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Magicforce 68-Key Mini Mechanical Keyboard

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Received my Oct drop today( LA area) !
I've been following the tracking on my board. Was in <Major City Near Me> on Monday. Now in Billings, MT? (Not anywhere near me...) Oh well, I've waited this long. Can't wait to get my hands on it!
Does anyone know if I order one today (Dec. 2018), which design I will get? Old design (the one I want):
Current design:

Got it, I need to choose ABS Doubleshot option on checkout
Was looking through the reviews and I am very excited for this. I just have to say though, I love when people complain about a mechanical keyboard being loud.... LOL
Just received my Magicforce 68! Thanks MD. Build quality is average. Got the right switches and colour (Cherry Brown, white LEDs). Aside from being slightly unbalanced (about a couple of mm off, wobbles between the top left and bottom right corners of the keyboard), the LEDs on mine shimmers occasionally (not on heartbeat mode) and more prominent when the keyboard wobbles. Is anyone else experiencing this?
Does anyone have a diagram of the keyboard layout with the legends included on the gaming layout? I'm switching caps but having a diagram that shows the legends would be helpful in memorizing the different layers. I found a diagram that has just the basic legends (see attached). I could take the time to add the other layers to this image, but if it already exists and someone has it, it would just save me that much time. Thanks!
Anyone know a good place to get replacement keycaps for this keyboard? Particularly windows key replacements?
So it states the estimated ship date is January, is this accurate? Or could it be earlier?
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Mine shipped a couple days ago, have you had any luck yet?
Yeah same.
Just received my Magicforce 68 keys (Black case, white LED, Gateron clears).
It really is a nice keyboard. For the price, it really is a pleasure to use.
I've always been a linear fan and I was getting tired of Cherry reds and even sometimes felt like they could be lighter, so I decided to go with Gateron clears. Woah are Gat clears light. This REALLY feels like typing on air.
I'm really liking these Gat clears though. They really feel different so it's nice to have this option now.
Time to try some gaming/FPS with this beast :)
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What key caps are those?
Those are the regular ABS that come with the board as an option
I think there might be a mistake in the item dimension listing, it says the keyboard is 0.6 inch(1.4 cm) in depth, which was just too thin for a keyboard with full size switches. Also on Amazon the listed depth for the same keyboard is 1.57 inch, and on newegg it's 5cm( Im not sure if this is the package size, 5 cm seems too much). I have been looking for a low profile compact keyboard, when I first saw the dimension of this keyboard I thought I found it, but now I'm not so sure.
The layout is exactly what I want. Every single detail of it. There is one problem. I really do not want the Magicforce logo to be visible. I would prefer non-floating keys design, but I think I can live with that.
This is another head shaking drop for me. This has way fewer keys than my current keyboard and costs way more. I might as well look at the knife drops as a better place to spend my money.
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Glad you found it helpful or at least interesting. ;)
+1 for portability. I bring one with me to work, and it's super easy to wrap up with some dish towels as a 'sleeve', and wrapping the cable around that all to keep it together.
can there be a cherry clear, or a more pronounced tactile switch option?
I've had one for a little over a year and the connection to pc would go "corrupt" intermittently and stop working. I would have to unplug from computer and plug back in to get it working again. It's not my usb ports because I tried all of them, another computer, and the same thing would happen. YLMV on this keyboard, but it's a nice size and layout for sure.
Maybe try purchasing another USB cable
You can find this keyboard on amazon for a cheaper price.
The ABS keycap option is cheaper here at $45 vs $55 on Amazon (assuming free shipping for both in the US), but with a hefty 3 month waiting period.
Just as a heads up... there are some super reasonably-priced QMK-powered aftermarket PCBs that you can get for this board (like this one:, so you can desolder the switches, swap it out, and customize to your hearts content. For $45, you get a great form factor, a nice aluminum face, and a bunch of Gaterons you can jailhouse/harvest springs from/just reuse/whatever.
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DSA Galaxy Class
LCARS. It's the universal computer interface of the Federation in Star Trek.
Can I make this a hotswapable keyboard?
Are the back-light colors single color leds? like will arrow and wasd always be different from the rest of the board?
Yes they're single color LEDs. If you get the blue and gold option those LEDs will always be blue and gold.
I missed out on this one. Is there information available for the next "drop" date?
Seems like it's your lucky day ;)
RIGHT!? If this (keyboard) isn't destiny I do not know what is :P
Anybody receive theirs from the latest drop? Massdrop, is it really still slated for late October? I'm not sure if the ten bucks + extra customization has been worth waiting vs. ordering on Amazon.
Received the shipment tracking number this morning. I'm in Canada
Got yesterday. Pretty fantastic and well worth the wait.
Unlike quite a few of the other comments posted, I ordered the blue & gold but received white. Am a bit disappointed as this was my first drop. Now I'll have to work out where I lodge a support ticket.
I missed this drop. Anyone know where you can find the the DSA caps elsewhere?
Go get it now
If I ordered the pbt typewriter caps, could I also get the stock abs caps with my order?
I just joined the drop with the typewriter keys. Can you guys also throw in the white asb keys for me as well?
I got the PBT and would like the ABS as well if I want to switch for lighting later...
Is it anyways possible to get this with Cherry MX Clears?
So just to double check, is that Cherry MX White or is supposed to be MX Clears?
cherry mx white is different to clears
I know it is, and I was hoping it was a mistake, but I saw that it really is going to just be MX Whites with no MX Clears as an option. Oh well, gonna wait for another keyboard then
I purchased my Magicforce 68-Key Mini in April 2018 for $54.49 USD (including $9.50 shipping).
Received mine on July 24th (took 13 days to ship to Canada). The build quality is excellent and the board has some nice heft to it for its size. The ABS keycaps are lightly textured; this helps prevent fingerprints and makes for a comfortable typing experience. The form factor is well thought out and looks very classy. My main keyboard is a Corsair K95 MX Brown and I'm thoroughly impressed by the typing experience of the Gateron Reds I ordered--very smooth with a medium-light actuation force.

I live in Canada too. What was the cost of extra fees for your board? Customs/DHL, etc.?
Nice keyboard really :)
Thanks Merranza, 'tis a wicked board indeed! Taxes and handling were around $12 CAD.
"Fuction & Dip Switch Settings"
Bit of a typo there.
When I try to buy this - the options look nothing like what is pictured here... ?
Is the pictured one silver case + DSA or gray case + DSA?
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Silver (this is actually my personal keyboard cus we can't find the right sample in house :x)
Since we refreshed the page, the options got taken out by accident, I will contact our creatives team to add them back in. Thanks for pointing this out!
Ah thank you for the explanation!
Makes much more sense now.
Thanks for replying so fast