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Magicforce 49-Key Mechanical Keyboard

Magicforce 49-Key Mechanical Keyboard

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How long does it normaly take for an drop to get active?
it varies heavily. just request the drop and have the "email me about requested drops" setting turned on for your profile and you will be good
When will this drop be active again? is there a way to know?
hit request on the drop page. have Massdrop emails turned on to get a notification about drops you requested
I've done those things. I'll just now have to wait patiently. What a shame I didn't order it in the last drop.
Any idea on where I can get PBT keycaps for this keyboard?
White fox caps from Kono store. They also have Nightfox caps. Plus these
I'm having trouble finding the instruction manual for the keyboard. The owner apparently took it down from the website. Does anyone know where else I can find it?
Are there any similar keyboards with similar layout (preferably with arrow keys), which is programmable ?
Not at this price point. Your options are pretty much DDMicro and Minivan.

The Vortex Core should support arrows like this with the custom Atom47 PCB but you will need a custom switch plate (or go plateless).

I've headd rumors that some people are working on a programmable PCB for this board.
white!!! white!!!!!
It's too bad this keyboard wasn't designed to allow picking between an extended (or split) space bar or the large right shift key (as currently shown). A simple dip switch on the back is all that would be needed, along with another key cap to swap in. I love everything about this layout, but will never train my left hand to tap the space bar -- which I see quite a few comments here about. This probably makes it a non-starter for a bunch of potential customers. I hope Magicforce reads this kind of feedback.
how do you use the f keys?
I would assume with the Function Key.
Yup (bought it some drops ago)
Any chance to get an AZERTY pattern choice for EU customers?
lack of programmability sucks, but I have this board with greens and absolutely love it for typing notes or anything rapid. It’s extremley satisfying because the layout is nice and the arrow keys make it just enough
I love blank XDA key caps. what profile is alapha and special key with numeric key? It looks good...
I wonder how did you remap the up arrow key to the colon key?