LG 65|77-inch Signature OLED 4K Ultra HDR Smart TVsearch

LG 65|77-inch Signature OLED 4K Ultra HDR Smart TV

LG 65|77-inch Signature OLED 4K Ultra HDR Smart TV

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I have been eyeing this year's model OLED77C8 which has the A9 processor and Google Assistant on it. Those are $9000, so basically almost the same as this. I'm trying to figure out the other differences, since this is clearly the higher-end Signature model G7, to see if it's worth getting G7 vs C8. Is it mostly the sound differences? I have an AVR that does Atmos etc so I never use TV sound. and don't care. Anything else? The LG site isn't super clear on this, they change the marketing terms year to year.
Insofar as I can tell, the only difference between the e7P and the g7P is the foldable larger sounder with higher quality speakers. Even at the drop price, an $800.00 premium is pretty stiff. I checked multiple sites to get comparisons, and that if what I found. Best Buy didn't even carry the signature line, since it wasn't competitive. I missed out on the e7p drop and now debating whether to spend yet $ 800.00 more. My wife says they are doing this on purpose. Next they will be offering the W7P. :)
That wallpaper OLED tho....
Listed at 2899 on tvsuperstores.com with free shipping. Am I missing something?
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Rvsuperstore is not legit
We’ll that’s true a lot of those places are shady.
does anyone know if these panels support only ntsc or also pal/secam systems
i want to bring one of these overseas where the system is NOT NTSC
the voltage dont matter cuz i've seen more than one adapter for 120/240 even if it only shows 120. lately most adapaters are international. so that's not an issue the band is
please help
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i live in a pal country, so my local cable distributes pal based, BUT lately, i've hooked to netflix and thru a vpn router i connected to sling. so basically now i use internet "buffering" connection
but there is a chance i may connect at one point to a pal provider.
if the panel is only ntsc, can you recommend a VERY GOOD ntsc to pal 4k converter?
much appreciated
I think the key question here is: are you receiving over-the-air signals via an antenna connected to the TV by an F-Type coax connector?

If so, there may be more research to be done. The point of clarification is that it is not going to be PAL or NTSC, these are analog signals that cannot deliver digital HD content.

If you are using an HDMI connector from a cable box or other converter, the TV will be able to show it. The original signal received from the cable box is converted into HDMI protocol. The format of the source data stream should not matter.
What are the dimensions and the weight of the 77 inch TV?
TV without Stand (WxHxD)68.3" x 42.0" x 3.3"
W Stand (WxHxD)68.3" x 41.5" x 12.5"
Thank you!
I dont under stand the price comments... its a huge discount vs street price and look at valid reviews. I understand those that dont want to pay this much or cant afford this but the price is great and the TV is fantastic.
8k no way .
The samsung Q9 2018 is what I'm waiting for
This doesn't seem like a very good price. The LG 65 inch OLED C7P can be had all day long for $2599.99.
and the B7A 65" is available on Massdrop right now for $1999.99. However the Signature G series has alot to offer than the B, C, or E series LG OLED's dont. So, it just depends if you want/need those things or not.
Is this for the 65 inch model, or the 77 inch model. Both are listed in the description.
OK, now I see that there is a "pick your size option"
Well I'm in on the 77in. I see a few sales for around 9k but this is significantly below that. Like all things TV and new tech the prices will continue to drop as new releases happen but I think this is a great buy today and OLED is OLED. If you haven't seen this in person you should take a look. I have 5 large LED screens and one solid projector but they pale in comparison to this. I looked at the Samsung QLED TVs recently and they're solid but the viewing angles aren't as good and overall I just thought the LG OLED was superior. I also looked an Sony's offerings and they were great but the price was high and there wasn't an option as large as the 77in.
This year's QLEDs have vastly improved over last years, may even be the best of the spring releases with the Q9FN