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Hey Lavatools, I can't help but notice that the shipping ban for Australia is still in place. What if anything came out of the review you mentioned below? Or did that just quietly get forgotten?

And while I'm here complaining: Hey Massdrop, there is such a thing as combined shipping. It doesn't cost 3 times as much to send 3 of these to the same address!
Anyone else have a black spot forming in the middle of the display?
Delivery for Australia required
Please enable shipping to Australia! This was an option previously and if $143 is considered good value locally I might as well just buy a thermapen MK4!
The Javelin PT12 ships to Australia but this one doesn't. It makes no sense
Okay we hear you loud and clear! Let us review this issue and we'll see if we can lift the shipping ban for the next drop.

Thank you for all your support!
Joined. I’ve had the regular model for years and it has been flawless. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it and I have no need to upgrade but, why have one when I can have two at twice the price?
Can you include shipping to Australia? It doesn't come up as an option.
Hey Massdrop, why is shipping to Australia no longer available on this drop?

Previous drops for the Javelin PRO Duo could be shipped to Australia and you still seem to be shipping to most other countries around the world, why not here anymore?
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Agree with jaggi.
Bring back aus shipping. No one here will buy 3x overpriced from bg
Looking at BBQ Galore's website, they don't seem to sell it. How does your relationship prevent you from shipping to Australia.
This is the best thermometer I have ever used. Very accurate, fast and easy to use. It verifies temperatures pre-set on my slow cooker and recipes where a given time for a specific temperature is provided in the recipe. Very please.
Used it several time on my BBQ ribs and Brisket. Extremely accurate and easy to use. Getting another for my son.
Does anyone have problems using the thermometer at an induction stove. Doing that gives me the reaction dqniel describes in his review:
We do not recommend using the Javelin thermometers with induction cookers. Some users find that it works but others experience interference to the measuring sensors.
I hate to ask such a simple question, but I have never had a meat thermometer (or any kind of thermometer for cooking, with the exception of a candy thermometer that you just stick to the side of your pan).

If you are trying to test the temp of a roast that is in the oven, can you put this thermometer in the roast, and cook the roast, leaving the thermometer in the roast, or is this thermometer not meant to stay inserted in the meat, while the meat is cooking?

Sorry for such a simple question.
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Brenda, you would want a wired probe from a reputable company. The cheapo probe thermometers tend to be either inaccurate or have poor durability.

ThermoWorks sells great oven, smoker, and grill probes that are leave-in. (I have no affiliation, just a fan of their products). Something like the ThermoWorks DOT is what you want.

This Javelin Pro is designed for "spot checking" temperatures and leaving it in would probably damage it. The probe itself can handle the temperature of the oven just fine, but the other parts (battery, LCD, plastic housing, etc.) aren't meant to go in the oven.
Thank you so very much. I will look for a ThermoWorks thermometer to put and stay in the oven.

Many thanks.
I'm thinking about using this to read bean temperature in a small table top coffee roaster. How long is the probe?
According to Lavatool's specs the probe on this is 4.5 inches (11.4 cm) long.
That would work. Thank you.