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Mine comes with a little problem. There is constant (not so constant actually. It goes up and down but usually noticeable) electric buzzing sound/noise regardless of the volume (so it's there on 0 volume), especially on the left. I have eliminated the power problem possibility. And I found out that when touching the aluminum exterior with my hand, the noise goes down a little. And when touching the driver tube (the left one, which is the louder side. And they are not so hot!), the noise goes off almost completely. Does anyone have an idea what's the problem? Or is it just a tube amp thing?

Received the Little Dot MK iii SE about 2 weeks ago, and two things with it had me concerned: one, I was getting quite a bit less sound out of the left earcup on my HD 6XXs than my right, no matter how I tweaked it. After bringing it to a shop for a quick repair, it was found that the wiring in the unit hadn't been completely connected, and now that it has been fixed, the sound is pretty darn sweet, and I'm definitely getting the warm sound people are saying this amp is known for. The second issue is one I'm hoping someone here could help me out with and address: when the amp is turned on, the tubes won't light up. Like, at all. Is this because of the stock amps that come included with the unit? Are they possibly damaged somehow? Every picture and screenshot I see from this amp when it's powered on show the tubes being brightly lit. Is there something wrong here? To show what I mean, this is what I see when I see pictures of what the Little Dot is supposed to look like when turned on:
And this is what mine looks like powered on:

The sample photo you have is exaggerated I think. The big tubes are brighter and the small ones should be relatively dimmer. Yet, they should light up anyway, just not so bright. Is there any sound coming through though? If so, then it's cute!
I have received mine 2 weeks ago, paired with Sennheiser HD6XX (massdrop version of HD650) and Dragonfly Red. Each piece was $200. So for total of $600 I got my endgame. Listening to them now. Get the MK III its incredible,
In need of some quick help, I am considering this amp but as the "se" variant. I want that one because it has balanced xlr out and I just can't go back to trs. My question is if this amp is worth the $469 price tag or should I look elsewhere? My hope is that someone here has the se variant, runs it with the 6xx and uses the balanced xlr headphone jack. I love my gear and the clean sound I get from each and every one of my headphones but really want to try a tube amp to see if it will bring that little bit of dirt, grit and warmth that I am looking for in certain genre's of music. I know that I will have to tube roll to find the sound I truly want but since I have not used a tube amp since I was a kid in the 70's I lack the exposure and experience with today's tube amps that would allow me to make a some what educated decision. Thank you all for your help in advance, hopefully I can get some good input before the drop ends.
I feel the balanced amp would be worth the price, IF it came with more than a 30 day warranty ! We the consumer needs to pressure Massdrop into giving a 1 year warranty with all the electrics they sell. Just don't buy the item until they change their warranty policy. Buying a Chinese tube amp with no 1 year warranty @ $500 is just too big of a risk. Think about the hassle you would have finding someone to work on it, then the cost and shipping. I have read Little dot does not honor any warranty with these amps sold on massdrop, this needs to change.
Thanks for the reply, I have made some purchases from MD and the only expensive thing I purchased was from a U.S. company that had a longer warranty on the product. I could have purchased my LD MK II from MD but instead decided pay the extra $20 and go with Amazon because I know that I would be covered if anything happened later on down the road. If they do decide to offer a longer warranty I will more than likely make my larger cost purchases from them, but until them I will keep it to the lower price ranges unless it is a U.S. based company that will offer their own as well.
Would I be able to use my 02+sdac as a DAC for this or should I buy a separate DAC to use with the MkIII?
Yes you can use it with Little Dot
So is this thing any better than the mk ii? Can’t afford to waste $ on a minor improvement.
I bought the Little dot MKIII off of amazon about a year ago and this thing makes my Sennheiser HD650's sound absolutely beautiful. For the price you can't beat the quality of this product.
Hello, ls there a warranty on the little dot mkiii and mkiii se.
Hopefully I’m not breaking any rules by saying this, but I bought a Mk IV SE from Massdrop a few years back and have never used it; mostly because my dumbass accidentally selected 220V vice 115. I have a Schiit stack now so I need to be rid of it, feel free to message me for details.
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Can you send me some pictures, quote a price shipped to zip code 21611 Sweden.
Absolutely, how would you like me to send it? I don’t think I can message via Massdrop.
Wold this or the Alex Cavalli CTH be a better option for the hd6xx?
This amp will require some tube replacements, but in the end will result in a more tubey and customizable sound. the CTH will be less work off the bat, but is a warm to neutral hybrid. They both have the power for the HD6xx. The CTH will be flexible with different resitance headphones, while the little dot will be for higher resistance headphones. Hope that helps.
Just chiming in. I have the LD MKIII from long ago and collected various tubes that were recommended for this amp since then. I have the HD 6xx and TH-X00.
For the TH-X00, I find I prefer it from a solid state amp more than from the LD. As the TH-X00 are already bass heavy, running it from the LD just bloats the low end further. So I use it mainly from the Mojo and the impact is fantastic.
My CD collection has been languishing in the closet and I recently happen to chance across a deal on a CD player (Marantz CD5005). So I took the CD player home, immediately hooked it to the LD (with my fav Hytron tubes) and plugged in the HD 6xx. Omg the result was mind(or ear) blowing. Absolute syrupy, lush tube sound. So yeah, everyone’s right about the magic of the HD 6xx and tube amps.
Are there any special power or signal tubes for this which minimise hum noise (including that weird noise when moving mouse cursor in some demanding pc games) please?
Please help, which one better: MKIII SE + DAC or Questyle CMA400i ? MKIII SE + DAC or Schiit Jot + Balanced DAC ? am going to use 4-pin XLR ( with HD6xx and Focal Clear ) I know that (Questyle CMA400i better than Schiit Jot + Balanced DAC) Thank you
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I think im jealous lol
lol xD thank you 4 the help I hope that you get best setup soon ^^
Has anyone tried using this with their fostex th-x00? The fostex has a low impedance that's below the rated range of the amp. Would I still be able to use it?
A tube amp for low impedance headphones is less than ideal. At its core, a vacuum tube (valve) puts out a lot of voltage and not much current. That trade-off is what makes vacuum tube amplifiers good for high resistance headphones (150 Ω +) that require higher voltages to drive their more finely wound coils. Those Fostex headphones are listed at 25Ω per Massdrop, they need a lot of current but not a ton of voltage. That demand is best accomplished by a solid state amplifier. If you absolutely must have something with a tube, look for a single or twin tube hybrid amp that uses it tube/s for the driver and not the power circuit.
Thanks for explaining why. Really helped me refine my amp search
This is $352 Canadian after exchange rate and shipping. Is it worth that price?
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Any DACs you'd recommend? I see the Topping D10 is active here now. It's $75 US which would be $98 CAD + shipping.
I can't speak for the D10 as I haven't heard it. It looks good based on reviews, but they recommend the use of a powered USB hub for better performance.
I would suggest you drop by eBay for the Little Dot MKIII and the Topping D30 or another DAC, and see if you can get better deals.
What is the output impedance of the balanced version? I wonder if it is supposed to work will with (relatively) low-impedance headphones, like Fostex T60rp and Sennheiser hd598...
32 to 600 ohms, just like the MKIII.
When using this as a preamp plugged into my NAD C 740 "Main-In", I can only control the volume using the Little Dot's volume control. Is there any reason why I can't plug it into another input and use the volume control (etc...) settings on the NAD? Would this create any conflict with gain settings or anything else?
This can be done exactly as you describe. You should only make sure that you set the Little Dot volume level to a position that matches its output signal to the main input signal level spec of your NAD (can do this by experimenting). You can then connect the NAD pre-amp L/R outputs to the L/R inputs of the LD. In this configuration, LD would be working like a tube buffer. You can then use all audio inputs of your NAD normally. Here is the scheme: NAD(pre-out ) ---> LD (in) NAD(main-in) <--- LD (out)
Just reading this almost four months on--thanks for this explanation--appreciated.
Is there a measurement about MKIII SE? I know it's a new model from littledot and was released last year. But I'm a bit curious I cannot find any measurement of this model. I don't want to spend $400 for a amplifier with brief tech data only. I searched with google, and only see some people want to sell their MKIII SE and only 1 open box review. I don't know whether I should join this drop.
And how MKIII SE compares to MCTH for HD600?
I dont get it. Whats up with these massdrops where ebay sells 'em for cheaper and you dont have to wait for delivery.
I have a like-new LD MK IV SE that is in perfect working order, no defects, you can still get them
Hey guys I need help, I found I can hear noise from one side of headphone. There is no noise at initial, but will come after about 30-60 minutes running. The noise will not disappear if disconnecting all signal cable so it is not come from signal source. Switching the left/right drive tubes also switch the noise side.
So is it because the tubes are defective? I have one pair of the stock GE 5654w, and one pair of voskhod 6J1p-ev, both have the noise issue mentioned above. What a coincidence to having two pairs of defective tube? Any other possible cause? Please help, thanks
This is my first tube amp so I'm not sure if this is user error, I got a bad amp, my setup around it sucks or I just don't "get it" when it comes to tube amps. First, I get a lot of crackling and popping if my headphone line moves while I'm listening. Second, the sound seems, I don't know I guess a little muddled or distant. What is a common setup around these things? I'm trying to drive it with just an iPhone or iPad and listening with Beats headphones which otherwise sound fine to me straight from the iPhone.
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should I just leave them on and playing music for a couple days?
I did not do that...I just powered them on when I sat down in front of PC. Eventually after 3-4 days everything was smooth as silk. Plus the tubes can get really warm along with chassis. It will work itself out through normal use.
Oh man, the wait is killing me ! Massdrop, please helpme !
Hey Guys, please help!! This or the Alex Cavalli Drop? I'll be running the HD6XX's on them primarily!
both if you are rich...but if pick up only one, I recommend little dot since you have the hd6xx (high impedance headphone)
What give tubes canbe used on the LD mk3 SE ? Thank you guys so very much for any available insight!
Thanks a lot!
How's this with low impedance headphones? I stayed away from the dark voice for that reason
The MKIII is an OTL like the DarkVoice, so it would not be ideal for low impedance headphones.
The MKIII SE is a hybrid though and should work well. It's really a completely different amp.
It has gain switches on the bottom. Check the specs.
This little dot mkiii shipped early and I have been listened 2 days now. I am pairing it with sennheiser HD800. Its build quality is solid, and i like the sound. I have some entry level amp before, such as schiit magni. This little dot has much better sound quality. The most difference is that, little dot has better control of the sound, maybe because it has more power reserve, which making the background darker, and music more vibrant. The resolution increased, and I can hear more nuances and details of any instruments. This helps when you listen to classic music. By the way, HD800 is very capable of reproduction those nuances and details. The stock tube is a pair of GE Jan 5654w, did they upgrade this or it is always this one?
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Yes, I tried the 4, 5 and 10 gains settings with HD800. I like the gain of 5 most. At gain of 10, I feel the sound is little harsh, easy to fatigue; and at gain of 4, the sound is a little soft, lacking some energy. So I feel gain of 5 is just fine. what is your experience?
I found that the highest gain settings for my Hifiman 4xxs sound more forward with a slight mid bass to treble boast, which I prefer for vocal tracks. The gain setting at 5 seems flatter which I prefer for edm/electronic music that already emphasis those regions.
Has anyone listened to the MKIII SE? How does it compare to other balanced amplifiers and to the regular MKIII?
I have been trying to find that out for going on 2 years !
Me too. I have the original but I would love to know if the Little Dot MklllSe is worth the extra $230
Question to any audio engineer or audiophile... I have an old z2300 that makes haedphones sound better than anything I have tried, does a dac amp will sound better? because if they are not portable I dont see the point of having good sound card in pc plus the z2300 amp. Thanks in advance cheers!
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Im Canadian does offer still stand :)
Sorry, I gave the gear to a friend's son.
I've had an MKIII for a few years now and I love it. I've rolled in quite a few tubes and now have all non-stock tubes in there to get it sounding just the way I want. The idea of a second one sounds good but I can buy it directly from Littledot for $200. What am I missing that is making it cost $229.99 here?
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Based on that, getting the 1 year warranty from David directly sounds better. :) He will fix his amps for free (parts and labor) outside of the warranty period if you pay the shipping too, or that used to be his policy years ago.
Anyway, I guess none of this really matters for me. I don't even live in the US and getting the amp shipped from China to Canada took a couple of days. I couldn't believe how quick it arrived!
Yeah, with the wait and warranty for fairly small savings I decided against this one for now. The Massdrop, not the amp. Thanks everyone for the info.