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I tried this at a local store in Singapore. This is a very neutral iem, it's a still for its pricing. However this is definitely not suitable for basehead.
May i know where is this local store u have been to? Lendmeurears doest have it either...
’Gimme your seed......’
EDIT: Full review is up.


Initial Impressions:

Hey guys, I'm the guy who wrote the quoted impressions on HeadPie. The Seed model I had recieved wasn't the final tuning version. And I have not recieved a new one yet so I can't confirm what the final sound tuning will be like. The HeadPie post has since been updated to reflect that there was a tuning change after my first impressions.
how does this compare with the 60 bucks nuforce edc?
I just received my Seed preorder yesterday, and I like my Nuforce much better. First, I do not like the Seed's glossy texture, it kind of feels "greasy" when putting it in, and it looks awkward in the ear. The NuForce at least looks better and IMO fits better. I also like the base on the Nuforce more, the Seed is kind of flat. But everyone will have their own opinion, you may like them better.
Can anyone comment on the bore size for these so I can look at some Comply tips? Size 500?
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Alright they're size 200, I googled it. *facepalm*
Not sure saving a few dollars is worth waiting until the end of April to ship?
Not really, Massdrop have been dropping the ball with their pricing lately.
According to what I just read on Amazon, delivery is expected May 11 - June 4, and the price is $49.00.
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