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Lap App Adjustable Lap Table

Lap App Adjustable Lap Table

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Do i have to rejoin drop or is it automatic that i get the lower price as i am in a drop?
Hi Janed!
The lowest drop point has been met so everyone will get the lower price automatically. No need to rejoin.
Thank you that is exciting!
how do we know the price of this item?
Is this likely to become a drop again soon?
Active now!
By chance do you have any idea when the Lap App Adjustable table will be coming back? (Soon I hope).
I bought this product at a paper piecing store and I use it all the time. Makes hand sewing, paper piecing so easy. I use it in my recliner, and take it on road trips, My husband does all the driving. I absolutely love it.
I do not understand h how to purchase this.
This drop has ended. You can request another drop, and wait to order, or you can order from the company.
For anyone dithering about this- I bought it when it was first offered here, and I love it! I take it to classes, and guild meetings, and use it in my recliner. It really helps my back and neck a lot. Highly recommend.
how does the "Lap App Adjustable Lap Table" compare to the senn HD650?? ....Asking for a friend.
how do we know shipping costs before committing?
Click "Join Drop" and you will see the shipping costs before having to commit to the purchase.
any word on when the lap table will return?

What is the carriage cost to the UK please?
Any word when the Lap Top will be available?
Hi Dogmom04, We will be able to have another drop in a 4-6 weeks. These are made by a small mom & pop company so they aren't able to mass produce large quantities. We are able to launch with 60 at a time and always sell out in a day. If you click the Request button you will be notified when it comes back online.

It has been over 6 weeks since we last emailed. Any word on the Lap Table yet?