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Magicforce 49-Key Mechanical Keyboard

Magicforce 49-Key Mechanical Keyboard

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Did anyone else notice that the lowest price is the same price that you can buy one from amazon. It's a nice board, just don't see why we need a drop to get prices that are already available.
i own and do like it. i got mine on amazon where its currently for sale for about the same price. i like my planck a lot more, but the magicforce is just sooo light, its much nicer for traveling.

the right shift key instead of the space bar is annoying, so you do need a way to reprogram it in software. I use autohotkey for windows and karabiner for macos.

the other big annoyance is the lack of a dedicated ' key since that comes up all the time while typing. but i do like having page up and page down.

not a fan of the keycaps. much happier after i replaced those.
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That's fantastic. I thought about changing the switches from GATERON to Cherry MX, but I don't know if I can even make the switch between the switches, and I don't know which version of the Cherry MX to buy. I have the Clear at home, but I thought about the Silver for work.
On vacation now. Can share photo when I get home. But these were the keycaps.
The caps i used for the space bar were a bit short but I could live with it.

XDA Minila Keyset PBT Blank Keycaps For Filco Minila YD60M (Kit 1)
Wondering how I could use the "break" key needed for some server configs?
It's sad but non-programmer users would find this keyboard frustrating. Manufacture's preset mapping wouldn't work for everyone's need obviously. Therefore, no 40% or even 60% keyboard should be sold without being programmable. Especially for 40% keyboard, the keys should be heavily mapped. If you want something affordable without functionality and convenience, go for it. If you want some thing small and minimize finger travel, I would recommend the Kumo which is on a Kickstarter campaign at the moment.
Manual link is broken.
Give it to me!
How long does it normaly take for an drop to get active?
it varies heavily. just request the drop and have the "email me about requested drops" setting turned on for your profile and you will be good
When will this drop be active again? is there a way to know?
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I've done those things. I'll just now have to wait patiently. What a shame I didn't order it in the last drop.
Thanks. I ended up not waiting for the drop, and buying the keyboard on Amazon. It came with GATERON Clear switches, and I have to say, I much prefer Cherry MX Clear. These GATERON are so light, and the sound that they make when they bottom out is much different in real life than the sound they made in the videos on YouTube. I might try to just build my own keyboard, it could be very exciting.
Any idea on where I can get PBT keycaps for this keyboard?
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Where was that pic taken? Reminds me of home....
A cabin by the Smoky Mountains
I'm having trouble finding the instruction manual for the keyboard. The owner apparently took it down from the website. Does anyone know where else I can find it?
Are there any similar keyboards with similar layout (preferably with arrow keys), which is programmable ?
Not at this price point. Your options are pretty much DDMicro and Minivan.

The Vortex Core should support arrows like this with the custom Atom47 PCB but you will need a custom switch plate (or go plateless).

I've headd rumors that some people are working on a programmable PCB for this board.