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Magicforce 68-Key Mini Mechanical Keyboard

Magicforce 68-Key Mini Mechanical Keyboard

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Unlike quite a few of the other comments posted, I ordered the blue & gold but received white. Am a bit disappointed as this was my first drop. Now I'll have to work out where I lodge a support ticket.
I missed this drop. Anyone know where you can find the the DSA caps elsewhere?
If I ordered the pbt typewriter caps, could I also get the stock abs caps with my order?
I just joined the drop with the typewriter keys. Can you guys also throw in the white asb keys for me as well?
I got the PBT and would like the ABS as well if I want to switch for lighting later...
Is it anyways possible to get this with Cherry MX Clears?
So just to double check, is that Cherry MX White or is supposed to be MX Clears?
cherry mx white is different to clears
I know it is, and I was hoping it was a mistake, but I saw that it really is going to just be MX Whites with no MX Clears as an option. Oh well, gonna wait for another keyboard then
I purchased my Magicforce 68-Key Mini in April 2018 for $54.49 USD (including $9.50 shipping).

Received mine on July 24th (took 13 days to ship to Canada). The build quality is excellent and the board has some nice heft to it for its size. The ABS keycaps are lightly textured; this helps prevent fingerprints and makes for a comfortable typing experience. The form factor is well thought out and looks very classy. My main keyboard is a Corsair K95 MX Brown and I'm thoroughly impressed by the typing experience of the Gateron Reds I ordered--very smooth with a medium-light actuation force.

I live in Canada too. What was the cost of extra fees for your board? Customs/DHL, etc.?

Nice keyboard really :)
Thanks Merranza, 'tis a wicked board indeed! Taxes and handling were around $12 CAD.
"Fuction & Dip Switch Settings"

Bit of a typo there.
When I try to buy this - the options look nothing like what is pictured here... ?
Is the pictured one silver case + DSA or gray case + DSA?
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Silver (this is actually my personal keyboard cus we can't find the right sample in house :x)

Since we refreshed the page, the options got taken out by accident, I will contact our creatives team to add them back in. Thanks for pointing this out!
Ah thank you for the explanation!

Makes much more sense now.

Thanks for replying so fast
Am I the only one annoyed that these drops lack the pictures of the products they're selling? This keeb apparently comes with silver and black options. The only photo of the silver is on the purchase form. And the only picture of the black is a dark picture?? Seriously? I can't say I would jump all over this to buy it if I cannot see what it looks like.

If anyone can link me to the pictures elsewhere, I would appreciate you so much. Thanks!
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Technically, there are two photos of the silver option: Typewriter or DSA. But these pictures do not show unless you go to the purchase page and open the images bigger. As someone trying to learn about mech keebs and what different options are/do, it's hard to get a visual. when there are just no pictures. It's like you have to know already what they look like before you select them.

The black options are dumb. The only photo is in the dark.

-- Edit: actually, maybe they are pictured but they're so close to tell? Or maybe they're just not labeled? And still the black is dumb. I can't figure it out. In any case, the typewriter option is only pictured on the purchase page. So, I'm still annoyed.
No pic of typewriter keycaps either