KB Flipper for KeyBar (Designed by Ferrum Forge)search

KB Flipper for KeyBar (Designed by Ferrum Forge)

KB Flipper for KeyBar (Designed by Ferrum Forge)

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KB Flipper and a Gent for comparison.
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You're welcome. Joel does good work.
Thank you! I appreciate the recommendation!
I would buy one and gladly pay more if it was made in the USA.
I'll ask again -- please show a photo of the KB Flipper with the Gent for size comparison.

This is just an comment on "flipper" actions, and not about other aspects of this knife. For my EDC, I prefer assisted opening by thumb studs or holes in the blade (like Spyderco offerings) over flippers. I have had a moderately large collection of knives for decades. I have tried various assisted opening knives for extended periods. My comments are:

* Flippers tend to be harder to hold (in my hand) to access the flipper tab.
* The natural position for holding a thumb stud knife tends to put my thumb on the stud.
* The most useful of EDC knives that are actually accessed frequently is the so-called "One Handed Knife", a knife that can be also closed one handed. It seems that flippers tend to be frame locked. A liner lock, as on most thumb stud knives, is easier to "unlock" one handed.
* True, both flippers and thumb studs are difficult to master when new, and thumb studs are usually more difficult. You should being breaking in the actions with breaking in and lubrication. Broken in, thumb studs are usually easier to use.

Even so, there is a case for the flippers. I have at least 4 myself. They are left in particular locations where they are available when my thumb stud may not be available...say, in the car where my wife may need a knife. My flippers are good, serviceable knives. They are cheap, small and light.
I think it's a matter of taste as I can make all the same points the other way around.
Is this still on Track to ship on time?
Can we use only one keybar scale to reduce thickness? Also, will this cause issues with Canadian customs?
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No you need both pieces of keybar.
Well suxx
So does this work with a Keysmart?
FerrumForgeKnifeWorks Same curiosity, I have the pro with "tile" and would love to add a flipper to consolidate.
Please show photos of just the knife with the Gent.
Will the set of the knife and keybar hang from a carabiner with a keyring?
Just got mine today. The knife is beautiful and the flipping action is satisfying. I'm afraid it might be a bit too thick but we'll see as I use it for the next few days. I think it would be fine in a front pants pocket if you only had a couple of keys (which I do), but I also have a key fob and AAA flashlight attached. Doesn't quite sit at the bottom of my pocket as comfortably as I would have liked. But I'll give it a shot. Worst case I'll buy a separate KeyBar just for this+ accessories, and make a DIY utility knife.
will a keychain fit on this too?
You guys reckon this'll pass Canadian Customs?
Probably, it doesn't look very weaponized so it likely won't trigger any individual customs dicks, and WE knives typically have a pretty strong detent so it's unlikely to fail any reasonable gravity knife test.
How many keys would fit with the knife in the keybar? It doesnt look like it would fit much which kills it for me
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I clip it to either my belt, or tuck it into my EDC bag, or clip it to my SCOTTeVEST. I don't like to shove it into a pants pocket as it is a bit large. If I shove my KeyBar into a front pants pocket I look as if I am trying to overcompensate for the ladies.
Ok, so my KeyBar is not quite as big as the largest Swiss Army Knife. You are correct that I carry a lot of keys. I'm usually first in the office, so I have work keys plus all of my home keys, cars, and various locks (shed, garage, patio, rear sliding door, home front door, home rear door, etc.). I am setting up another KeyBar of the keys for the RV. And another KeyBar of all of the keys that I hold for friends, such as spare car, house, garage, etc. This flipper knife will go into my largest KeyBar which is my EDC. Although I EDC a pocket knife, my EDC SCOTTeVEST has a small pocket knife in it, another knife is always handy. Never know when you might dull one knife or snap the blade in two (both have happened to me just opening boxes at work), so another handy sharp knife is a good thing.