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Kiwi 3 Wireless OBD2 Reader

Kiwi 3 Wireless OBD2 Reader

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This is my first Mass drop purchase, and it looks like I was duped. How can this be a top rated product when all the reviews I just read are negative. I should have bought a watch?
Amazon for $15 and you can get a good one
The reader is straight garbage. It NEVER worked on one car and sporadically worked on my other one.
Wow - I thought mass drop added some value but evidently not. Have fun storming the castle.
Not a deal, same as normal price on Amazon
I don't think the drop worth it. It's 89 buck on amazon Prime 2 day shipping. And hasle free return if you are not happy with it. Im just saying.
Could I use this with Toyota Techstream Software?
I did try few different obd2 scanner and what i recommend is if you want something advanced where you can see more than engine code than you will need to buy obd2 scanner that can decode your car's componets/modules.

Old cars probably dont need fancy scanner. But 2007 and above will take advantage.

Mercedes benz SLK

I am Using OBD Link LX for monitor purpose - i can leave it plugged in the car and sync with my andorid navigation and monitor enigne vital signs. It has auto shut off function so it wont drain your battery. And Cheaper too

Icarsoft obd2 scanner - this read pretty much every code that your car can throw at you. Not just CEL. If you are DIY guy, must have. There are different models for different manufacturer since not all manufacturer is using same obd2 protocol.

I havent tried kiwi 3 midel but i dont think its any different than ELM chip that almost every wireless obd2 scanner use. My suggestion is try cheaper ones first. If you like it, move on to advanced one.
I have one of these I bought direct from them a while ago and I've been pretty disappointed with it. Kinda wish I'd tried a cheaper generic one first.

It's really been hit-or-miss for me. Connectivity to the phone hasn't been too much of a hassle, but there's no rhyme or reason to connectivity in any given car.

1999 miata - works perfectly every time
2003 ford ranger - no connection
2009 subaru Forrester - works fine most odd numbered days ( ie. Randomly works sometimes)
2010ish dodge challenger - no connection
I picked up a BlueDriver for a bit less than this thing is with the discount on Amazon. Tried it out in multiple vehicles and works like a charm every time.
So far I'm pretty disappointed with this product. It only connects with my phone maybe half the time. Does anyone else have problems syncing with Samsung phones
Not Samsung but all google phones going back 3 years.  I bought this when it was introduced and have only connected twice...after being told to use someone else's app instead of theirs.

Find something, anything, else.
The only important part is the software you connect it to, this part, $10, $90, or $1000 makes no difference, go get one express shipped for 30 off amazon
Kiwi 3 vs BlueDriver? I can't make up my mind. Also there isn't anything about comparing these two OBDII readers.
I use BlueDriver and it has had 0 issues with multiple cars.
I need an OBD-1 reader. LOL.
plenty of better and cheaper options on amazon yet again. you're really letting us down massdrop
Essentially your car computer is a database that confirms you drive like shit.
There are plenty of bluetooth OBDII readers for under $10 that work great with the Torque app.
I bought mine on Amazon for 7$. There are a ton out there that work perfect, for a 10th of the price. Why does mass drop even offer this? Come on massdrop! I know you're making bank on this. This just makes you look bad!