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Picked mine up from the post office yesterday. Love this keyboard so far. The base is solid and doesn't shift around when typing and there's a nice clicky feel to these Cherry Browns that I wasn't getting out of my Corsair K70.
Definitely loving the 68-key form factor as well. Small learning curve but overall very glad to have joined this drop.
Has anyone ordering from central or eastern europe recieved this drop yet ?
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Kinda is, stuck in Germany since 28
Too bad that it first arrived in Frankfurt at 21st
I can get this keyboard within a week for $25 less, without having to worry about import fees. It's €40 on Amazon Deutschland.
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Yeah, the €40 ones are with Outemu switches. I can get the Gateron ones (brown/blue/red/clear) for €60 with free shipping.
I just noticed that $20 is reduced when you choose the regular keycaps... but then there's still a chance of having to pay import fees. I guess it depends on that and how much shipping costs you have to pay. And the fact that you have to wait 4 months for it to arrive.
Why no gateron black switches?
Ships in Apr? Can't wait for so long.
After wanting this board for a few years, I finally have some money to spare at the same time as this drop. I'm so excited!
I got mine a few days ago. It's my first mechanical keyboard and I really like it thus far. Definitely the highest build quality keyboard I've ever owned.
This is really sketchy. Package was delayed another month but is now shipped. I ordered this keyboard before and it was delayed also. The keyboard is great and Im still using it with no complaint, but magicforce is proving themselves unreliable.
Faildrop handles the shipping...
I had a horrible experience with the shipping as well. 4 month wait and upon receiving it I had to pay some more fees. zero help from MassDrop on this one, they don't seem to care
Received an email today that my keyboard has been shipped.
I think I will be avoiding magicforce in the future with this 3 month ship time with further delayed shipping
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I had to pay $17 COD upon picking up my keyboard, finally got it today. I already paid shipping when I joined the drop. Not impressed at all
As far as the product goes, I have been enjoying it. It has a small footprint, feels nice, and appears to be of high quality. I am not at all happy with the shipping, the unexpected fees, and MassDrops lack of support with my issue. Was essentially told too bad about the hidden fees. Never had a problem with MassDrop until this drop, and turns out the customer support for these rare issues are useless.
Got a email saying that my package is being delayed and if it'll take 30 days they will notify me. Been waiting almost three months and now delays!
I got that email too but my keyboard has shipped...hmmm.
So I received a second email stating that my order was now shipped so it's looking good on getting delivered before Xmas.