Kizer Ki4497 Wakulla Titanium Frame Lock Knifesearch

Kizer Ki4497 Wakulla Titanium Frame Lock Knife

Kizer Ki4497 Wakulla Titanium Frame Lock Knife

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Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s butt ugly. Weird lines, and what’s with that misshapen peanut thing on the handle?
Agreed. Almost looks like the handle is stamped like some $5 knife.
Ok folks please clarify the lock situation. Is this a frame lock or not? I see in other comments people are saying this is a liner lock but... Under the pic MD is saying it's a frame lock is this a sub frame lock or what?
Multiple people discussed this, and there's a nice long video in one of the comments that shows the knife from all angles and goes into all the details....

Yes, everyone seems to list this as a frame lock. No, it's not a frame lock.
What more do you want for clarification?
I did a two tone anodize on mine, blue and gold. Very happy with it.
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There are a lot of vids on the subject is a good basic equipment and "how to" guide. The power source is the biggest investment to get started and that's only about $100.
I like the design l hope to get it at the lower price.
Got mine. It's the same great quality I've seen in the other Kizer I own. Solid, no play, great action, sharp out of the box
But I don't think this one is for me....

Was originally planning to try some multi layer anodizing on this one, but now need to decide if it's worth doing that, or reselling it unmolested
Nice liner lock at a nice price.. just too broke this time...
I got 1 last time ( for $10 more :( ) and love it, the flipping action is great, it's a weird kinda front flipper kinda not I think true front flippers the grip for the flip is in the front of the knife, you can still use the tab on the back to open.

I removed the thumbstuds with a dremel and think it looks even better now. I plan on "pimping" it yellow and blue someday as well.
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I could get you one sometime tomorrow, but no I don't have one on me right now.
It definitely does make for much smoother lines both open and closed, but at the cost of losing that thumb ramp

Hmmmm, going to have to hold this thing in hand while looking at your pics again
I love my other Kizer and this seems like a great deal. Please convince me I don't actually need this.
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Yeah, me too... So I took a gamble and went with both and will be removing the thumb studs from the clip point to lessen the disruption to its lines. Wish me luck, Brother!
Hahaha that's one way to do it. Good luck 👍
This is clearly a liner lock in the video below.
Can anyone who owns this verify that the lock is titanium as described? I would think they would've done a steel insert for that

Edit: the long video review mentions ceramic bearings and calls the liner lock steel

Guess i'm in either way and will find out....seeing some interesting anodizing options on this one!
I was in on the last drop and it seems to me that it is a steel liner lock. Doesn't stick at all.
Excellent, thank you

Man, it's getting a little tiresome having to do research to confirm descriptions and specs on everything posted here lately
Does anyone here know. In what time zone, do these drops expire?
This is what is showing up for me > 2018-01-08 T07:59:59.000Z