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LM Products Cannon Card & Cash Wallet

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Hi. What kind of leather is used to make this wallet? Thanks.
@LMproducts These look great! What's the difference between the Crazyhorse and Mahogany; they look very similar. Do you have any other pics (besides the ones on your website) that would show their differences? Thanks!
Thanks! Mahogany has a glossier finish. Crazyhorse is a naked finish. Mahogany has more of a burgandy color than crazyhorse. Let me know any other questions. Thanks, Tyler CEO//LM
Wish there were better product shots in the overview. Seems like this was a complaint in the last drop, but really should have been fixed by now.
Check their website.
We could, but we shouldn't have to.
Just received mine (California). Very nice, leathery feel and smell, this is the real thing. Card pockets are a little stiff, managed to get four cards in one pocket but it got really tight. My guess is that this will get better with use after it has time to break in, as in all leather products.
You can wet the leather and mould it to your cards. Dry it naturally and slowly so it won't go brittle.
When will these ship?
any dimensions? how would euros fit in there?
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I’d be up for international options! Just got the Thompson wallet and am loving it, and yes I’d be interested in another LM product for sure
@LMproducts did you manage to update the dimensions for the international crowd, or is this still cut to fit the US dollar bills closely?
Hey all, I have a few more shots to share (back, front, side, open & open) Hopefully these help illustrate how it functions. Just slide the cards in the 2 pockets and the bills under the money clip from the side. Good to go. Let me know any questions. It's a solid design we've made numerous iterations of for over a decade.
Thanks, Tyler CEO // LM


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Thanks I did see these. Just feel like a person that doesn't visit the discussion part of each drop might miss it. Though I am not one of those people.
How's it going, great product. I absolutely love it. I have an issue, after a very long night (of partying, after I haven't partied in about a year or so) I lost the clip for my wallet. How do I go about getting a replacement clip. Thank you. Happy Holidays!!
Can we get more pictures for products like this? It seems like we only ever get a single angle on most wallets that show up here.
Update: See above.
Seth, That seems to be the common question for this drop. Until I can get back to the shop to take more photos maybe this will help. Here's a photo of the inside. The cash is held by a copper money clip in the fold of the wallet. Both sides (front and back) are the same setup - single pocket for cards on each side. Each pocket holds multiple cards. Let me know anything else I can answer or help with.
Thanks, Tyler CEO // LM
Their website has more pics
I’d love to see a picture of the inside as well.
Pictures are useless. We want to see where the cash goes!
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What holds the bills down?
A copper money clip.
A picture of the center of the wallet would be very helpful...
Here you go 👍 Let me anything else I can help with.
Tyler CEO // LM
I have another wallet from LM Products that I absolutely love -- before pulling the trigger here, is there any possibility of better pictures?
Can add more helpful pictures?
Here's one of the inside. Front and back are the same. Let me know anything else I can answer or help with.
Thanks, Tyler CEO // LM
Does this hold only US notes or is it wide enough to hold other currencies without the notes sticking out the sides of the wallet?
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I live in Singapore. One of our bigger but still commonly used notes is our fifty which measures 156 x 74 mm.
What about the Philippine Peso? 160x66mm?