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Just Mobile HeadStand

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Comfortably Aluminum

When you put your hard earned money into a pricey pair of headphones you hold precious, you don’t want to just toss them on your desk with the rest of your junk. You want to raise them higher, to keep your cans on a pedestal free from the dangers of coffee spills and ink smears. When you invest in a high end pair of headphones, complete the set-up with the Just Mobile HeadStand.

Note: At check-out, you'll have your choice of color between black, gold, and silver.

Just Mobile HeadStand


After finishing the quick home assembly (just two included screws, don’t worry), scope the perfect spot on your desk to set up and you’re good to go. The sturdy aluminum structure supports any headphones with a headband and looks great in either standard silver or anodized black. On the bottom of the base, a non-slip pad keeps the stand in place through minor turbulence, though its hard to imagine the unobtrusive unit ever getting in t

Just Mobile HeadStand

Final Touches

The most stunning feature of the HeadStand is also its most inconspicuous. Right above the base, there’s a gap in the aluminum meant for attached cords, the ideal way to wind up your cable and prevent tangles from ever taking shape. A marvel of minimalist design with utility to spare, the Just Mobile HeadStand is an essential feature of any audiophile’s home system. Headphones are an important part of your life, so give them a stand that sets them apart.

Just Mobile HeadStand
Just Mobile HeadStand

Color Options



  • Just Mobile
  • High-quality aluminium construction
  • Simple assembly
  • Integrated cable tidy
  • Compatible with all headphones with headband
  • 5.1 x 5.1 x 9.76 in (13 x 13 x 24.8 cm
  • 12 oz (342 g)


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