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Just got shipping notification. Must have a lot left over units from the last drop.
I jumped on this drop before looking at these comments. After reviewing things here I decided top drop out of this drop, sorry guys.

At first this looked perfect, has all of the keys I need without too many compromises-- but actually, it has too many odd things that would make it too weird for me.

The biggest oddity I couldn't get over, the thing that made me drop out was this:
Space bar on the left thumb instead of the right-- I don't think I could ever adjust my typing style to use left thumb, and not all the devices I'd use this with could easily switch this.

I want a small keyboard I can use with my phone to make it easier for me to do remote SSH work in emergencies, like when I am out and about and need to log in to work and do some light Linux stuff/programming modifications, without having to bring a whole laptop with me. I can deal with using a function modifier key to access ;:[]{} and F1-F12 etc, but I just can't retrain myself to use my left thumb for spacebar. My brain is not wired that way and never will be, and I don't think I can reprogram the right shift key to be a spacebar in Android. If I am wrong, someone let me know and I might get back on the drop.
The first generation of this keeb had split space. I own one. I love it
I found out there's actually easy key remapping software for android, so I'm back in the drop
So the white option is never coming back? A few drops have passed by and only the black one is available.
The layout of this keyboard is very unfortunate. Why don't keyboard makers ever ask consumers what they want?

If they had simply left out the page up and down keys and moved the Enter to the right, and maybe make Tab key narrow, they could have aaded ;: and '" keys and thereby make the keyboard actually useful.

Also the keyboard requires use of the left thumb to hit to space key.... why? Very few people do that.

Sometimes I wonder if keyboard makers even use their own products.
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I could probably switch with some effort but I'd rather not. And now that kbdfans is about to come out with an amazing 40% Bluetooth keeb there's no need.
Oh, I'm not suggesting you switch. There are so many options out there, go with one that fits your style. I'm just saying different people have different styles, so this one is right for some. I'm definitely in the minority: I want a 104-key, but ortholinear (vertical columns, horizontal rows) and Dvorak alphas. I've given up searching, instead in the process of making my own.
What's the best programmable alternative to this?
I got this keyboard during the last drop. It takes a little getting used to (especially the spacebar on the left) but I really enjoy it. I mainly use it in situations where I can't fit my full size keyboard on my desk. Not programmable which is unfortunate. I'll probably grab a Pok3r next time it drops because of its versatility and because I hate money.
Instruction manual link is dead, can Magicforce reupload?
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Thank you!
I did a spring swap, switch top swap, and led swap on mine :) great little keyboard.
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Hey, what is the keyboard below ? Look like KBD66 ? looking swell with the Canvas. Cheers
That is correct, it. Thanks, I was able to score the caps on the re cap sell here :) With the new Aliaz switches... It is a dream.
holy one unit bottom row
if only it didnt have that stupid 1.5u esc........
Is there a way to get a tracking number?
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I have not gotten one..
Then It's not been sent. I'm in the same boat so I asked support and they said there will be a delay with some of the orders on this drop.