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I've been looking into headphone stands recently. There are many sellers offering what seems to be this exact headphone stand (minus the brand name) for $12 on eBay. Just search for "aluminum headphone stand."
Does seem overpriced. Tons of similar options for cheaper with 2-day shipping on Azon
A $15 item for $35
This stand is only half as good as mine!
Pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but what are the odds the average M-dropper is going to end up with only one pair of anything, let alone headphones? So why buy a support that can only handle one set?

By the way, the one on my desk cost $24, comes in three colors and ships in two days from you-know-who.

Just say'n.

This is also what I've got. Way cheaper and it sits 2 headphones instead of 1
Agreed--can't imagine why someone would pay more for a single-sided unit unless they were sure they'd never own at least one more set of headphones. Anyway--very good taste on your part ;- )
$39.99 - on Amazon and get them in two days.
$36.99 - after shipping on lowest drop price and wait a month... only to save an AMAZING $3!

This is a bad Drop...
Is it big enough for Sennheiser hd700? I want a headphone stand similar to this but I'm worried it won't be tall enough.
I bought this for about $5 a while ago but then that is in China where they are probably made and from an electronics store selling off their last few.
I'd rather pay $90 for 3 pieces of stained plywood.
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You own it, or just guessing?
Anyone know if the HD6XX / HD650 fit on these? I already have two of these stands and have never had issues with them being too short. With that being said the HD6XX look to be longer, so not sure how they will fit.
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My K7XX do hit the base just barely with the cable attached, but I always remove cables before hanging the headphone anyway.
ANY damn headphones will fit on it—like any damn headphones will fit on your head!
I got this from Amazon this year and this thing is small i mean really small. It looks cool, well built and stable but non-functional.
I agree, I find that not most headphones hang without touching my desk or the connectors do.
My friend got one from Massdrop last year. Actually, he said my banana holder is stronger...and much cheaper ($5)...
I got this stand about a year ago. The flat top has managed to make an impression on my HD598's headband. It puffs back out after a few hours of being off the stand, but it's something to be aware of if you're concerned about your pads (I will probably wrap a microfiber cloth around the hanger to prevent this in the future). Overall 7/10, looks great but seems more like an $20-25 item than $35 + shipping.
Worth at most $10 on a sunny day at the local thrift store.