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after some research, i think this knife is most likely well worth the price... though i am not a fan of the color options that were available (blue/burgundy) and a plain titanium option should have been available
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ZOMFG, its my last chance to join the "3+ OTHER BUYERS!!!!" Thanks for the heads up email, Massdrop.

Gorgeous knife but the price is a real deal killer.
I won't ever spend this much on a Chinese produced knife, and from how this drop went up like a lead balloon, I'm guessing not many others will either. Call it what you like, but thems the facts.
OMG what a beaut. I just lost my regular carry on Friday at work, too bad that one cost me $20 and I cannot justify $375 on my carry.
The knife scene is changing. Taiwan, China will be the norm. There are still a few affordable gems around that are American made like Sebenza and Dauntless... I remember when it was rare for a tactical full custom to cost more than $500. Nice knife, but not for me. I will stick with Medford, Hoback, and the like for now. This knife reminds me a bit of a Kwaiback actually.
this liong mah is 350 on knifecenter so your paying a lot more here even at the lowest price.
Thanks for pointing out that link, fatpat. The non-anodized Remedy's are available other places, but ours are anodized and they are the only ones available with that finish.
I don't understand how some are knocking the price of this knife. I can't afford any knives over $100, but if I can afford a $400 knife, this will do and those CR. This design is gorgeous in its own right and from the picture of the handle, the contour of the scales seem more natural.
i definitely believe that this product is most likely in the top 1-2% of production knives, and i am sure it is well worth the price tag... i am just not looking for a high end knife of this caliber (and cost) at the moment
gorgeous knife, too bad it isn't 3.5"
Guys, Thank you for taking the time to view this drop. If there are any questions just ask me. A few of you have handled David's work at Reate knives. They are awesome. He utilizes quality materials like S35vn. I made the call to Niagara Steels in NY for him. We also have a 3D sculpted titanium framelock, sculpted clip and harden lock insert. The Remedy is a great EDC. I hope everyone will have an opportunity to handle one. Take care
I've owned several Sebenza's and while they're a well made knife they feel like a brick in your hand. I've handled a Remedy and there's no comparison, the contoured handles fit your hand perfectly. Plus, there's never been a flipper Sebenza, this knife is super fast and smooth and being a flipper not an auto, is legal in just about every area. The quality is definitely here. Also China has a long history of blade making and while the cheap knock-offs are garbage, when production is managed well they are more than capable of producing a very nice knife.
David Deng is a master at his craft. There's a reason the likes of Todd Begg and Liong Mah go to him for their production knives. Reate quality is spectacular.
Yeah. I definitely want to spend $400 for a knife made in China. Keep deals like this coming. And please, by all means, continue to not do a Chris Reeves drop. Just more epic steals for quality items like this one.
I doubt there will ever be a CRK drop due to their extremely stringent pricing policies. And if this was made in the US, it would probably cost twice as much when you consider the quality, so the pricing isn't as outrageous as you seem to think.
Are there cheaper knives with this blade shape?
First time seeing a straight point folder, but $400 is just too much.
If I was gonna drop $400 on a knife, I'll do it on a Sebenza.
Overpriced for sure. I'd stick with a Sebenza for this kind of money!
$400 pocket knife, made in China? I think I'll get a $40 Spyderco or CRKT instead.