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Does this numpad support alt functionality?
Anyone know a pad like this that can be programmable? I want to change the top row to be dedicated arrows because numlock is difficultz
Might be better to buy from somewhere with a warranty? Massdrop won't do anything after 30 days
Is it programmable?
I'll do a quick review of it for those wondering.
I bought this in the last drop back in January and I've been using it for a little while now. I primarily type and use my numpad frequently for my job. I ordered Cherry Blacks because I wanted something more stout than my reds in my main board.
Quality: The casing seems of relatively cheap plastic. The clear plastic isn't necessarily the nicest material you could have used, and the top half of the casing isn't much better. It does feel of cheap, brittle plastic. However the amount of tilt you can get on this thing is absolutely awesome. The LED's on the back are the only ones that are [adjustable] RGB. The LED's under the caps are set colors in a rainbow vertically, and color can't be adjusted, but their functions are plentiful and neat! The stabilizers are what I have a problem with. Sandy as hell, and REALLY low quality-feeling. I'm sure if I lubed them it would get a little better, but I shouldn't have to lube a $35 numpad. The switch mounting in the plate and the aluminum switch plate is pretty damn nice all of this being said. The buttons on the top are pretty useless for anything other than setting the color functions of the LED's on the device itself. ESC works though. So that's kinda neat I guess?
Build Quality: 6/10 Could have used MUCH better case plastic. Solidarity: 8/10 Feels quite solid when hammering away at it, and it doesn't move. Feel: 6/10 This would be higher if the stabilizers weren't so damn trash. Practicality: Typing: 8/10 Gaming: 6/10 Great for typing since I don't need those F1/2/3 keys, and it stands up super tall, which I love for ergonomics But for gaming? It's more than likely going to feel awkward with the extra keys and I'd probably grab something that sat a little lower.

I bought this because I needed a numpad for my 88 key board at work, and this happened to be on Massdrop. I looked past the quality concerns of the case because it's not like I'm travelling with this thing. Overall? I'm pretty damn happy with it and I like it a lot minus the stabilizers. I would totally buy another for no more than $25.
was going to jump for this, but then saw all the poor reviews. how bad is the build of this thing, exactly? or is it just a vocal minority?
Other than the + key jamming which I fixed by force, my numpad works fine. For the price, I would expect the QC to be pretty poor on these though.
What color cable did you guys receive?
Here are the functions I figured out:


  • F2+F1 - Cycles through top light modes
  • F2+F3 - Cycles through bottom LED colors / modes
  • F2 + 8 - Increases Rate
  • F2 + 2 - Decreases Rate
  • F2 + "+" - Increases Intensity
  • F2 + "-" - Decreases Intensity
  • F1 (by itself) - Acts as the F5 key
  • F2 (by itself) - Does nothing, acts as a Fn key
  • F3 (by itself) - Acts as a backspace key
Have to say, this product is extremely disappointing. The 0, enter, and + keys rattle hard. The LED's are super dim. And to top it all off, the keys on the top row are not re-programmable and don't even function as the button on their legend. The F1 key is F5, F2 literally does nothing outside of functions for lighting with F1+F3, and F3 is BACKSPACE, yeah, backspace. At least the escape button works as it should. Main redeeming factor of this is that it is cheap, but I would advise against purchasing this one.
I have to second the rattle being disappointing. I actually find the LEDs to be too bright for my taste; I can see on a couple keys where they shine through the key caps slightly :/
Num lock switch not illuminating on a mac... Anyone know if this is normal behavior?
So what kind of length are we looking at on the included cable?
6ft it looks like
"Outputs numpad codes for Windows / numrow for Mac"
So close, yet so far...
Am i the only one getting it shipped early? Shipped December 18th, rather than the advertised Jan 23th.
Does this have internal memory for macros?
Close. If only there were black case and no LED options.
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Not thinking to grab this after reading the discussions but now thinking to learn to do a clean vinyl wrap application... any tips for a starter other than grabbing practice fodder?
I have a heat gun, which proved handy going over or into corners... it's overkill, a hair dryer will do, but heat guns are useful and cheap. warm is good, melting is bad. an exacto knife with a fresh blade. a dedicated air bubble removal tool... old student id or library card, perhaps. or just spring for one on amazon or whereever you get the wrap. not sure if 3m adhesion promoter is superior, but isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol worked great for prepping stuff for me. watch a lot of youtube videos. break down whatever you're wrapping as much as you can while still being able to reassemble.
good luck, and have fun!
My function keys (F1-3 as shown in the photos) aren't actually function keys. Are there device-specific drivers for this? F1 produces F5, F2 produces nothing at all, and F3 produces backspace according to keyboardteseter.com. Anyone else having this issue? Inputs stay the same regardless of numpad toggle status, and are reproduceable outside of the tester (F3 is usable as backspace)
The real issue here is that the legends are wrong and the functionality of the keypad is not documented at all. One one of the earlier drops for this keypad explained all of this in detail.
can this be programmed as arrow keys and for Pgup and Pgdn on mac?
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I can confirm that it isn't programmable, the chosen color and/or LED modes don't even persist after it is unplugged.
Wow, no on-board memory for the lighting at the very least? Yikes. Staying away from this one.
I would want this in a black bezel. Whelp, already got the ducky pocket anyway.
This would almost be an option to pair with the K-type, but it wouldn't match perfectly and I would be sorta concerned about there being a noticeable gap in build quality. At least it isn't too expensive, and you could get a good set of keycaps to sorta dress it up.
Is the housing plastic?
If they haven't changed anything from earlier drop it's plastic.
It's plastic and kinda yellow
Keycaps look nice and thick, even if they are just ABS
is this programmable? and is it possible to rebind the top keys to the arrow keys?
It's not programmable.
Wow! I didn't know KeyCool was still in business!
Can MD comment on whether the QC concerns from the last drop have been addressed for this one?
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Mine was busted, returned for a refund.
well this one went up again and seems they havent said anything about the issues. :( and it keeps coming back.
Have one that I bought last year and love. Using MX Brown on it. Now 2nd ordered so I can use it one work as well.
Got it, love it, sticker bombing it now so it matches my Tada68.
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Super nice! Which keycap set is this?
Did we just get a shipping notification by accident, I thought the next update wasn't going to come up until the middle of the month?
Purchased this numpad on the last drop with Cherry MX blues. The switches were super inconsistent and some didn't even click. I suggest anyone contemplating on getting this to pass and wait on another brand i.e. Magic force or Ducky
My Jelly Comb Numpad just died, great timing :D