Linksys EA9300 Tri-Band Router (Refurb)search

Linksys EA9300 Tri-Band Router (Refurb)

Linksys EA9300 Tri-Band Router (Refurb)

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Definitely not happy with this unit...
I assume the product is great when it doesn't come to me completely broken.
I worked with their support for about 1 hour before realizing this refurb was sent to me non functioning.
(unit runs into some failure at boot time and literally boot cycles forever)
Once again reminded that i really don't like Linksys...

The return process is not fun, so enjoying missing my money for however long this takes!
consider PFSense, its open source router software, can install on almost any computer, gives you complete and utter control of your outbound / inbound internet traffic.

then you can connect whatever wifi / ethernet devices you like (including this one) on your lan and they will 'just work'
Any support for 3rd party firmware?
Does this one take off? Lol
I've had mine for around a week now, and I am not super impressed. For whatever reason, my chromecast is not working with it. I am doing my best to get into the router settings to enable what I need to, but there is no easy way to get into the settings. With Netgear, you just go to and you're set. But with this one, you need to link your linksys account with the router and go through their webpage somehow. It's kinda screwy.

If you can spare the money, go get the Netgear version. Sure, this was only $150, but I have also had to put in a good time investment and it is still not 100% working.
Have you tried going in through Or are you trying to access your router using linksys smart wifi?
tracking says mine was delivered yesterday but it never came. Now I get to deal with UPS customer support.
Does this Linksys EA9300 Tri-Band Router take 230v @ 50 hertz?
Stopped working within 24 hours of installation. Lynksys is sending me a new one for free, so in that way it was a great deal - new one is $300 off the shelf. Had to spend over an hour on the phone with Linksys before they agreed to replace it, though. They also try really hard to get you to buy a different router before they offer to replace it too.
I got mine yesterday.
2.4G wifi is broken, super hard to make connection and only got 1M/s speed during the test.
5G wifi worked great yesterday, got 500M/s upstream and downstream on have 1G internet).

BUT!!!! Today when I woke up, the router was down, can't join 5G or 2.4G wifi. I saw LINKSYS logo blinking. Tried reset power cycle and reset settings, didn't work.
Maybe it is just bad luck I received a broken one, but I start to regret. I can imagine this refurbished router will have similar issue in the future even after it get fixed.
Things get more interesting after I called Linksys.
They told me the warranty of this product expired at Jan.31 2018 and refused to fix it!
I highly suggest others to check your warranty status.
Mine came today (well yesterday). This thing is one serious piece of hardware. Especially when compared to the cheap Walmart Linksys router I've been using for the past few years. One I had, had the vents on the bottom so any kind of significant data usage would overheat it. I downloaded about 50gb off Steam onto another machine, seemed to pass that trial just fine while I was watching 4K YouTube on my main machine.

The interface, abiet janky at best, is what I'm used to with the old router, and my phone app automatically detected and added it to my Linksys account. I may look at custom firmware down the line but for my basic needs, it does have everything.
Note to power users: This router is incompatible with custom firmwares like DD-WRT and Tomato and others. Kind of a shame. I notice that I need to reboot a bit more regularly compared to the old cheap router, and I wanted to be able to set up an auto reboot when I'm not home.
did anyone tried this router!?
For anybody who's on the fence like I was there are some pretty damning design oversights explained here:

TL;DR poor QoS design, lack of updates/custom FW support, experience doesn't really match marketing. Supposed to have good range though.
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What are the benefits of putting custom firmware on a router?
Better QoS, adblocking on the router level (domain based), torrent clients, VPN services, robust USB storage support. You can also get additional features that you don't over stock firmware such as radio transmit power level (this is more advanced, power = noise and could have negative result but done right you get a bit more coverage / speed). But the caveat is that not all routers are compatible. Usually depends on the chipset and if there are available opensource drivers for the community to provide support.
No more Netgear for me, I had replaced an old link-sys router with a Netgear, had a weaker signal and more problems,also added a Nighthawk extender, they continually drop data connection. Called tech and they wouldn't talk to me because they said my support was over, it was only 35 days so I told them there must be a mistake! There was on their side but it took them a week to correct it, the whole time I was trying to understand the language coming from a lady with a heavy Indian accent, I couldn't understand stand her and said I had to go and call back later, a few days later I missed a call and it was her again saying my support was over! Done!
8 pictures (views) and still missing the I/O ports, which for me is the most important...
But I will have to pass because I need 8 gigabit LAN ports, in today's world with everything being interconnected and wanting it's own dongle why they keep making routers with just 4 LAN ports is beyond me...
I tend use dumb unmanaged gigbit switches at locations. My console gaming center I have 8port unmanaged gigabit switch for PS4, XB1, blue ray HTIB,
I have mine paired with a used rackmount 16 port switch from eBay, the Linksys 2016. Had it for 3 years, works great for LAN networking. Granted you'll be limited to gigabit over LAN since you need to put the router between the source and the switch, however you can run up to 4 parallel patch cables if wireless LAN speed is a must.