ◕ ‿ - before someone questions me on this. The seam for the pads are aligned to the silver in on the ear cup attachment to provide a 90degree listening experience and will yield the best output unless you like beats, in that case. tilt the headband back like a cool dj and have them fall off your head