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Don't do it. These things sound like they come from a can. Bass thumps, high treble, and hollow mids. No bueno.
these are fine, I think I got them from gearbest though. Probably because of shipping to Australia or something... They stick out of your ears quite a bit more than I would like (I mean what the heck was I expecting for a 5 BA iem, right?) but the sound is pretty ok Personally I think theses are pretty bassy (in a fun way), decent power without losing bass detail or obscuring the rest of the spectrum that much, but then my other earphones are pretty flat and I'm not much of a bass head so read into that what you will... One issue I'm noticing is some soft static during silent parts of audio/when nothing is playing, I know this could be a source issue but I haven't noticed the same thing with my other earphones... Alternate tips are a must (I got some cheap foam ones which seem to be fine) Side Note: I got the kz bluetooth thing when i got these, it's trash. Complete garbage, don't bother. I have had trouble with audio quality, and if you have the kzAS10 in your ears when you do anything to activate the voice prompts (ie power on/off) you will blow your eardrums guaranteed, irrespective of volume settings #RIPhearing also the buttons suck
Are this uncomfortable like the other kzs? Cause I got the other kz 10 non all dynamic driver one and they suck...bright and uncomfortable...

I'm just gonna say it here and now - don't buy these from Massdrop, please. It's not like they're not good, in fact they're great. Included cable is a bit too long and the mic quality is well, as expected for an under 50$ IEMs, but for the time these'll take to arrive and the amount of time afterwards you're gonna spend burning them in, I'd go with the Vsonic VSD3Ss. Plus, these are bulkier, even in my slightly big ears I'm feelings uncomfortable sometimes compared to the Vsonic pair. Had the VSD3S for a year and a half and then the VSD3 for another year and a half and I thought this'll be a welcome upgrade. They do sound better, but at a cost of comfort.
The KZ AS10 is a fantastic sounding IEM. Massdrop has a good price on them so I'd say save a few bucks and get them here. Best sounding IEMs under $300 but you must get foam tips for them.
Found on ebay for $34 using a TAKETEN coupon. Are the sellers there as reliable as, say Gerebest or Aliexpress?...............I would like to avoid a knock-off/fake.
My experience on AliExpress has been pretty awful so far. They either close/cancel orders supposedly for security reasons or they have been slow to fulfill my order. My recent order was shipped to an address in California but I live in Texas. They claimed the tracking number provided was the wrong one and my actual shipment got returned because of damage. WTF! Now I have to wait another 15 days for a replacement to be deployed or get a refund if I provide them my Paypal email. I didn't use paypal to pay in the first place. WTF! I have however bought a bunch of stuff from and have had only a couple minor warranty issues. You can't expect top notch service when you are buying low priced Chinese goods. You just have to roll the dice when you feel the odds are in your favor.
Thanks for describing your experience. I've made a couple of purchases on Aliexpress, with no problems, but maybe it just a matter of time. That's probably true of most distance purchases.
Gearbest has them, not on sale right now (I paid $47.14 shipped flash sale) but I got mine within 9 days.
I like the sound from TFZ executive 5. Should I be interested in the AS10?
Available on AliExpress for $43.95. So, let's see.....MD will be shipping Jan 10th. I guess this explains where they are getting them from and how they're making six bucks per pair. And yeah, Ali wants an extra two bucks for the cable with a mic too....what a coincidence. Great "deal" Massdrop.
Is it any better than the Shure Se215?
If anyone is looking to convert these AS10s to TWS earbuds, I highly recommend these: Note that they only support SBC codec support
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I own a BT20. Confirm that it supports AAC.
This would have been good a few years ago. Android comes with ldac support built in now, I'm on the lookout for an implemetation of that with a higer res codec. I like the idea, though, don't get me wrong. Just cant go backwards after my phone/btr3 started using ldac.
Question: Do these have a light on the earbuds that blinks when in use? If so, can you turn it off?
there is no light
KZ AS10 vs KZ ZS6? I have the ZS6, they were a bit bright at first but have calmed down.
I have them both and definitely prefer the AS10. I too felt the ZS6 was a little too bright on some music but got acclimated to them. Then I got the AS10s and they are more refined and balanced. The bass seems punchier as well. Overall I really like the AS10s.
The Things.


FYI If you need foam tips that fit the AS10, remember the AS10 tip is 5mm, see this link: If you want upgraded cables:
Got the wrong packaging and had to pay extra taxes and customs fees which should be included in price. It says 20$ on item price on the package, that is the wrong price first of all. Custom fees and charges is listed as included in advertised price. I still had to pay 12 euros to get my package out of customs even though it's already payed for and calculated in the price. If I don't receive compensation this will be the last time ordering from here. No "Express shipping" whatsoever and price and custom fees is higher than advertised.
Has anyone received these IEM's that were shipped via FedEx on November 12th, yet?
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Have you received these yet? I contacted support and was told mine were most likely lost in transit since I still haven't received them.
I received mine last Saturday in the regular mail. I am very happy.
I can't track the shipping. Anyone else have the same problem?
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I received mine yesterday and they sound awesome!
Looks like they're on their way
I hate being that person asking a comparison question... but how do these compare to the MEE M6 Pro Second Gen?
Has anyone compared these to the EDC3s, are the EDC3s worth the extra $50?
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Keep in mind, Let's be logical about this comparison: the KS AS10 offers you 5 drivers. One low freq, 2 mid/high, 1 high freq, per ear piece! That's basically one driver per range that is only good at one thing (huge range), and 2 drivers giving a rich mid/high-range (where most music lives).
On the other hand, the EDC3 offers you 3 balanced drivers (someone can correct me on this), basically 3 drivers doing the same job as the 5, to me that's 3 drivers that are "jack of all trades" but in my head are more like "master at none".

You make your own judgements after analyzing each option that way.
Thanks for the response! Looks like I'll be getting the KZs.
what are the tips like? are there complyfoam tips which are compatible or are there other tips which are compatible?
Lots of tips fit thats not the issue actually. I’m having a hard time with the BA10 because of the weight I guess, the seal breaks.....I’m not giving up. These AS10’s in this drop are fine that way. I haven’t seen any bad posts about them.
KZ tips are somewhere between OK and terrible, depending on your ears. Lots of compatible tips, though.
What tips are you guys finding that fit the KZ’s. I just bought the BA10’s and they sound incredible but its very difficult to get a good seal. First IEM’S I ever had a difficult time with. Its frustrating because the sound after maybe 10-15 hrs of burn in/play insounds smooth, detailed and goes as low or high as called for but the fit at least for me is extremely difficult to get right. Somebody please let me know what tips work for you folks. KZ is a legit player now and making the high end iem manufacturers look shady. These would be over a grand a few years back, not just under a 100 dollars like today.
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In the time between our last conversation - I ended up getting the BGVP DM6 and the FH5 - extremely satisfied with them. I can agree with a lot of the review you gave for the DM6 vs FH5 - I have to say that the imaging of the DM6 is superior to the FH5, but the subbass on the FH5 is better. This makes the DM6 better for rock, classical, anything with natural instruments. The FH5 is hands down a winner for EDM / anything with synthetic instruments and deep bass / fun listening and is better all around as you said.
If I'm being honest the DM6 was just a guess. I've never tried them, so thanks for the input. I'll end up getting a pair when it drops again and I can spare the cash.
KZ ED16 are the best for me. Fits better and sounds better. One forgotten legend.
Received these earbuds phones some moments ago, they are crisp clear, balanced and looks very quality made. Certainly, they compare to very expensive ones. These are gourmet phones. I always take my risk in purchasing what I have not tested, but these here are a bingo!
Any idea where I can get better tips for this. The default ones don’t seem to be the right fit.
I got some memory foam red tips from GearBest that I like. That said, I didn't have any issues with the stock silicone ones.
i ended up using jvc spiral dots for mine
Hey guys
it says estimated shipping date 2018/10/25 is this real or am I missing something?
Currently (Sep 27, 2018) these are $47.59 at As with the ZS10s, the AS10s mids and highs are extremely detailed, localized, and precise. Also, the upper mids are loud/prominent (perhaps the same 4 upper BA drivers in both models). The bass is faster and tighter with the AS10s, and about equally deep and powerful with the same tips.
The AS10s sit deeper in the ear than the ZS10s, and they are also thinner. I'm not sure yet which one I prefer, as they are not terribly different. From a comfort standpoint I like the TRN V80s better than both--they are quite small and easily stay put. But, the V80s are not as detailed or clean.
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what is the name of the bluetooth set?
I don't know the name but if you put the ear phones in the search I sure it will come up on the same page some where. Just have a look around the same page as the earphones.
How do these compare to the TIN T2s? Thanks.
I got them from AliExpress and man, it’s incredible how far we have come. They sound really good. I love them. My current BA favorite is my A&K Roxanne II - and this little guy. The sound quality per buck ratio is off the charts.
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Which tips are you using? I just ordered my second set after sending the first back and I’m missing them even though I have the DMG and V80. I don’t think I liked them with the foam tips I have but when I could get them to stay in the Sony Hybrid worked fairly well. They sounded very different after 60 hours of burn in. I think the upper mids relax and the lower mids come out a bit after the drivers get some hours on them.
I used a couple of various tips I have from other in ears. Can’t remember which ones. If I figure it out I shall report. :)
Are these still enormously HUGE? I had the KZs10 but they were way to big to fit my ears properly & felt like they were stretching my ear holes apart. I had to gift them to a friend.
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Haven't tried the KS10s so I can't compare... That said, they're not HUGE but not small either.
I had both the ZS10 and AS10 and I got a much better fit with the AS10. The ZS10 considerably larger, so much so that I can no longer get them to stay in my ears if I’m not pressing down on them. Standing up they stay in a little better but as soon as I sit down they pop out. Before I send my ZS10 back tomorrow I’ll measure them with my digital calipers and post my measurements. They are deffinately the largest of the ES4 and the AS10. Even Bag Guy Good Audio Reviews noticed this.
This vs T2 vs ZS6 for my next purchase. I ordered a trn v80 from Amazon and it will be here today but I'm looking to expand my collection.
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Posted a direct comparison between them here:
Hope that helps!
Zs6 has way too sharp treble. This one doesn't have that.