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Got mine in. I like 'em. Thickness is just about doubled when installed in a Keybar with no washers or keys.

Mine arrived! Of course being new to keybars I found out that more than one of my keys won't fit onto the keybar...oh well.

In the meantime I've been playing with the knife and have had some issues getting the blade to fully deploy with the flipper. Will it just take break-in time or should I make some sort of adjustment to it?
It will break in. Try to put pressure against the flipper tab inwards against the knife and the use a slight lightswitch type movement down.
NalPak or creator. Can you tell me if the part where the keys attach to. Can that oart be taken off and just turn this into liner lock knife. I love the look, but im not into the key part of it. Ferrum Forge just has some great ideas and designs. Im a big fan of there work. But again i dont need a key holder. But i want this as a liner lock knife. Theres only 15 hours or so left. I hope i can get an answer before time runs out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Dwayne
By default, it does not come with a Keybar, but can be purchased as an addition. The price is for just the knife itself, attached to nothing.
This comes as a framelock knife that can if desired be inserted into a KeyBar. We’ve found that many are using this as a standalone knife Cheers. -Andy
Is it just me or keybars become more like a build your own multitool tahnk key holder?
When you think about it, it is roughly the size of an old-fashioned swiss army knife. With an open design, you can add just about anything to it.
I really hope these ones will be offered every so often since they aren't shipped to me elsewhere :(
I have way more knives than keys...ūü§Ē Dear awesome Ferrum Forge folks: I would like a KeyBar-like device to carry and neatly organize my knives, while my keys rattle around in my pocket. I am willing to enlarge and reinforce my pockets (and, heck, the pants seem to be getting bigger these days anyways...*sigh*).
Nice idea. I really appreciate the execution and price, as well! Something to get for us knife guys who are so hard to buy for! Cheers! Thanks FF for stepping outside the box on this one.
I agree, it is actually quite an ingineering chalenge with the pivot, and it is done very nicely as far as I see it.
This thing looks like a genius piece of design.

I have two questions: is it hard to access the frame lock when the knife is installed in a keybar?

Next, has anyone who owns one accidentally caught their finger on the knife point when the blade is in the closed position? I know this sounds like a dumb question but I wanted to ask anyway.
Good questions. The frame lock is very easily accessible in the KeyBar with or without keys. There are some videos on Elliot's Instagram (@ferrumforgekw) page demonstrating this. The knife tip is recessed so that there is no possible way your finger can catch on it. Cheers.
This makes me wish that I would carry more keys so I could justify buying a keybar and this KB flipper LOL!
Unfortunately, I only carry my car key and my home key :(
I have the same problem. I've wanted a keybar for awhile but both my car key and home key are key fobs lol. My only key is my mailbox key which is already small. BUT...if I buy this knife it just might justify buying the keybar!
I love the knife it only adds a couple oz to the total weight plus as lpong as you have your keys you always have a knife. It flips very smoothly and it is very easy to unlock and put away with one hand..there have been other knife makers that have made blades for the keybar but never to this extent, and definitely not at this price point...the kb flipper is top notch very well thought out design.
" long as you have your keys you always have a knife."

This is actually part of my concern considering how often I go through a metal detector. I always forget that I'm carrying a knife. I accidentally went to the airport once and ended up having to ship my knife keychain to myself for $20 lol
Lol...yeah that's the only downside..not airport friendly...but I don't fly often so I can take it off before I fly..but that is definitely a hassle
I love the size of the blade and wish they would make a <3" flipper knife for key chains. I only have one key, so the whole gadget is kind of useless to me.