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Little Dot MKII Tube Headphone Amp

Little Dot MKII Tube Headphone Amp

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Hoping someone can help me or at least point me in the right direction...

I experienced a failure with my Little Dot Mk II today. I was listening to my 6XX at pretty low volume (10:00 on the dial approximately) when the volume completely cut out... I turned the volume way up and barely heard the sound, though it was just barely there...

What I did to debug:

0. turned power off and then back on to the source, dac, and little dot. No difference
1. tried different headphones. No difference (not the headphones)
2. moved the source to my O2 amp - works perfectly (not the source)
3. changed out my tubes to the stock tubes (the small ones, not the big ones since I had not rolled those) - no difference

My Little Dot is only approximately 4 months old and barely gets used (a couple of hours every other week), and always at low volume.

Anyone have suggestions?
I accidentally ordered the 220v variant (i I’ve in the USA) I‘ve contacted massdrop service but as the drop has just loses an hour ago, they can’t change much. does Anyone know how to contact the vendor? Or would they see a US address and fix my good up? Really hoping I don’t have to cancel :(
Can someone please explain how I can tell if I can use this as a preamp? The LD instructions say to NOT USE it as a preamp if the power amp it's connected to is "direct coupled" . I've seen reports if people using it with all sorts of amplifiers, some of them being brand new. Its my understanding that virtually all power amps made today are direct coupled??

Looks like lots of people are using it (unknowingly) successfully with DC (direct coupled) amp. I'm not sure what makes an amp a DC one. I want to use the little dot as a preamp for my class d/t - SMSL SA-98E amplifier, or SMSL SA-36A. I am unsure whether it would be compatible with those??
I've had this for about a year, with the upgraded tubes. Also bought some gold grid 6N6P and Siemens 6AK5W. Sounds great, but I've joined the La Figaro 339 drop and am looking to sell my LD2 to an enthusiast who will give a good home. PM if interested.
Oh wow! $1.01 PRICE reduction, better get it before they sell out! Better hurry...
EXACTLY what I noticed! What a total joke! I'm sure the shipping cost is likely $20 more than other places, making it $19 more expensive to buy here :p

Hey all, so I tried connect my Google cast to the mkII and have also tried to connect my record player to it, before connecting it to audio engines S3 - the volume is really low, and I have to turn the gain up really high before I hear anything. Anyone has any idea why?
Try adjusting jumpers inside for hi gain output
Just received mine yesterday. Blown two fuses already. I just want to get it working before my hd6xx's arrive.
So I need some guidance, I have oppo ha2se and sennheiser hd6xx, if I get this amp, do you expect that I would hear a quality improvement (assuming I buy a separate dac with similar performance as the dac on my ha2se?) Any advice or guidance is greatly appreciated.
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😏 end game is just a word we made up to tell ourselves it's ok to buy this one last thing 😂 thanks for your input. I get the feeling that this little amp supplies a lot of power and I think you verified that, but I just looked at the CTH amp, in comparison that one looks weak spec wise for a high impedance headphone (assuming I'm reading it right) but dang it has such positive reviews even for ppl paring it with hd6xx. My little brain is more confused and uncertain than before now haha, cant make a decision!

I'm now also eyeballing Topping D50 and CTH or this amp, sounds like a sweet combo for my needs!
The hd6xx responds great from what I hear with this amp. I went ahead and got the upgraded tubes, hope you did the same! Happy rolling!
If I want to buy the amp with both tube as additional, hlw can i add that to my order?? Anyone know how to do that?
Just bought this on Ebay, I know it was from Massdrop because the RMA slip from the original purchaser was in the package lol. Unit would not power on (broken fuse). I replaced the fuse and it powered on. However, when connecting to the input RCA, I get no sound out of the HP out. BUT, when I run from my DAC to the output RCAs (preamp), I get sound from the headphones, but no volume control with the pot. Very very weird. Did the factory switch the input and output? Anything I can do to fix the volume pot?
Got this amp yesterday. Arrive undamaged. One packing complaint. Why the hell would they use foam with 3 tube holes and just tape the last tube on??? Guessing some dipstick in China can’t count tubes lol.

Well made unit and to be frank it sounds awesome out of the box. I will be rolling Mullard drivers and Voskhod powers as soon as $ allows.

Very happy with this. Next up 300ohm cans prob Senn 650.
Packaged just arrived today! Sadly...I ordered the 220v instead of the 110v and I'm living in North America. I'm assuming the entire unit/amp is for a 220v cable only and I can not just use a normal power cable that would fit my wall socket instead?

Awaiting a response from customer support right now, but I thought I'd clarify with the discussion thread anyways.
Hey how did this turn out for you??? Same shit happened too me and CS were dicks, hopefully they were keen enough to see the discrepancy and give the 110v instead. However I hear you can do a simple mod for and covert it to 110v.
Did you ever get this to work? I wired the primary windings of the transformer in parallel but my fuse keeps blowing. No response from little dot at all and CS does nothing. What a joke
I got notification that mine has shipped. I wasn't expecting this till late June. Now is great if it is really happening. Fedex is in the label creation process. Further details will be available when the item starts to move. Anyone else from the last drop also get this notification?
How will a headphone tube amplifier like this work with a pair of studio monitors. I have 2 yamaha hs7's and a yamaha hs8s subwoofer.
The HS7 are powered so why would you use an amp
Mainly for the tube sound