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540$ gets me into lower/mid level iems from name brands I trust.
$540 is a lot to spend blindly on a newish company's ultra new IEM.... that is twice the price of the next model down, which is ALSO new.
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Nah, I'm familiar with Lao Zhong and the marvelous A4. Doesn't change the fact that it's a newish company only just starting to dive into the higher end of the market.
My A4s are pretty clunky to use and one of the drives cuts out.
I dunno the phrasing of the number drivers like it’s what makes the iem good is a bit misleading.
That said is this really all that good ?
ive never heard of lz
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well I said the sand thing above lol
I know that I was just elaborating ;->
WTF! WTMF!!! WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why!!!!!
Every purchase from Massdrop I end up paying duty to the crown, if the drop is less then 20% discount from what other's are selling is no point for me to get from Massdrop (since price+duty will be same or higher).

Unless an item is Massdrop exclusive or Massdrop made I am staying away. I've had my eyes on the LZ Big Dipper for a while now, especially the 3 switch version, almost pulled the trigger on 11.11 but wanted to wait for Massdrop, seeing the price and I'd say no thanks.
Same here. If it had the switches at this price I'd bite.
Tax totally kills the small discount here..
The switches cost about $100 a piece add that to the price and you are at the same price as the K10. So just wait for the next K10 drop It is a much better deal.
With the delays on that drop, there should be plenty of stock :P
at least offer 2 switch version guys. without bass and mid switch it sounds pretty hollow on bass and mids.
This thing is great. I have one
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Great. If u like LZ a4, u will definitely love this one.
ok thanks!
That case... CRINGE!
That case is bulletproof, make sure to bring it with you everyday.
Go to Head-Fi if you want to see reviews of this model.
A bit expensive in my opinion for a brand that has released very good AND very bad models.
And the discount is actually not very significant.
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I meant to say boutique brand
ah... hmm... not sure how to respond to that.

It's a small chinese brand, that has been successfully winning over audiophiles since it began.

Their A4s are considered the best IEMs available in their price range. And they are my daily commuter IEMS.

Hard to say if that's the exact definition of boutique, but close enough I guess.