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Are these wireless/bluetooth? There is no specs saying anything. No battery specs either. What is the point of disconnecting the cable if you cant use them afterwards?
To change the wire...
Yeah. To change the wire 😂
Do these stay in ear well during lifting and running?
Lost my faith in this brand.
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This reviewer thought the same with their GT100S; not very good, but thought these IEM's were great. For a $100 IEM for $39.99, I think it's worth the gamble to purchase which I'm going to do. See -
yes, detachable cable might be the cure. Metal housing feels pretty sturdy. good luck. SQ is nice enough for the price.
How do these compare with the EDC 3?
I know that under included it says leather pouch but in the pictures they only show a black pouch but under included there is nothing talking about the black pouch. Are we getting the pouch or the leather bag?
Leather pouch, i just got mine today
Awsome! I cant wait to get my hànds on these but il have to wait till the end of february to receive them...
do these have normal 3.5 mm jack for phones? the picture kind of throws me off
Read the specs
Does anyone know which size spinfit tip will fit these. Not sure if the cp100 will fit over the nozzle
How do these fare against the NuForce EDC3?
Received mine today in Toronto. No duties. Build quality is very good. Accessories are excellent. Can't wait to burn these in.
Seems like a Great Deal to me 40 bucks...They have a detachable cable and tuning filters!
Does anyone know if these come shipped in the original box and with the original leather carrying case? 60$ off seems too damn good. Thx
under “whats included”, it states “premium learher pouch”, so i guess yes
In reviews these look great. But for the same price of the Tin T2 pros, which would you buy to listen to 90s hip hop ?
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I have the T2 Pro, and they aren’t very good. Anemic bass, so hip hop isn’t going to sound very good. Airy sound with very extended highs, so I’d look elsewhere for your 90’s hip hop needs.
tin t2's dont do hip hop. they have really great highs and high extension and soundscape but these would probably be better for hip hop. i have a pair of t2 pros which i use as IEMs. the sound signature is really quite unique and while the bass takes a supportive role to the mids to mid highs and highs it has some really neat extension and clarity to it so i dont mind. the instrument separation is fairly good as well so you can hear the bass as well. No thump at all though
for $39.99 these are a steal! i have them and enjoy them. they are a bit more difficult to drive than some of my other IEMs, but if you have a DAC/Amp, these things shine. for the price, you can't go wrong IMO
No compare it with tfz and gr07 bass I hav macaw gt600s previous verson its yoo bad in my taste 98db sensivity not too much loud and vocal portion is very dull in this 50-100 dollar range i suggest u to buy nuforce serise,wizzer a15pro,brainwavz b150,meeelectronics earphones. I am sure if u are a serious audiopholie macaw earphones not for you.
Decent bass and soundstage, with a V-ish "fun sound" but IMO the standout of these IEMs may be the fast and clear highs coming off the balanced armature driver.
Also you might find these on the heavier side at first, but it's easy to get used to as they are definitely comfortable.
And yet another edit: great build quality.
How do these compare to the TFZ Series 5 and the Vsonic gr07 bass edition?
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Which TFZ u have? T2 Pro, worse than MH755? I guess your hearing is different than mine, at the end of the day what I consider "better" might be "worse" for you, so maybe we're both right. IMHO, Tin Audio T2 (the original, not the newest Pro version) with foam tips are one of the best balanced sound IEM, and TFZ Exclusive 5 (not Series 5) are my favorite bass cannons (and one of the best v-shape sound IEM).
The TFZ King Exclusive
bought a pair of early version (non-removable cable, hard-to-open packaging). great value for the price when it was working. then one side died way prematurely. Non-MD purchase though.
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sad to see that I'm not alone. Now I'm only investing in IEMs with detachable cables.
Also same thing happened with me.i hav atleast 50 to 60 pair of earphone in 50 -1000 dollars priece tag.i use it very less like 5 hours and i also care of my every earphone i am sure earlier verson have problem.and they not want to replace it.very bad company
I had mixed feelings about this IEM. My impressions don't really line up with the hype train that well either. I had a hard time justifying this purchase when there are so many better IEMs available for the same (or slightly more) amount of money. Take a look at my full review here:

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I don't think there are enough reviews/impressions out there yet to call any of them an outlier. Beyond mine, Aaron's and Head Pie's reviews, there is little to no coverage of these, at least not that I can find.
There's too many similarities to the original GT100s for it to be a defect, in my opinion. Furthermore its basically impossible to return these if they are defective (on the basis of sound signature) so either way I think it's representative of a potential user experience.
These things are awesome. Reviewed them a while back;
Well worth the price.


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Hi! Do you know how these fare against the NuForce EDC3?
I wish, lol. I only have the regular EDC which I'd take these over. I also have the Nuforce HEM3, but as far as I know the tuning is nothing like the EDC3.
Why would a company choose STAINLESS STEEL (and it would have to be THIN steel, as they say, but this is worse still from an audio perspective) for their IEM housings over aluminium, when steel has a higher melting point (they're injection moulded, remember!?), is heavier per any given structure made to be of similar strength to an alu structure (even when you allow for less steel needing to be used, thanks to the metal's higher strength), and worst of all, is far less inert (more "springy" than alu) ESPECIALLY when made with thinner walls, thus much more prone to causing / amplifying artefacts!
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So does aluminium.
But if you made it out of aluminum you couldn't proudly display "made from stainless steel" on the box/Massdrop advert.
Any reviews for this now?
So far, this Head-Fi review seems to be it.
Will this ship today or will another tragedy occur?
GT600S sauce:
For whoever is interested: Included freq response to see what's emphasized. To me, they're pretty similar, perhaps smoother treble due to a dedicated BA. Hopefully someone whose heard both can comment on their difference in tonality. If it still contains that instrument separation: dat blank spaces :^) GT100S graph: GT100S Sauce:
I hope someone will provide detailed review with this IEM.
Gt100s's are rubbish. Well, the ones I have anyway. They are very sensitive to moisture and tend to have an inline cable break. Mine lasted just over a year.
I have the GT100S. They sound good, have a lot of accesoires and built like a tank, however not easy to drive and a little uncomfortable since they're heavy. As far as i know, the GT600S is the updated version with replaceable cable.
"Inverted dyanmic" to a normal dynamic? + Ba. i wonder about the sound changes and if i still need that initial burn in.
Its a $25 savings over buying directly from China and about a month wait for shipping. Considering that they're selling their $60 list GT100S for $45 (25% off) on Amazon what are the odds these will show up with a similar discount in a month which is when these would ship?
(as an aside, I've seen this often, a Chinese company offering their products directly on Amazon. Is Amazon so huge now that it makes sense for these lesser known companies to go through the effort?)
From what few reviews I've found $75 seems like a good price and they've gotten pretty good reviews.
Where did you see reviews?
same, gibe sauce for reviews.
Is this a brand new IEMs? I can't find any reviews about these.
How they compare with the 1more triple?