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Anyone tried ordering one of these through Little Dot directly?

It gets you to email which sends you another automated reply to email
Seems pretty convoluted for ordering a damn amplifier, but I want a table MkIII so bad!! :(

Anyone know of an easier way of getting these in Australia that doesn't involve paying more than $315 including postage that Little Dot charges directly?
I have sent a email to the help center for clarification on questions about the warranty for the Little Dot Amp .
I have looked several times for any info about this on the product page and can't find anything, hope I am not overlooking it !
Hello, Does anyone know what the deal is with the warranty? I have read that Little Dot will not honor warranties from pieces bought from Amazon or Massdrop...
From what info I have received if it does not mention a manufacturer's warranty on the product page, it does not have one !
It will come with a 30 day return option. Hope that helps ! I would also ask Massdrop to add to this for any other information.
Ok, thanks...
I have had mine for about a year and a half or longer. After owning it about a year, it developed a distinct hum in the left channel, one for which I have not been able to locate a local repair shop.
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Does anyone have a link to the tubes that can be used to roll or replace in this amp?

I've read that the MK series of LD amps does NOT require that power and driver tubes be matched pairs.
This seems nonsensical to me. Any other opinions??
I've had my LDMKIII for over a year now. I have it connected to my gaming PC coming out of the RCA outputs of my xonar STX. I've rolled the tubes for maximum soundstage for gaming. I think it sounds better than any transparent amp I've used. I originally bought the amp for my Beyer DT990 600Ohm cans which have amazing soundstage. The Sen 6xx also sound ungodly on it, but the soundstage is lacking, so I use them as reference(ish) cans for work. I currently use the Monolith 1060s, which are great on soundstage and with it and they sound amazing.

There was some buzzing initially which I tried to remedy with an in line ground ground loop noise isolator, which helped a little bit but not completely. Ultimately, a grounding adapter between the LD plug and the battery backup did the trick (my house is old).

Check out the LDMKIII tube rolling guide on headfi to get started.
anyone compared little dot mk2 vs mk3? What is the difference regarding sound performance?
Had Little Dot Mk III for about a month as well. Got a slight cracking in one channel. Isolated it to one of the stock power tubes. Otherwise, very happy with it. Decided to order a matched pair of International 5591/403B (6AK5) as supposed to have a big step up in sound quality for very reasonable outlay. Anyone rolled to same tubes and can provide some insight of sound as a result?
I currently have the Little Dot i+ and have been thinking of upgrading to the LD MKIII SE when it becomes available once again. Is it compatible with EF95 tubes? That would be convenient. Also, has anyone rolled op amps on the MKIII SE? It is a hybrid, right? How many op amps does it use? I replaced the LDi+ op amp with a Burson V5i and it has been working wonders. Thinking of doing the same with the MKIII SE.
I've had my Little Dot MKIII for a month now and it is Awesome. I have a Thorens TT connected to a Cambridge CP1 phono preamp then into the Little Dot and am using Senns 600 HD headphones. Sounds fantastic. I did replace the stock driver tubes with Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV (6J1P-EV) from ebay and this improved the sound substantially.

Does anyone know if there is a PDF download of the MKIII manual? I can't seem to find one.
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Thank You!
You're Welcome. I can't find the one for the SE version, and I was at the Little Dot "website". The site is ""
A stunningly gorgeous head amp/preamp! I've had mine a few years now, and have been beyond satisfied. In fact, the value of this piece is 'off the charts'. I believe 'Stereophile' ran an in-depth favorable article review of the Little Dot MKIII years ago. I use mine as a head amp, and a preamp driving a McIntosh MC162 and Magnepan MG12/QR's. I have a few videos posted on YouTube under 'AudiophileTubes'.
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