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Little Dot MKII Tube Headphone Amp

Little Dot MKII Tube Headphone Amp

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Packaged just arrived today! Sadly...I ordered the 220v instead of the 110v and I'm living in North America. I'm assuming the entire unit/amp is for a 220v cable only and I can not just use a normal power cable that would fit my wall socket instead?

Awaiting a response from customer support right now, but I thought I'd clarify with the discussion thread anyways.
I got notification that mine has shipped. I wasn't expecting this till late June. Now is great if it is really happening. Fedex is in the label creation process. Further details will be available when the item starts to move. Anyone else from the last drop also get this notification?
How will a headphone tube amplifier like this work with a pair of studio monitors. I have 2 yamaha hs7's and a yamaha hs8s subwoofer.
Testing mine now. Only had it on for like 20 minutes so far. The stock tubes have not had their burn in yet (some people say tubes need at least 100 hrs on them and say the stock tubes are not great) but I can say the stock tubes sound pretty good so far.

First impressions is that the bass is clean and stronger than my little bear b4 (example: song: the weeknd call out my name on youtube has very distorted bass and this amp does it very clean which is good for a low quality youtube video). It does sound spacious which I wonder will change (a bit recessed maybe burn in will help or aftermarket tubes).

I have some ge 5654. Russian power tube and russian voshkods on the way, will test once I burned the stock tubes in first to see how awesome the new tubes are (have to burn them in too cause I got the new versions).

Issues so far:
- Mine was shipping by fedex and the box was damaged on the side. Unit is working fine so far tho.
- Already known issues: Up to like volume 10 the left channel is louder then once you raise the volume it gets balanced.
- With nothing playing you can hear hiss above volume 50. Barely noticeable around volume 30. I hear burn in will fix the hiss or trying higher quality tubes than vs the stock.
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Ok sorry for confusion. I cleaned pins and zero hum. Also what you suggested hiss may be caused by motherboard. I'm using external DAC icon hdp. Silence. Nice ;) also have 600 ohm dt-990 for that purpose and gain set to 3 minimum. It's great! It seems what you hear is EMI
Try "The Pizza Tapes" (Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, and Tony Rice) : All guitar and some serious jams.
Testing mine right now from previous drop! :) Stock tubes are better than I through.
Would this make a great preamp for JBL's lsr305 monitors? Has anyone tried?
Little Dot makes great value and performance products! I've owned the MKII and MKIII for years, and have even used them both as main stereo preamps, driving McIntosh amps going into Magnepan planar speakers. The sound is warm, detailed, and lush... perfect for my high level tastes and expectations! And they sound phenomenal with cans! What a steal!
That $1.01 discount though

/Whistles ironically
I'm so excited, I just can't hide it!!

Can't wait to preamp this to my MK 3 SE !!
Wait why would you do that?
Wouldn't it amplify the signal to receive an even better stronger signal to the Mk iii SE....?
Let me ask 1 more question, if I may... if you use this amp as a pre-amp, which gives actually get used? Do all 4 times work to amplify the signal along tothe other amp? Or just the back 2 tubes work, and the other2 tubes remain dormant?
the big tubes are power, small tubes are the signal, both right and left channel get their own set. amp cannot function without all 4 tubes. one of the benefits of this amp is that the preamp isn't a separate circuit, it also goes through the tubes.
Hey thanks a ton for clarifying that for me! I appreciate it very much! Happy listening!!
I know it's been asked, and also partially answered but...allow me to ask 1 more time, as it may provide insight for me and others...

But when using this tube- Electro-Harmonix 6H30Pi Gold Pins , do you have to change any settings or will the factory voltage settings sufice...?

Thanks in advanced!
You don't need to change anything for the 6H30Pi - just take the old tubes out and put the new ones in. There's no jumpers or any other settings for the POWER tubes like there are for the driver tubes.
Rf95349- thank you so very much! I really appreciate the time you were able to take, to help me clarify that! Take it easy, and happy listening!
I enjoy my Little Dot MKII and Magni 3 and Vali 2 - all of them are amazing quality apart of any price consideration, just different in sound.
I have that trio as well (along with some others). All three are excellent entry-level amps. The Little Dot MK II is a fantastic fit if you have some 300 ohm senns.
I use Little Dot with 300 ohm Bayers and Senns, and, you are right, they are just fantastic! I also have Fostex HP-V1 , which is semi portable and had amazing sound, also portables Lars & Ivan THA-8X and non tube Lucid Labs CMOY , which is unbeatable values for its price,