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Magicforce 68-Key Mini Mechanical Keyboard

Magicforce 68-Key Mini Mechanical Keyboard

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Just chiming in to say that I got the wrong LED option as well. I ordered the white and got the blue and gold.
Hopefully massdrop will fix this. Really don't like how the blue and gold LED look
Received my order on Saturday but it came with the wrong LED's. Blue and gold instead of White. Hopefully Massdrop will fix this. Other wise its a great board
Massdrop said mine shipped on July 10th, but the tracking number says the carrier still hasn't received the package (July 14th and counting).
FedEx reports that my keyboard has started moving towards me, with an ETA of Thursday. Fingers crosed!
Mine has just got shipped to me - July drop.
Does anyone know if you order the typewriter keys, you get the ABS keycaps as well? On the selection for case color it says it comes with ABS keycaps so I was just wondering if you got both or just the typewrite keys.

If it does only come with typewrite keys is anyone willing to sell their ABS keys?
You can just buy abs keys online (probably even the exact same ones that come with the ABS model)
Even ebay is selling this way cheaper and delivering it today. Is massdrop now just a scam?
Just got mine today. Love this thing.
Hey everybody, there is a better offer on right now and come sixth gateron browns and your style.
Anybody know how tall these keycaps are compared to R1 of the SA profile?
Says the estimate delivery date is july 23rd which is over 3 months cancelled order thats too long
Estimated ship date is July 23, 2018 PT.

and too narrow switch choices. Y NO Gateron Black?

But I dropped it.
I love this particular keyboard, but the plastic back is just ugly. Are there any replacement cases for this?
Do you ship to Australia?
Just joined the drop, I can't wait. I hope the "silver" option means it's the bare aluminum plate. I hope the ship date isn't actually 3 months from now considering these are available on Amazon etc.
More pics please

There's no pics of the black case
I know very little about mechanical keyboards, but am considering buying one.

Can someone tell me if there is any difference between this deal and the following eBay listing for $52 shipped...other than the fact that the seller is in China?
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Check the eBay link I provided, because I believe the seller does offer a choice of at least certain colors, etc. If I'm mistaken, let me know.
Those have Rapoo switches , not Gaterons like on MD plus no Brown switches (tactile).