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Received my CQC-6K in the mail yesterday. Let me start out by saying this is a great knife for the price and I'm very happy with my purchase. That being said there are a few things I noticed with the piece I received, most of them are no surprise given this price point.

Knife Design - Very simple, it just works. The wave feature is a really cool feature (I've got a few Spyderco knives that have it as well). The knife feels good in the hand and has a nice thumb ramp coming off the wave with aggressive jimping that makes for a solid grip. You can't really choke up on this knife, but that is neither here nor there. Just an observation. The pocket clip is pretty standard. It is not a deep carry clip but it doesn't create any unusual hot spots while gripping the knife either.

Blade Centering/Action - Blade centering on my knife favors the show side slightly. I tried adjusting it but once the blade was perfectly centered the knife became extremely difficult to open. The action is a little stiff either way, I tried speeding up the break in process by leaving it open over night but the detent is still a little too stiff for my taste. While its possible to open with a middle finger flick or a thumb disk flick it requires a little more effort than it should. I added some blue lube which helped marginally, hoping this just breaks in with time. The wave opening feature (which will be primarily how I deploy the knife anyways) opens reliably every time I draw the knife from my pocket. No complaints there.

Fit/Finish - Its a sub $30 knife so you can't expect too much in this department. That being said, it feels heavy and beefy. This may be a negative to some who prefer EDC items to be light but on the other hand it makes the knife feel very solid. I don't know about you but I buy cheaper knives like this with the intention of being harder on them than I would on one of my more expensive knives (sort of backwards I know). That being said, the weight doesn't bother me if it means the knife will stand up to abuse a little longer. The blade lock up is rock solid. It doesn't budge a bit in any direction. Hopefully it stays that way after some hard use but only time will tell. Kershaw did a great job of making this feel like a more expensive knife than it is.

Blade Steel - Who cares. It came surprisingly sharp out of the box and it will be easy to sharpen/maintain. I don't pay much attention to steel on anything less than $70 because they are all relatively crappy.

Again I'm very happy with my purchase overall and these were just some nitpicks. If I were spending $80-150 on this knife I'd be upset about a few of these things but its hard to criticize a knife by these standards in the $25-50 price range.
I would also like to mention that for the drop I recently took part in I did receive the knife in a nice box, not a blister pack. It came with some literature and 3 extra screws for the pocket clip.
ernie is the coolest dude in the world been waiting for some emerson knives on here lets gooooooooooooo
I have owned the CQC 7k (only difference is the blade style) for 3 months now. It deploys well, the pocket clip has held up well, it feels great in the hand, and the blade is sturdy. I have had to resharpen it as the steel isn't the hardest, but it's a solid knife, especially for the price.
I already own this knife...It's a darn good knife. It's a little heavy and it needs a sharpening once and a while but the wave feature is really cool and you get a much bigger piece of steel than you would expect on a knife of this price. I paid around $30 for the thing and I'm definitely happy with my purchase.
Anyone know what kind of washers? I assume Teflon or Nylon.

Other than that another fabulously underwhelming showing from Kershaw. I would gladly pay an extra $10 or $15 if they'd just use some quality steel.
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Yeah, if it's thick and white, it's probably nylon.
@MaxwellDemonic They are Nylon washers.

Compliments of dkb45: Outer diameter 10.07mm (0.396in), inner diameter 4.05mm (0.159in), thickness 0.60mm (0.023in)
Got this knife in the mail two weeks early. Nice and sharp out of the box (no blister pack), blade is nicely centered and opens smoothly. Great knife for the money. Very stout. Thanks, Massdrop.
I bought this knife at a retail establishment and like others here I found the blade to go off center easily due to cheap screws made of exceedingly soft metal. The pocket grab feature is phenomenal but not enough to keep me from going back to my rat II from ontario knives or the HK folder I got more recently.
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Thats good to hear as confusing as it is. I still think the design is magnificent but my best guess is that yours was manufactured in a different lot, possibly in the states instead of Taiwan or China (I forget which is printed on the blade). Honestly if you have used it for two years and neither the clip, thumbstud, or blade hinge itself has gone loose I would put my money on it being a higher quality material run. Honestly im a little envious, I can operate any of the knives I own one handed but this Kershaw had the best design I've seen yet. I would still be using it if mine didn't have so many issues.
I own almost all models in the Kershaw/Emerson line and I can confirm that QC is all over the place. Several examples I have operate great, have good centering, and reasonably sturdy hardware, and others don't. A few can only get the blade centered when the pivot screw is torqued to an unacceptable degree, making the pivot way too tight. They are all made in China, but I imagine some may be produced in different plants, or the QC just sucks.

If you're interested, I would recommend a 6054 (CQC-4k) in whatever color suits your fancy. I have several and none of them have any issues.

I got in on the last drop, not a bad cheap knife, key word being cheap. Wave works as intended and is fairly useful but the blade is WAY off center and the pivot screw is constantly coming loose. Blade hits the edge of the frame every time I close it.
There is a tanto variant of this knife on amazon. Tanto looks so more bad ass but this style of blade is better for slicing like opening boxes. Tough call for me..
I have a few versions of the Kershaw/Emerson, this one included, and they're pretty much my only EDC anymore. The functionality of the Wave hook thingy is the best invention for pocket knives since the pocket clip. Easy one-handed open/close. Phenomenal value. The steel may not be the best quality ever, but keep your blade clean and sharp and it's perfectly workable.
i actually have this knife sitting in front of me, it's a pretty good little knife for the money, i paid around $28-30 for mine on amazon, the neat thing about this knife is the clip can be reversed and the little hook that sticks out from the thumb rise is made to catch on the edge of you pants pocket and opens the knife as you pull it out. it really only works on heavy pants such as jean or canvas work pant material, lighter clothing like shorts and summer wear will just get twisted up. not the end of the world, you just lose the neat little feature of the knife opening as you pull it out, really handy one handed operation really, it's been pretty useful when I've needed the knife quickly and had to hold a line or something else with my other hand.

for $20 i can recommend it, heck even at $55 it's not a terrible knife, i'm more than happy enough with my $30 purchase.
Could someone tell me what was the lowest price of the drop?
Just got mine and its nice enough. It did come in a small cardboard box that was pretty squished up after being shipped in a bubble wrap envelope. No big deal to me on this order, but if I was ordering it as a gift I would have been a bit disappointed with the damaged packaging.
Why bother reminding me about this drop when you don't ship to the UK?
The really funny part is that these have better F&F by miles than any of the actual Emersons i bought in the early to mid 2000s.