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Great choice for entry-level IEMs. Hard to beat for this for the price range. I don't normally like IEM, but I bought these for airline flights. Sounds great, and I fall asleep every time because of the noise isolation. I thought the cable would be cheap, but it's the best part - and you can replace it if you don't like it. Silicon earpads are average stiff chi-fi stuff, but you can replace them with your favorites. I prefer foam. Build quality looks cheap, but it sounds great, particularly if you're hearing something with a good 3d stereo mix - I once woke up because I thought people were really talking to me. I don't use these daily, maybe once a month at the most. I would spend more money if I wanted a daily driver.
any updates on the shipping date?
do you guys know if there is a external cable for controlling the volume and play pause buttons.

Yes, you can find plenty for the SE215 and those work for these too as far as I know (same connector).
I got these from Amazon about 6 month ago and use them daily at work. Have to say I'm REALLY happy with them. Non of the stock buds fit me properly, so I used a set from my Atomic Floyd Super Darts, and they now fit perfectly.

I listen to a lot of electro soul and dnb, so V shaped is my preference, and I have to say I'm massively impressed with the acoustics on these, especially for about £20 that I paid.

My only complaint is that very occasionally I do get a bit of cutout, but just have to wiggle the cable then I'm good to go again. TO be fair at £20 you can only really expect a cheap cable, so Im sure a decent cable swap would sort the problem out in no time, I've just not bothered to change them.

Considering I usually spend £100-200 on in ears, I'm blow away by these, and for the sort of music I listen to, I plan on picking up a couple of more sets as cheap, chuck in your bag portables.

It sounds like there have been a lot of issues from here, but none at all on the reviews I've read on Amazon.
Price in € please thank you
Been using for 4 months. Now, the cable coming out of the top of one side of the earbud has come apart, making the bendable part just painfully stick into the back of my ear. The cable has frayed around the audio jack, and now it needs to be held at a very specific angle to even work.
Basically, they're extremely cheap and won't handle long-term use. But they're also $20.
Okay, the headphones straight-up broke a couple months ago. So expect to get only about 5 months worth of real use out of these headphones. I would strongly recommend not buying this product.
I'm kinda interested, but how are these better than the IEMs from ActionPie?


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I don't have any experience with the Kineras, however I have earbuds similar to the Action Pies. Mine were TTpod T1 (probably same OEM just under a different brand name). The TTpods were strange. They sounded really good for the price, dual drivers are a steal at the price. The thing that I could not stand is the ergonomics though. I've been spoiled by my Shure SE215 and its ergonomics. The TTpods were such a strange shape and the ear nozzle was really short that even after replacing the ear tips with foam Comply ones they still weren't comfortable. I just keep them now as backups to my Shures. So in short the Action Pies will probably sound good but at the compromise of ergonomics. I've heard these Kineras don't have the best build quality. If you're looking for good earbuds in this price I recommend MEE Audio M6 or look at the other recommendations in this page. Hope this helps and you find a good pair of buds!
Couldn't agree more (regarding the TTPOD set, tho I have the T1-E specifically). They sound excellent, provided you get a good fit/seal, and are a great value having gorgeous and detailed sound via their dual-drivers. That is if you can get past the generally-speaking poor ergonomic design. I jumped on the hype-train with these a few years ago despite so many of the reviews saying they were so extremely uncomfortable etc. Anyway, great quality sound but terribly uncomfortable..wonder if these sound similarly good with the better (for me) ergonomics afforded them by the more rounded and smaller shell design overall.
I'm really happy with these, especially for the price. They sound really good, especially the bass. My only issue is that I had a problem getting a really tight seal. I am going to order some double flange tips and try them out. Overall, great value!
They arrived today. Looks better than on the photoes. Sounds clear, have very cuddly base and good enough highs for their price. Pulled back mids.
I would recommend them for bass lovers.
The stock tips always made my ears hurt after a short period of time for some reason. I had some monster hybrid foam tips (comparable to sony hybrid foam tips) laying around and replaced the stock ones with those and there was an immediate improvement in comfortability as well as the sound, at least to me.
Before you offered these again it seems like someone should have addressed all the complaints about missing drivers.
Comfortable and secure, but the sound is only mediocre. "Muddy" sounding is how I'd describe them. I wear them when working on the car or lawn since I wouldn't be heartbroken if I broke them.
These IEMs are decent at best. The bass is overwhelming, and everything lacks enough detail. The Tennmak Pro is far superior.
my earbud broke within 5hrs of use wtf
This is magic , no drivers and there's sound. I guess if
they install drivers then sound will improve .;)