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Little Dot MKIII & MKIII SE Tube Headphone Amps

Little Dot MKIII & MKIII SE Tube Headphone Amps

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I dont get it. Whats up with these massdrops where ebay sells 'em for cheaper and you dont have to wait for delivery.
I have a like-new LD MK IV SE that is in perfect working order, no defects, you can still get them
Hey guys I need help, I found I can hear noise from one side of headphone. There is no noise at initial, but will come after about 30-60 minutes running. The noise will not disappear if disconnecting all signal cable so it is not come from signal source. Switching the left/right drive tubes also switch the noise side.

So is it because the tubes are defective? I have one pair of the stock GE 5654w, and one pair of voskhod 6J1p-ev, both have the noise issue mentioned above. What a coincidence to having two pairs of defective tube? Any other possible cause? Please help, thanks
This is my first tube amp so I'm not sure if this is user error, I got a bad amp, my setup around it sucks or I just don't "get it" when it comes to tube amps. First, I get a lot of crackling and popping if my headphone line moves while I'm listening. Second, the sound seems, I don't know I guess a little muddled or distant. What is a common setup around these things? I'm trying to drive it with just an iPhone or iPad and listening with Beats headphones which otherwise sound fine to me straight from the iPhone.
Burn in times...they suck...I just replaced original tube with a 1964 Seimens and bought a cheap pair of closed back cans....they sounded like i was dragging them from water. Gave them 50-60 hours to burn in and they opened up like spring flowers. audiophile....patience. Cavalli CTH/Koss UR-20...Senns 6xx on order.
hope you can make a comparison of CTH and little dot, and share us your feelings. thanks,
Oh man, the wait is killing me ! Massdrop, please helpme !
Hey Guys, please help!! This or the Alex Cavalli Drop? I'll be running the HD6XX's on them primarily!
both if you are rich...but if pick up only one, I recommend little dot since you have the hd6xx (high impedance headphone)
What give tubes canbe used on the LD mk3 SE ? Thank you guys so very much for any available insight!

Welcome to the world of tube rolling.
Thanks a lot!
How's this with low impedance headphones? I stayed away from the dark voice for that reason
The MKIII is an OTL like the DarkVoice, so it would not be ideal for low impedance headphones.

The MKIII SE is a hybrid though and should work well. It's really a completely different amp.
It has gain switches on the bottom. Check the specs.
This little dot mkiii shipped early and I have been listened 2 days now. I am pairing it with sennheiser HD800. Its build quality is solid, and i like the sound. I have some entry level amp before, such as schiit magni. This little dot has much better sound quality. The most difference is that, little dot has better control of the sound, maybe because it has more power reserve, which making the background darker, and music more vibrant. The resolution increased, and I can hear more nuances and details of any instruments. This helps when you listen to classic music. By the way, HD800 is very capable of reproduction those nuances and details.
The stock tube is a pair of GE Jan 5654w, did they upgrade this or it is always this one?
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Yes, I tried the 4, 5 and 10 gains settings with HD800. I like the gain of 5 most. At gain of 10, I feel the sound is little harsh, easy to fatigue; and at gain of 4, the sound is a little soft, lacking some energy. So I feel gain of 5 is just fine. what is your experience?
I found that the highest gain settings for my Hifiman 4xxs sound more forward with a slight mid bass to treble boast, which I prefer for vocal tracks. The gain setting at 5 seems flatter which I prefer for edm/electronic music that already emphasis those regions.
Has anyone listened to the MKIII SE? How does it compare to other balanced amplifiers and to the regular MKIII?
I have been trying to find that out for going on 2 years !
Me too. I have the original but I would love to know if the Little Dot MklllSe is worth the extra $230