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Lavatools Is there an update with Massdrop? There should be an update status today whether they ship or not.
This thermometer is not only great for meat, but is also very sensitive and can be used pretty much everywhere. I use it to get the air temperature coming out of my AC vents, the outside air temp to see if it was too hot to apply water seal on my wood railings, any pretty much anywhere else I need a temperature reading. It drives my wife nuts to see me carrying around her meat thermometer all over the house!
Commenting again, I still have this device and it is still amazing, crazy accurate, easy to use and clean, everything about it rocks. If you're considering getting one, don't even hesitate.
Still taking orders on this one when we already know the other model isn't shipping (possibly for another 30 days)?
If Lavatools/MD can't ship one, why should we have confidence they can ship the other?
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LMAO this discussion made my day!! if this was reddit tho, you'd literally drown in *black*Gold from all the neg karma ^_^
I don't know if Massdrop are going to elaborate on the matter, but only like half the orders were delayed. I got mine already, and it was an overseas order (CA tax kills 95% of the drops for me, it's either amazon prime or shipping overseas lol).

Happy to entertain you (I need a damn tip jar).
Haven’t got mine yet, but I do have the next model up, so I’m still cook’n up a storm on the outdoor grill. Thanks for checking in ;- )
Any update on shipping to AU?
Also keen to know this. I noticed the drop for the lesser model Javelin allowed shipping to Australia - why not this one?
Yes also dissapointed no shipping to AU why??
Why is there shipment delay for every order I placed on Massdrop?
Why did I just get an email from Massdrop advertising an inactive drop?
Me too. It's not the same though. It's for a lesser priced and lesser spec. thermometer
Is the probe removable for washing?
Why would you think it necessary to remove the thing to wash it?!
Can it deliver readings in Celsius?
Hey Lavatools, I can't help but notice that the shipping ban for Australia is still in place. What if anything came out of the review you mentioned below? Or did that just quietly get forgotten?

And while I'm here complaining: Hey Massdrop, there is such a thing as combined shipping. It doesn't cost 3 times as much to send 3 of these to the same address!
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MD gotta make a buck lol
Looks like MD looked into this a while back and apparently decided that's how they gonna make money on this drop🤑