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I wanted this one so badly but it just wasn’t in the budget.
If I was a rich man. Beautiful blade.
I love the look of this blade, but I don't like the ergonomics of the handle. There's nothing but the texture to prevent your hand from sliding forward, onto the blade, and from my experience with lion steel they rarely go with aggressive texturing. Great looks, but it's a pass for me.
Not a good folder (IMO). Bad ergos and runs on teflon washers which is absurd for an integral at this price.
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Bronze washers atleast. Preferably caged bearings.
Higher end knives will typically have phosphor bronze or bronze washers, but some makers will use teflon because it provides a smoother surface against steel. I guess its a matter of preference, but I believe you will get better quality/durability with bronze/phoshor bronze over teflon. Lion Steel makes great, quality products and at $320, I would like to have the best quality components possible, especially for such a beautiful knife. Even a Kershaw Skyline at $60 retail, has bronze washers.
So close to the gentleman's flipper of my dreams...except it isn't a flipper :(. I saw on a video that Damascus patterning can often be felt on the bearing when sliding the blade closed. Is this true on most Damascus folders or do some keep the patterning away from the bearing path?
It's a common issue on many damascus folders, but if done right (the bearing race area is sealed off during acid etching and then polished) it can be avoided. I wouldn't trust Lionsteel to do it right though.
This is so gorgeous it hurts. But at this price, even if a big discount over retail, I can't justify it.
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