LG 27" 4K UHD IPS Monitor w/ HDR 10search

LG 27" 4K UHD IPS Monitor w/ HDR 10

LG 27" 4K UHD IPS Monitor w/ HDR 10

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My understanding of the HDR 10 rating, a monitor needs to reach a 1000 nits, (this is only 450 nits) I have a TV rated to peak at 850 nits and sometimes it is like having a searchlight in the room... (and that is in the power save mode)
Two United States Dollars less than Amazon. $2 USD!

so everytime i look for a bloody HDR monitor, everyone says its fake or its not to the true standard

i wish people and companies would make this more clear for consumers, its quite annoying hunting for a "true" HDR monitor when it is on every monitor despite not being "true" HDR
There are several different HDR specifications and this monitor qualifies for the lowest. To qualify for the higher tier "true" HDR monitors either need to be FALD (which is currently pretty awful for monitor use) or OLED (mythical unicorn status). Both options are well north of $1k as well.
I've got the baby brother 27UK650. It's my only monitor and I use it strictly for my PS4 Pro. Yes it's not true HDR, but it's enough to get my PS4 Pro running in HDR. 4K 60hz is what I needed and that is what this provides. I know that my console is running at its peak, regardless if the monitor could handle it. Paying over 1200 for other monitors that could give me true HDR is ridiculous. I'd rather buy a TV. (Samsung has a 40in 4KHDR.) Being able to have a monitor this size on my newly built desk costs me true HDR, but at a fair price. (550 for 27UK650). A 40in TV is way too big for my desk. I'm happy with it and I'd recommend it to someone looking to spend in this price range. If it was a lower price range, then I'd recommend the LG 27UD59/68/69 or the Asus MG28UQ. I'd be sure to let them know that their PS4 Pro wouldn't be running in HDR mode.

This monitor would be crap for a PC player. There are way better monitors out there and for way cheaper. But this one is near perfect for console.
Why can't I find the refresh rate of this stupid monitor anywhere online? Not even LG's website shows what this thing is capable of running at, yet it says it supports FreeSync...
Had to watch a review to find out. It's 60Hz apparently. Bummer.

40-60hz for the free sync, same as last year's.
So the main reason the 27uk850-w seems so pricey is the usb-c support which is odd since this drop barely mentions the feature. It's sibling the 27uk650 for$150 less msrp is what you want if you don't care about that rather niche usage.

These are basically just the 2018 versions of the 27UD88 and 27UD68 respectively which also had the usb-c separation for roughly the same prices.

As for the HDR10 yeah it's a gimmick but so is all monitor HDR atm. FALD is pretty garbage for PC use and OLEDs are still no where to be found.
Why would anyone want enhanced HDR on a monitor that only had a 1000:1 contrast ratio. Great, so the highlights can be gray and the blacks can be gray and your picture can look like crap. Congrats, you paid $650 for a $250 monitor. And it's refresh rate is 5ms? Great, so it's useless as a gaming monitor also. So... who's the target audience here?
another fake HDR monitor with an 8-bit native panel/450nits peak brightness. This is getting ridiculous.
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Even that's tricky though. I work retail and there are Samsung models that carry the "UHD Premium" label which is supposed to distinguish between the "fake" HDR sets and the ones that actually met the requirements of the UHD alliance spec for "true" HDR when in reality they're lower end TV's that offer only some of the full specs. It really is hard without doing a lot of research which sucks.
My point exactly.
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