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Kinesis Freestyle Edge Split Mechanical Keyboard

Kinesis Freestyle Edge Split Mechanical Keyboard

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There is a version of this available on another site that has the new Cherry MX Silver keys. I would love for this drop to come back around and offer that option.
This keyboard is amazing. I've tried so many different layouts and the Kinesis Edge is by far my favorite. I managed to upgrade the keycaps with an extensive set of ABS keycaps. Some of the keys are a little too small but I still strongly prefer my textured, upgraded keycaps.

I just wish the switches could be swapped. This keyboard would be perfect if I could install my novelkeys BOX royals on the letter keys and Imput Club Hakos for the function keys (ctrl, alt, etc). Detachable cables would also be a big plus. I'm not sure what the case is made of, but metal or glass fiber reinforced plastic would be awesome.

I just took a razor blade to my Kinesis and the plastic has no glass fiber.
From whom are you sourcing your custom keycaps? What models/parts did you find that are textured, and backlit?
Sorry to keep bothering you, but I'm very interested in better keycaps. Assuming the included keys are of the same quality as the Freestyle Pro, I'm going to hate them.
Anyone know what profile (R1-R4) the left side Macro 1-8, Fn and Settings keys are? How about the F-key row? Are they R4? What about the Escape key? Caps Lock? Is the modifier row R1?

I want to order custom keys for Mac and other custom labels (F-13-15, Hyper, Meh, Eject, more); I can't find any details on the Kinesis site.
Sorry for the slow reply. All keys on the Edge are Home Row/Row C profile.
how is this compared to the Kinesis Advantage 2? or is it comparing apples and oranges?
Too late for this drop but will leave this comment for future reference. It's tough to beat the Advantage2 for pure typing comfort because of its concavity and thumb keys. Those are game-changer features and once you've gotten up to speed (1-3 weeks) you won't want want to ever use a flat board again. Having said that, not everyone wants to learn a new keyboard so the Edge gives you the ability to split, splay, and tent to achieve the optimal ergonomic position for typing, all with a familiar layout. Both have Cherry MX keys and the same SmartSet Programming Engine (with subtle variations). Can't go wrong with either!
Has anyone used both this and the Ergodox? How do they compare?
I prefer the Kinesis
Just occurred to me to ask, given how many keyboard experts are here, if I’m in love with Alps White SKFS switches for 23 years, which Cherry would you suggest?
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The blues are going to take a little bit more force than browns and a little bit more travel distance. So if you don't mind the clicking, that might be the better choice for you since you want to avoid accidental keystrokes.

The good thing about the o-rings is that they aren't that expensive. So if you don't like them you can just remove them (check ebay and I have tried o-rings in the past. I tried both a softer weight and a harder one. The softer ones make things feel mushy to me, so I immediately removed them. If you have sensitive hands they might help lessen the blow if you are a hard typist. I did like the harder o-rings on my keyboard with linear switches. I have never tried them on one of my keyboards with a tactile switch. There's so much involved with keyboards that depend on personal preference that it can be really difficult to dig through and choose one. In terms of this drop for you I would go with blues based on your descriptions (as long as you don't mind them being loud!).

If you wanted to experiment even more (and for a lot more money and possible headache with learning a new keyboard layout) you could even look at something like the and use an even heavier switch with more tactility. They even support the ability for you to remove the switch and swap them with a different one. You're going to pay a lot more though and the keyboard layout it different. Personally I'm actually saving up for one of those after feeling the awesomeness of split keyboards with this one.

Just giving you some options completely based on my opinions... hopefully I'm not making things worse, lol. I do highly recommend this Kinesis Edge. It's awesome!
I've looked at the Dox a few times, and it is definitely intriguing; the price is definitely up there, too, but not really a concern since it's specifically to extend what is left of my health. I just am not certain about the key layout; it's gotten some pretty controversial reviews. And even though it's programmable, I'm somewhat nervous; learning anything new at my age with very real cognitive degeneration already occuring is my biggest concern. I could just spend $175-$225 for another AA, but that kinda irks me to pay that much for a used ADB board with no warranty (new, I'd jump on it). I should've snagged one or two a couple years ago when they were available nearly every day for ~$50, but I've been able to just fully disassemble any key switch and clean it over the years -- until now; the springs have just become too weak on most of the vowels and common consonants; Shift and Return are also very weak. Twenty three years is pretty good for a board that sees 120-130WPM day in and day out, I'd say. Major kudos to both Apple and Alps.

All I know for sure is I absolutely need a split board. Tenting and tilt is a bonus (I've previously hacked an AA to do just that; it was pretty good, but not critical).

I really appreciate your feedback and advice; I'm still waffling 'twixt Blue and Brown, but I've got two days to make the call. Worse case, I hate it and lose some money on eBay learning what I should've researched in advance by ordering test switches or easily returnable boards. I wish I'd seen this drop even a week earlier. Doh.


So, if I read this thread carefully, this Freestyle Edge is essentially identical to the Freestyle Pro, except that it has LEDs, a set of backlit gaming keycaps, included palm rests, and your choice of Cherry switches if you don't like the Brown; in addition, it does not include Mac keycaps (presumeably because they've not yet made backlit versions).

Thus, if I'm a Mac owner, this keyboard, at this price, especially if I snag accessories, is a serious bargain; with the caveat I will have to seek out custom Mac backlit keycaps, and I might want to swap out more than just the Windows keys; and I might not like the high-profile, cheaper ABS feel of these key caps; correct?

(My Apple Adjustable ADB (split/ergo) from 1995 is finally giving up the ghost; I'm loathe to learn a new key pattern at my advanced age, but even a used board in good condition is probably silly at this point. From limited testing, the Cherry Brown has a comparable stroke and feel to that era of Apple keys.)
Braided cables on the Edge would be the only other difference.
Hi guys,

Here is a quick run-down of the accessories because there is always some confusion.

Palm Supports = Hard Plastic that clips into the bottom of the keyboard (detachable). These are included with every Freestyle Edge in the box.
Palm Pads = Soft cushioned foam pads that stick (removably) to the clip-in Palm Supports. These are extra. Designed to last for about 6 months, replace when they get scuzzy:).
Lift Kit = 5/10/15 degree Tenting accessory that is only compatible when Palm Supports are ATTACHED.
V3 Pro Kit = 5/10/15 degree Tenting accessory that is only compatible when Palm Supports are DETACHED.
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I think they still sell palm supports separately for the other model. So you can buy just palm supports if you don’t want to tent, tenting support for use without palm supports, or a kit for tenting with palm supports. 🤷‍♂️I can see why they just included the supports with the edge, simplifies the conversation a lot.
Thats a very good question! The" VIP3 Pro" kit is a bundle designed specifically for the Freestyle Pro (non-backlit version of the Edge that does not come with the Palm Supports).

VIP3 Pro:
1) Palm Supports
2) Lift Kit (aka v-"lifters")
3) Palm Pads

Edge purchasers would not the VIP3 because you'd have two sets of Palm Supports.
Are extra palm pads compatible with Lift kit or it's either one or another?
You have the v3 pro or the tent kit. The tent kit includes the rests. I am pretty sure the v3 pro won't work with the palm rests looking at their direct site for it.
The palm pads adhere to the PALM SUPPORTS. The Lift kit ONLY works with the PALM SUPPORTS. The V3 Pro Kit ONLY works WITHOUT the palm support.