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My little Dot mkII finally arrived today. I also bought the GE JAN 5654W and Voskhod 6J1P-EV driver tubes and Novosibirsk 6H6PI power tube as other people have recommended. I can't wait to test it now. XD
Whaat.. pretty sure the drop was meant to have at least another 2 hours
I didn't join and it ended early?
did this drop end early? i was about to join TT
Same boat. I've been watching this and wanting to pick it up for the 6xx's, but I needed a DAC. Have been reading up on current drop offerings and just getting comfortable with the AUNE, then this one ends. Sadface.

UPDATE: Support told me drop was limited to 40 units, but LD drops often. Will try to catch it next time, I guess.
Does it work with a computer or phone? I noticed no 3m jack, and only RCA inputs and outputs.
Yes, of course it works. You only have to connect the Little Dot to your phone or pc through a RCA to 3.5mm jack cable.
So which do i get, the 110V or the 220V version? I will use it with the Sen 6XX's.
Also, will my eletrical bill skyrocket if i keep this on all day while gaming, listening to music etc? in other words every time my PC is turned on this would be too.

Note: I'm new to this.
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I'm glad to help :) I have no idea on turntables, can't help you with that. Just try to avoid feeding the Little Dot with an already-amped signal, that adds up more distortion and, if the other amp has a huge gain and you turn the volume up to 100% on it, you can experience some clipping (even burning your Little Dot, if voltage is MASSIVE, but that's not common).

About tubes, I've heard just four models:
- Mullard M8161: zero background noise, a tad bright (in a good way), crystal clear, spacious and airy, amazing for female vocals.
- Voskhod 6ZH1P: noisy until well burned-in (about 50h or so), neutral (not cold, not bright), super balanced, great midrange.
- Valvo 6CQ6: a bit noisy, lacks some bass for my taste, mid-centric and intimate.
- Chinese 6J1: crappy, noisy, looks fragile and poorly built, too bright, lacks body and definition, harsh, get rid of them ASAP.

Price/performance, and according to your preferences, the Voskhods are the best: you can find a matched pair for around $15 with shipping on eBay, and you'll love their sound, one of the best sounding EF95 tubes according to a lot of people (also me). Mullards M8161 are also great, I prefer them for my Fostex T-X0 planar headphones (T50RP mkII slightly modded) and, depending on the music, also for my HD6XX; but M8161 are a bit pricier and harder to find, I could buy my pair for around $30 a few months ago but couldn't find any matched pair for this price ATM.

And another important thing: the power tubes! There's a lot of soviet 6N6P tubes on eBay for ~$20 with shipping, and I read that they can improve the sound a bit. It's probably worth buying one pair and trying for yourself, worst case you got some spare tubes that you'll need at some point (you know, tubes don't last forever, they usually work for a few thousand hours and eventually they blow out).
Aaand yes, if you get into this drop, you should definitely get the JAN5654 upgrade. They're (supposedly) good tubes well worth the +$20. You can always buy some other tubes later, but at least get a good pair to begin with. And, who knows, maybe after trying a few other tubes you end up liking more the 5654. It's always good to have different sets of tubes to swap and match your headphones/music/mood better. It's like clothes: even if you have one favorite t-shirt you don't wear it everyday, do you? :)
Anyone perhaps have tried the little dot mk2 with any of these headphones: HD650, DT1990, T50RP, Monolith m1060?
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You're welcome. I don't own any planars (of the magnetic variety) so I really can't say how they might sound with the LD. I was going to try it as a pre-amp with my newly acquired ESP-950's electrostats to see if it'll impart any of the tube sound. I'll be sure to let you know the results.
Thank you. I look forward to it, also because I would like to use it as pre-amp as well (with my Yamaha CA2010).
MKII together with HD6XX sound great but I hear hum from the amp transformer, is it only my problem? It is not really bad but I need to put MKII as far as possible from me.
Need Help, need Input ;)
There is different output MK2 (300mW/300Ohm) and MK3(350mW/300Ohm) .
Is the difference because of the different tubes?
I use a Sennheiser HD650 (love it), is the Output of the MK2 enough ( 50mW less)?

Is the board layout the same for both amps?
if so, then I will be happy with the MK 2 because I do not need an expensive extra case. I have already ordered replacement tubes from Canada, UK, Latvia and Russia.
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Hello. I currently have an audioquest dragonfly red DAC with HD6xx (and some other headphones like aiaiai TMA-2). Was wondering whether the LDMKII pairs well with the dragonfly red or are there any other tubes that pair well with the dragonfly? From my experience, the dragonfly gives a brighter sound experience, especially on acoustic songs.
Answer up, on the other thread. And speaking of sound, you can expect way more bass and soundstage with the Little Dot coming from a compact solid state amp, and a bit more wamth, you'll really like it. It also depends on the tubes, you should (and will) buy different tubes and test for yourself what you like and dislike about them, the nuances of each one, the little details... That's called tube rolling and it's a whole hobby by itself.
Little Dot makes great audiophile products that are considered 'maximum bang per buck'. I've had my LD MKII and MKIII for years now, and use both as preamps and head amps. They're both fantastic, and sound great even stock. I use Sennheiser HD-595 and Hifiman HE-4XX (Massdrop) cans, and the MKII and MKIII preamps have driven a McIntosh MC162 amplifier going into Magnepan MG12/QR speakers and vintage Polk Audio Monitor 10's (circa 1986). Sound is incredible in every way!
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If you like the MK 2 look then get that one and save some bucks. I much prefer the look of the MK 3, which I own. I may buy this MK2 for the office though. It's so much smaller and seems more compact then the MK 3.
Yeah I am wondering from a performance point of view.