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Luminox Space XCOR/SXC GMT Watch

Luminox Space XCOR/SXC GMT Watch

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I've had mine for about 3 months now. No issues...tritium works fine. The bezel is goofy as it does not lock. But looks good - nice heavy rubber strap. Does get positive comments.
I recieved my Luminox XCOR but it doesn't work. Maybe the battery is discharged or it's broken. I'm dissapointed. Maybe I'll return it to sender.
Copra completada?
The Navy Seal series look better. To me, this piece look like a SWATCH . Very plastic even it was a Carbon base.

The Case Back prefer stainless steel as to carbon. During battery change unskillful watch mechanic may over tighten and crack the case back.
Never again! I own two Luminox watches. Both are now broken. One took on water and basically stopped working (series 8800). The other's crown is broken (F117 Nighthawk) PS. The rubber band on this one also just fell apart and has been replaced. Both watches were treated normally and with care.

Their customer service is non-existent. They simply don't respond.

I have vowed to never again buy a Luminox as well as to inform as many people about it as I can. (it's too bad because their watches are actually nice looking - other than this one which looks way too busy and the rotating bezel makes it look cheap imo).
Luminox has, in previous drops for other watches, included a manufacturer's warranty. Is that the case here?
The warrant is non existant even if they offer it. Avoid this company if you can.
This watch is at Amazon for a dollar less and I can get it the next day! Where is the deal???
Link please. I find nothing close to this price on
I just got mine in and like it a lot. It looks sharp, feels light and is easy to read. It's my first tritium watch, so I'm not sure how to correct gauge this, but the tritium "glow" seems weak on mine. Again, not sure how strong other watches like this glow, and maybe I'm just not used to it, but for now, it seems weak.
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Agreed. I really like the watch. Nicely made and feels solid. - " could be better" describes it perfectly in regards to the tritium tubes :)
I've had to work through a DOA watch one time before with massdrop and it was a royal pain in the neck/took forever. Not even trying this time. At least everything else works :)
I've heard that the tritium 25 tubes are not that bright, but tritium lasts all night and all day, for years. One thing from the picutres is that there only seem to be three tritium tubes, hour, minute, and GMT. There is no 12:00 tube, so you need to make sure your watch is oriented right, something that is hard to do with you are half asleep in bed.
When can we see one of the automatic movement watches from Luminox on Massdrop?
Heads up Luminox has the worst customer support I have delt with.
Ok, the price is right. How does the GMT work? Like what time is it in the watches pictured?
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the crown pulls out to the first position and it sets the date indicator (rotated clockwise/right) and the GMT hand rotated counter clock wise. The GMT hand performs a full revolution in 24 hours. The rotating (24 hour) bezel also allows an additional time zone to be shown. Altogether a very nice and useful timepiece for travelers. Now, if only the tritium tubes in mine were working :(
The GMT hand is cool. I have two watches that ONLY display 24hr GMT time. GMT time is "military" time and is on a 24 hour dial, instead of the usual 12 hour time. In other words, the hand(s) go around the dial only once in a 24 hour day, instead of twice, like all other watches. From midnight to noon, the hand shows 1 through 12. At noon (1200), the hand goes to 1300 (1:00 PM),1400,1500,1600...etc. So, at 3:15 pm, the hand shows 1515. At 3:15am, the hand shows 315 (0315). So, when the regular hands show 9:20 pm, the GMT hand shows 2120. Very useful for pilots, military, fire, police, or anyone who use 24hr military time daily. Theres good videos explaining this further. It's not as confusing as it seems. In fact, it's really cool.
Is there a warranty?
I have four Luminox watches. Three flavors of the Navy Seal watch, and another one also with tritium inserts.

Generally, I like them a lot. Even though they are resin and rubber, they have a certain look and feel to them that is cool.

This one, however, is probably my least favorite Luminox in terms of looks and design. I don't know how to put it, but it looks somewhat cheap to me. The design seems to be all over the place, and some of the design elements, like the bar going across the face, just don't look very well integrated or necessary into the aesthetic of it. The two mismatched fonts of the numbers on the face and on the bezel especially bother me.

IMO, it looks more like a low end watch, like a cheap Armitron or something along those lines.

That's just my opinion, of course. I feel all the other Luminox watches I've seen seem much less cluttered and so much more integrated, aesthetically.
So which one's your favourite?
I agree with your assessment of the look of the face completely. That "bar" across the face bothers me too. At first, I thought it should have a function, since it looks out of place. I like a busy face, with a lot of numbers, but this is strange. My Glycine Airman autos are very busy, but they are logical.