Lumintop ODF30 3,500-Lumen Flashlightsearch

Lumintop ODF30 3,500-Lumen Flashlight

Lumintop ODF30 3,500-Lumen Flashlight

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I’m seeing two 5000 mAh batteries for $15 on Amazon.

EBL 3.7V 26650 5000mAh Lithium Rechargeable Batteries for Flashlight Vapor, 2 Packs

UPDATE: I'm sooooo tempted here. But I just received my Copper Prince and have the Brass Reylight AA coming. So...I...Must...Resist...
Here's a good review:

Massdrop seems to have the best price as well.
So many DOA items, poor a/s and less than 3 stars. The specs are good but it seems the quality isn't.
I have a small Torpedo Lumintop with its luminecent rubber cap,(a great feature.) and I just received recently the 620 lumen 2-AA flashlight, both hereon Massdrop,and they both are perfect and the quality is fantastic! The end cap threads are soooo smooth it feels like butter! I hope and pray that this one is the same. The looks of this unit really stands out with its blue bezel and the stainless USB cover looks cool as well.
Amazon sells 26650 batteries both with a button top and with a flat top. Will either style work, or is one style required ? If one style is required, MD should have specified that since they are NOT providing a battery.
Is this bright enough to shed light into my girlfriends heart of darkness?
Not quite, I would look at some of the "soda can" style lights. They should have enough lumens to do the job. I also assume you need more of a floody light, since she won't be too far away when you are trying to illuminate her heart of darkness. The throw on this light is overkill for the job.
I recently purchased the Nitecore EA45S here on Massdrop and it has a 1000 lumen rating with max distance of 402m. I'm a newbie here with the flashlight specs, but I'm wondering how the Lumintop states 3,500 lumens but it's distance is far less as well as intensity? Certainly appreciate any help in understanding the ratings as such for my further education :-)
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It all has to do with the shape and surface of the reflector (the silver mirror thing around the bulb behind the glass). If you notice on this one it is sort of rough looking surface and shallow. A surface like this will reflect light against all its different angles, making it spread and scatter. Your flashlight probably has a smooth reflector that is deeper so it focuses the light to be reflected out in a more forward and beam like pattern. It can kind of be compared to the difference between a shotgun and rifle. The shotgun is more powerful up close, but the rifle is more accurate at a distance.
Thank you dzalder and BlueTom for your explanations and help in better understanding the different characteristics behind the various flashlights. There's certainly a wide variety of them to choose from and seeing a lot of offerings on MD so I'm slowly getting up to speed. Thanks again for your help...
Is this cool white or warm white torch ?
I can't speak for the C model but I have the original ODF30 and it is cool white. About 6500k or so.
Is this one of those "battery sold seperate" kind of deals? Or is it built into the flashlight? If not what battery would I need to purchase seperate?
This was asked and answered before:

Just got my flashlight.... and its the new ODF30C with anodized blue accents and USB charging built in. Very interesting, not what i was expecting.

Also looks like an Olight now lol. Will post pics tomorrow if anyone is curious.
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Same, I have external chargers that I'd rather use cause I trust them more, but the USB comes in handy for if i ever take the light with me on a camping trip or something, charge via the car or a battery pack.

I wonder if the spare O-rings included are in a different color, I havent looked at anything in the box other than the light itself lol.
The two spare O-rings are black, and both are sized for the tail-cap area only.

Another thing. The lanyard normally comes in an orange color. This one is black. Which I prefer.

Here is a link, to a very good video review of the ODF30 model, done by Charles. If anyone would like to take a look at that?

Also while playing around with getting the moonlight mode to come on. I accidentally programmed it into 'momentary' mode. Which was cool.

I didn't know that was an option?
I don't think that came up in any video review, either?
That program, allowed the light to only shine when the button was being pressed. That will come in handy, and save battery life.
I ordered this last time it was on massdrop and it was dead on arrival. Spent more than 2 weeks dicking around via email with some Chinese dude name "Leo" to try to get a warranty replacement he would wait 3+ days to reply and I would have to send a second email saying "hello?" to get even that delayed reply. Also to ship it back to China was about $60 minimum and I told him I couldn't justify spending the $ on shipping when a new light was cheaper. I asked if I could show on video that it did not function and even offered to destroy the flashlight with sawzall on video as proof that I wasn't just trying to get a "free light". It's now been since 6/4 and there has still be no reply to tell me what to do or if they will ship me a new flashlight w/o the return of the broken one. Finally I went back to Massdrop and they offered an RMA but would only refund me, not ship me a new flashlight. The broken one is on its way back to Massdrop and I ended up finding and getting in on this new drop for the same flashlight, so in the end it will work out, but all in all not a good experience, especially with the manufacturer being in China and very very unresponsive.
Does it come with the BATTERY? I just ordered it and can't find if it does.
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No Sir, no battery OR charger included in this drop if it was a 16340 battery with a small charger I wouldn't be that upset but a 26 650 battery and charger are a bit more than your standard battery and charger