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Little Dot MKIII & MKIII SE Tube Headphone Amps

Little Dot MKIII & MKIII SE Tube Headphone Amps

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Wold this or the Alex Cavalli CTH be a better option for the hd6xx?
Just chiming in. I have the LD MKIII from long ago and collected various tubes that were recommended for this amp since then. I have the HD 6xx and TH-X00.

For the TH-X00, I find I prefer it from a solid state amp more than from the LD. As the TH-X00 are already bass heavy, running it from the LD just bloats the low end further. So I use it mainly from the Mojo and the impact is fantastic.

My CD collection has been languishing in the closet and I recently happen to chance across a deal on a CD player (Marantz CD5005). So I took the CD player home, immediately hooked it to the LD (with my fav Hytron tubes) and plugged in the HD 6xx. Omg the result was mind(or ear) blowing. Absolute syrupy, lush tube sound. So yeah, everyone’s right about the magic of the HD 6xx and tube amps.
Are there any special power or signal tubes for this which minimise hum noise (including that weird noise when moving mouse cursor in some demanding pc games) please?
Please help, which one better:
MKIII SE + DAC or Questyle CMA400i ?
MKIII SE + DAC or Schiit Jot + Balanced DAC ?
am going to use 4-pin XLR ( with HD6xx and Focal Clear )
I know that (Questyle CMA400i better than Schiit Jot + Balanced DAC)
Thank you
Has anyone tried using this with their fostex th-x00? The fostex has a low impedance that's below the rated range of the amp. Would I still be able to use it?
A tube amp for low impedance headphones is less than ideal. At its core, a vacuum tube (valve) puts out a lot of voltage and not much current. That trade-off is what makes vacuum tube amplifiers good for high resistance headphones (150 Ω +) that require higher voltages to drive their more finely wound coils. Those Fostex headphones are listed at 25Ω per Massdrop, they need a lot of current but not a ton of voltage. That demand is best accomplished by a solid state amplifier. If you absolutely must have something with a tube, look for a single or twin tube hybrid amp that uses it tube/s for the driver and not the power circuit.
Thanks for explaining why. Really helped me refine my amp search
This is $352 Canadian after exchange rate and shipping. Is it worth that price?
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Any DACs you'd recommend? I see the Topping D10 is active here now. It's $75 US which would be $98 CAD + shipping.
I can't speak for the D10 as I haven't heard it. It looks good based on reviews, but they recommend the use of a powered USB hub for better performance.

I would suggest you drop by eBay for the Little Dot MKIII and the Topping D30 or another DAC, and see if you can get better deals.
What is the output impedance of the balanced version? I wonder if it is supposed to work will with (relatively) low-impedance headphones, like Fostex T60rp and Sennheiser hd598...
32 to 600 ohms, just like the MKIII.
When using this as a preamp plugged into my NAD C 740 "Main-In", I can only control the volume using the Little Dot's volume control. Is there any reason why I can't plug it into another input and use the volume control (etc...) settings on the NAD? Would this create any conflict with gain settings or anything else?

This can be done exactly as you describe. You should only make sure that you set the Little Dot volume level to a position that matches its output signal to the main input signal level spec of your NAD (can do this by experimenting). You can then connect the NAD pre-amp L/R outputs to the L/R inputs of the LD. In this configuration, LD would be working like a tube buffer. You can then use all audio inputs of your NAD normally.
Here is the scheme:
NAD(pre-out ) ---> LD (in)
NAD(main-in) <--- LD (out)

Is there a measurement about MKIII SE? I know it's a new model from littledot and was released last year. But I'm a bit curious I cannot find any measurement of this model. I don't want to spend $400 for a amplifier with brief tech data only. I searched with google, and only see some people want to sell their MKIII SE and only 1 open box review. I don't know whether I should join this drop.
And how MKIII SE compares to MCTH for HD600?
I dont get it. Whats up with these massdrops where ebay sells 'em for cheaper and you dont have to wait for delivery.
I have a like-new LD MK IV SE that is in perfect working order, no defects, you can still get them
Hey guys I need help, I found I can hear noise from one side of headphone. There is no noise at initial, but will come after about 30-60 minutes running. The noise will not disappear if disconnecting all signal cable so it is not come from signal source. Switching the left/right drive tubes also switch the noise side.

So is it because the tubes are defective? I have one pair of the stock GE 5654w, and one pair of voskhod 6J1p-ev, both have the noise issue mentioned above. What a coincidence to having two pairs of defective tube? Any other possible cause? Please help, thanks
This is my first tube amp so I'm not sure if this is user error, I got a bad amp, my setup around it sucks or I just don't "get it" when it comes to tube amps. First, I get a lot of crackling and popping if my headphone line moves while I'm listening. Second, the sound seems, I don't know I guess a little muddled or distant. What is a common setup around these things? I'm trying to drive it with just an iPhone or iPad and listening with Beats headphones which otherwise sound fine to me straight from the iPhone.
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should I just leave them on and playing music for a couple days?
I did not do that...I just powered them on when I sat down in front of PC. Eventually after 3-4 days everything was smooth as silk. Plus the tubes can get really warm along with chassis. It will work itself out through normal use.