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I've been after this amp for a hot minute. Finally caught one on the electronic bay, used, (yeah I know the risk outside of just having to pay for return shipping), and I was one of the lucky ones. Picked it up for $119 and it came with the GE Jan5654's which are not stock. I ordered it to pair it up with the Senn HD6XX's I just received and I'm so glad I grabbed this amp. I have a Scarlett 2i4 with a DBX \goRack in between and it just wasn't enough to push HD6XX's when you really want to rock out. The goRack has nothing to do with headphones, just had to mention it. I have it for the pre to my Yamaha HS8's and the cool feature to have two inputs playing through the goRack at the same time.
So i may be totally noobing out with this question but I have to ask. I understand the L/R inputs in the back but are the L/R outputs just a pass through without any amplification? I could just experiment to figure it out but I'd rather get an experienced answer. Can't find any instruction manual in English that makes sense.
Received mine last week, an order in anticipation of my HD6xx to be shipped in July... (another 4 months to go...:( )
A currently using it with my HD25-1-11 and it's already amaze balls!
(Currently with GE JAN5654 pre tubes and stock 6n6 chinese tubes). Used my Triplefi IEMs to see if any hiss is present, and happy to report that all is silent.

Ordered some Russian power tubes today, together with Voskhods to see if there will be any improvements... have to learn to contain my expectations after reading all these hyped tube roller comments!!
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Man I ordered Feb 15th and still haven't received any shipping notices
That's such a shame cause the amp is great! I say wait for it cuase it's a good starter tube amp and I onpy plan on getting better tubes in the future with no intention to getting another amp for at least 15 years
Want to ask a question to this community as I trust I should get the answer I'm looking for. Currently I run my Audio-technica LP-1240 turntable through a monoprice headphone tube amp/preamp to my receiver. Prior to the Monoprice tube amp, I was using a DIY tube preamp, which worked fine but was getting a noise through the system. With the monoprice amp, I like the headphone out feature on them so I would like to keep that option. One thing that bugs me is that I have to switch the output on my turntable from line to phono depending on how I'm listening to music. With the Little Dot MKII, will I have to adjust my turntable output switch if I'm using headphone or routing through my receiver? The Monoprice headphone amp is below.
I love this thing.

I got this to go with the HD 6xx drop, which hasn't shipped yet. I'm using it currently on low-gain with my 32 ohm Grado SR125i cans. It brought them alive in a way that the Little Dot 1+ that I had didn't. I'm using it with a Schiit Fulla 2 as my DAC, along with Novosibirsk 6N6p / 6H6pi power tubes, and GE JAN 5654 W / 6AK5 Military output tubes. It's amazing. Tight clear bass, excellent mids, and that lovely harmonic distortion on the highs. Amazing!
Damn, mine is going to ship early. Crosses fingers that my 6xx also ships early.
How did you find out? Did you get some kind of email?
Email that they shipped it.
if I choose to upgrade do I get the stock tubes with the upgraded tubes, or just the upgraded tubes?
You will just get the upgraded tubes.
What cables do I need to hook up this amp to my MACBOOKPRO and iPhone X?
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Can you recommend a DAC as well as the connections I’ll need?
I've been using a Schiit Fulla 2, but you could also use a Schiit Modi 2. Depending on what you get you'd need different kinds of interconnect cables. These units basically convert digital USB audio to traditional analog line level out, such as 1/8th inch TRS or RCA which inputs to the Little Dot.

Your Mac does not have line out, but headphones out which will introduce noise into your signal. Additionally it'll also sound like trash compared to a decent DAC (digital audio converter). Hope that helps!
what's the difference between the mkii and mkiii? i've done a bunch of searching for anything about this but just can't find anything substantial.
Never tried tube, so I'm curious... I'll either start off small or go straight to something like a Woo Audio WA7. But if I was to go small, would this be worth it, say pairing my current JDS element in DAC and this as amp?
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Have you tried IEMs with any of them and if so which one do you think would pair best with the 16 ohm ibasso IT01 and it's single dynamic driver. I want a tube amp to use primarily with iems and to try out as a tube preamp or buffer in my home system once in a while. Thanks
I have used both Tube Amps The Little Dot MKll and MKlll for IEMs. Both have gain swithes so you can adjust for different rated headphones. You will need to open them up to adjust but you can search You Tube for videos if you haven’t done that before.
I just picked up the 6XX. Right now I'm using a Mojo out of LG V20. Wondering if this LD is a good match if I sell my Mojo. I'm only using the Mojo as a desktop and I'd rather have a dedicated amp sitting there with a volume knob vs the little Mojo that moves around the desk and the volume isn't the quickest to adjust. Since my V20 has a decent DAC, would I be downgrading from the Mojo. Yeah I know how some like to say different amps. Can't compared apples and oranges. But I wondering if I will love the sound of this coming from my V20 compared to my current set up.
First of all, Mojo is a DAC + amp, not just an amp (just to make it clear). Second, In my opinion, V20 would do ok as a DAC, but Mojo would do a bit better. Is Mojo worth, just as a desktop DAC? No, by far, but you already have it. Should you sell the Mojo? I don't know, maybe in the future you want a portable player and Mojo can turn even the crappiest phone into a great DAP, maybe you need the money and better sell it ASAP, it depends on you. What I can tell you is that LD MKII would be a great match for your HD6XX, better than Mojo and waaay better than your V20. Both the V20 and Mojo could be used as a source for the LD MKII, Mojo would sound a bit better since it has a dedicated line out mode, but difference won't be huge.
Why don't you have both apple and oranges...
I hooked up my chord mojo with this amazing LD Mkll vacuum tube amp..
The Chord mojo is the line out dac and the sound is amazing..
NOTE: Make sure the Chord Mojo volume is set low before firing it up. :-)