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LAMY Al-Star Fountain Pen

LAMY Al-Star Fountain Pen

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All I have to say after reading through this discussion section is let people spend their money the way they want to. They earned it. I buy products like this from Massdrop, not because I enjoy waiting, but because I know that what comes from Massdrop is a quality and genuine product, and I'm willing to wait a while longer to get a product I know is going to be legitimate.
I just returned a lamy to amazon. Felt like it's made of cheap plastic, skipped and was a pain to write with. I hope it was a fake and the one from md will be different.
damn, these discussion threads are full of drama now.
It is *amazing* how ragey people get over an offer which they are in no way being forced to accept. Like, if I'm forced to ONLY buy milk at one store, at all, and it's being sold for less at another store closer to my house - yeah, I'm complaining. If I can go to the store closest to my house and buy it for less than the store farther away has it on sale? I'll have it sooner, for less, and not give a crap what anyone else is doing.
Thank you for your on-target remarks. We seem to have one person who just loves seeing himself appear on line, even when he has nothing cogent to say save to make negative commentary.
It would be a good idea to stop the ad hominem commentary. Right now Amazon is selling the Lamy Al-Star Ocean Blue for $30.40 for Prime members. This means that you would get it in 2 days with no shipping charges. Other colors are different prices. It's a genuine Lamy, and implying that you're at risk of getting phony merchandise on Amazon is silly. Amazon didn't make its reputation by selling fakes, so let's put that nonsense to rest. At any given time, Amazon's price will be more or less than Massdrop's. Buy wherever you like, but don't start with the "Amazon sells fakes" nonsense. You have about as much chance of getting a fake on Amazon as you would on Massdrop; both reputable sellers, and both stand behind their merchandise. By the way, the JinHao 599 looks remarkably like the Lamy Safari/Al-Star, and is a very good fountain pen, as any owner will tell you, and you can get it for under five bucks. The point is, it's an open market out there. Keep your eyes wide open and you can get some really good bargains, but let's not get childish and claim, or even suggest that if you buy from Amazon you will get a fake. Or don't tell us that Lamy is oft imitated; we know all that. Now if somebody told me that they were selling genuine Lamys for $4.50, then I'd wonder if they came off the back of the truck, or were genuine imitations, or whatever. But here, where the price is within a dollar or two, the best advice for anyone is to buy where you think you'll get the best deal.
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Yes, it does happen. Not often, because Amazon polices itself pretty well, but it does happen. But if you can establish that it is a fake AMAZON will refund your money and will require the third-party seller to provide a full and complete explanation. I have gotten an immediate and cheerful refund from Amazon on those very few occasions when merchandise failed to live up to my expectations. Those sellers who play fast and loose with the system will find themselves banned from selling through Amazon. In like fashion, on the one occasion when an item failed in use, Massdrop gave me an immediate credit. The point is, both Amazon and Massdrop are reputable sellers and you can depend on both to act in an upright and ethical fashion.
It happens more than this guy and other users imagine. For many years, I worked on legal education programs in NYC. I've listened to folks from DOJ, CBP and other agencies discuss the issue of counterfeit merchandise and Amazon is like a lot of online sellers: it doesn't take any responsibility. Amazon merely refunds your money. That's not a fully ethical practice, but it is a legally accepted one since Tiffany v eBay. It's a hazard of purchasing from any online retailer or even brick and mortar store. Whenever I purchase an item, I now go immediately to the poor reviews and see how many complaints of fakes exist before I purchase.

For manufacturers who use Chinese manufacturers, it means making an agreement that allows for a certain amount of generically branded but decent quality merchandise to be made from your dies/equipment/plans. Otherwise, you'd simply see fakes manufactured with lesser products and branded with your logo. That's a real practice some companies use to combat fakes.
Thank you, Massdrop, for this opportunity to pay a premium price for a readily-available product, and as a special bonus, offering us an opportunity to pay $2.75 to wait over a month to receive it! Amazon is offering me this pen, shipped, in my hands in 2 days, with an actual exchange and return policy, for 18% cheaper than what you're asking me to pay. Why would ANYONE join these drops? We need to stop supporting these drops that are over market prices with over a month lead time. It's not a custom product, it's not a special edition; it's a retail product for a higher-than retail price. Unacceptable. This took me 18 seconds to find on google (Al-Star, Same Day/Next Day/2-Day prime available for $25.73):
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Look, if you're comparing prices to Amazon and bitching about prices, you're getting the price at Amazon BECAUSE Amazon has sellers selling fake goods that can undercut dealers. A fake can be priced significantly less and that's why you're finding goods so much cheaper on Amazon: it forces legitimate sellers to lower their prices to participate in Amazon's marketplace, which has significant volume. This a trade off that many businesses feel they have to make. It's why I don't buy specialized goods from Amazon. I'm inadvertently destroying the profit margins of businesses that I want to exist.

You stated above that people could buy fakes and return them to Amazon as if that were a totally fine business model that does not hurt anyone. However, at some point, someone will purchase and keep a fake, thinking it's legitimate. Which does defraud people and hurt businesses' ability to profit. At the end of the day, what you are saying--whether you accept it or not--is that it's okay for people to purchase fake goods.

Out of curiosity, MiraCole, where exactly do you think CBP does it job? Strictly at the border? Just because something makes it to someone's apartment or a warehouse in Queens or Brooklyn doesn't mean it's here and no longer their concern. How do you think they find out about imported fakes? A part of finding counterfeit goods is finding "already imported" counterfeit goods and tracing it back to the source that imported it into the states. Online sellers are one place they check.
I'm ignoring most of your post because it's 1) probably the most economically ignorant thing I've ever read and 2) so ridiculously stupid to post something like that on a site like this.
What I will say is that when I worked at CBP, we operated as intended and authorized under the law, to secure the United States' borders against illegal imports and to register legitimate items and sources for rights holders who wanted to establish and limit legitimate streams of commerce. What we didn't do was deal with items that had already been imported illegally, except, of course, when acting as agent for the OIPR.
My Charged Green just came, and it's a beautiful addition to my growing collection. For pen, converter, and shipping to Alaska, no, this wasn't more expensive than I could have gotten from Amazon. If you don't like the quality or you think you're spending too much, don't buy the pens. It's that simple.
Cheaper on Amazon
For costing about 35$ with the shipping, this pen feels remarkably cheap. Finish doesn't feel great either. Meanwhile, the Lanier I got from here, for a few cents less but at that point it's irrelevant, has a good weight to it, and is nice and smooth. The only thing the LAM Y has on it is the fact I can stick the cap on top the LAMY. Either way, for 35$, I expect better.
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Certainly not a LAMY fanboy, nor am I defending the price, but to say the pen's only value is its design novelty is misguided. These are reliable workhorse pens with fantastic warranties. They're not $50 pens or $100 pens, and they shouldn't be compared to such. For the actual retail price (which is much better than what Massdrop is charging), I've never seen a better line of economy fountain pens. If I need to scribble a note or write something quickly, I'll reach for my LAMY before any of my much higher end pens because I know it'll ink the paper on the first try, every time, without fail. They "feel cheap" because they are cheap.
After a period of use, I'll rescind the "feels cheap" remark, whatever was on the pen was worn away with use so that it felt the same as any other pen.
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As others have noted, price is at least nearly $10 more than amazon. Why would I do this? Dammit Massdrop, I would rather support you, but you make things very difficult.
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I have never in my life received a knockoff product from amazon. I will continue to stand by my assertion that amazon gives me more value than massdrop does for some products. This is one of those products.
That's totally fair, I'm not saying all Amazon pens are fakes but a lot of the reviews say otherwise.

Even if they are fake and you can't tell, what does it matter?