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Appreciate some guidance on hopefully basic issues, tia. I’m not a programmer or gamer, it’s just for writing regular text. Is it easy to remap keys to eg workman layout. And I’m about to get an Apple mini (yep I know) so wonder if anyone has had any compatibility issues, and do Mac caps come with the board. I was kind of set on ergodox, I see some comments here but interested if anyone else has experience with both boards. Cheers :)
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Have had no compatibility issues with a 2015MBP. Modifier keys have all been moved around, I don't look at the symbols much.

You can remap to any keyboard layout you want trivially. For me however, remapping to Colemak on the keyboard itself wasn't enough as the default US layout on my Mac did not have the accent characters I want (Norwegian) — and the board only lets you remap whole keys, you cannot individually remap the accent keys (ROpt + key, or AltGr + key). I am fine with that. It's remapping of the modifier keys that is important to me.
Oh thank you! That’s very helpful.
Love this keyboard. But moving form Freestyle2, the delete key is too small and easy to miss.
Can anybody clarify if the space bars are two distinct keys? I see LSPC and RSPC as tokens in the manual, but another page in the manual only lists SPC as a token.

I sure hope the former is correct. Having the left spacebar as backspace has been a game changer for me.
Yes, they are different keys. And you can remap them to different keys separately.
I managed to score the Cherry MX Brown version during the Kickstarter and I've been very pleased with my purchase. I find a 10° tent from the lift kit substantially more comfortable than my old flat board, especially for WASD games. The only thing I would've preferred is detachable cables, so I could customize the length of the link cable and replace either if they ever fail.
Does the app need to be running for the keyboard macros to work, or only when you program them? I'd like to use the keyboard at work, however my work PC will not allow me to run outside programs. Can I program it at home and then attach at work and still have it function?
The program does not need to be running. If you need to make changes at work, the config files are simple text files that can be changed by any editor.
does the keyboard support the iso keyboard layout (when i use other keycaps)? will you release other versions with differnt keyboard layout (for example a german keyboard verison)?
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Most of the keys are iso layout key caps, but the Esc, modifier keys, left shift, space bars are different.
The left side ctrl, win, alt and right alt are compatible with Corsair keycaps. But the Esc(2x), right ctrl(1.75x), right shift(1.75x), both space bars(3.5x) are not compatible with any other keyboards.
However, the 3x space bar from Filco Minila can be mounted but a little shorter.
Thank you man. Very usefull infos :)
Kinesis will the Advantage 2 ever be available on Massdrop again?
Perhaps later this year.
Is there a reason, other than price, that I would get the V3 Pro Lift Kit rather than the Lift Kit with Palm supports?
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Sorry we missed this before the drop ended, hopefully you got it figured out. For future reference, Palm "Supports" = Hard Plastic and are included but detachable. Palm "Pads" = cushioned foam that adhere to the Supports for an extra layer of comfort. The Pads are designed to be replaced every 6-12 months when they get scuzzy but are totally optional.
Thanks for getting back! I was able to figure out the difference after checking your website, just didn't immediately disambiguate the pads/supports distinction on the massdrop page. I joined the drop almost as soon as I did glom onto it, though!
I have the Advantage and its pretty dope.
Wow great
Having used this for 2 months now, I am very pleased with the design and construction, with comfortable yet solid typing , and I can set macro as I like it to be, even for KVM switching without problem . I would, however, complain about the sharp edges of casing which really can cut skin and I have to smoothed them a bit with sand papers. The link cable is also a bit too long for me...hope it was retractable or replaceable with shorter one.